Who Chot Juanito Bandito!?

No, I didn’t spell chot wrong… if you’ve been to Pickleville Playhouse in Bear Lake and seen the melodrama/musical, Who Chot Juanito Bandito!? you totes know what I’m talking about.  Seriously, chotting all over the place up in that there melodrama.  Saturdee, we headed back to Bear Lake to partake in the play I hadn’t seen.  Loyal readers will remember I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Pickleville earlier in the summer, so of course I had to go back to see the 2nd prodcution since I could finally fit my receptacle into the seats and all.  It did not disappoint!  HILARITY reigns… that’s my review in the professional reviewer journal called Whitney’s Brain!  It had rapping, hip hop dancing, gun slinging, idiot cowboy marshall dudes, English reporters, Scottish blokes, and Juanito, the bank robber extraordinaire!  Plus it had Justin Bieber Fever jokes (Juanito is a Belieber) and mentions of Britney Spears.  Even though I was a big ole crank with a capital CA-RANK (more about my ca-rank status tomorrow), I still did my fair share of laughing.  So, to sum it up… would TOTES recommend seeing the production.  Pretty sure they have it going on every summer down Bear Lake way, so grab you a ticket and dramamine (for the curvy drive through the canyon) and get you some laughter burning in!

Lindsay and Shayne hanging at the Pickle factory… with Madre and Padre glaring in the background… what part of the word smile, did they not understand!?

That would be Juanito’s backside at the end of the show.  Them ladies were hogging him up, so I could only manage to get a “chot” of his rear receptacle.  I went to school with the actor (TJ Davis) back in the olden days.  He was Mr. Popular, class president, basketball star, drama star, etc., etc., etc., you know… the usual mega talented folk from my possey!  😛

After the show, we headed to the Grease Factory… erm… I mean La Beau’s where we partook in some lard and sugar… just another notch on my all-you-can-eat weekend smorgasbord!  That there by Shayne’s arm would be bird doo… it was free of charge.

While waiting for dinner, I did some shopping on the clearance tables next door.  Since I’m a huge geek… erm… I mean Anne of Green Gables fan since the age of 5, I saw this little doll for only $2.99, and knew I had to add it to my hoarding collection.  Watch for me on a future episode of that there show, Hoarders… I’ll be the blimp with the surplus of things a 32-year-old girl should not own!  What up, Avonlea-ites!

Question of the Day:  What was the last play/production you saw?  Are you a musical geek?




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10 responses to “Who Chot Juanito Bandito!?

  1. Jen

    That was a cute little doll, and I would have bought it too. I wish I could come down again on the 10th to see that show with everyone again, but I work the night before and the night after, so I better stay home. If anything changes though I will for sure be there. I don’t doubt that it was totally hilarious. If it was anything like our Playmill in Yellowstone, I bet it was hysterical and very entertaining!

  2. Avster

    Yes, I do enjoy musicals!
    The last play I saw… hmm… I think it was “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

  3. dessawade

    Musical geek is my middle name. I would totally go to every musical there is if there was enough time in my busy schedule. The last big one I saw was over memorial day weekend in SLC and the next one I am going to is Mary Poppins over Labor Day weekend.

  4. Andrea

    Wasn’t that the funniest melodrama you’ve ever seen?!! There is a decent playhouse in SL, but wow, Juanito was amazing. Ben even adored it (he’s my 10 year old.) I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so much at a show. I’m more of an enjoy it in my head kind of person. And the Anne thing…well, just don’t EVER talk to my family about that. I, um, like that, a bit…(read the books 72 times, at least, know the first two movies nearly word for word, have the journal, cookbook…you get the picture. Collect away my kindred spirit!

    • A fellow Kindred Spirit!? I can pretty much ditto all of your signs of obsession… plus add onto that reading every other book written by LMM, her journals, and planning a trip to Prince Edward Island either next year or the year after! Gotta love the redhead! We should have an Anne film watching Kindred Spirits party one time!

  5. Louisa

    Question of the Day: What was the last play/production you saw? Are you a musical geek?

    I would totally see more plays and musicals if time and money allowed it.
    My husband and son …not so much.
    My daughter would totally go with me though…Thank Heavens for that anyway…ha.
    I think the last one we saw was over the Christmas holiday.
    I will have you know…my mother-in-law loved it, my Dh and my son loved it, and my daughter and I loved it. That is high praise around here.

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