Raiding the Monastery…

I live in Utah… a church on every corner and a corner on every church… but I’d never been to a Monastery (didn’t even know one existed in this part of the country)… that is until I went on a drive with a friend and we got to exploring the back roads… and front roads… sticking our noses into places they really didn’t belong, but you know what they say about cats and curiosity (thankfully, we were not killed).  We ventured down a backroad up Ogden way (I don’t exactly know which city we were in since I don’t pay attention to road signs unless they say Welcome to Krispy Kreme Donut Factory – FREE SAMPLES… does that sign even exist?  If so… hook a gal up!) and came across a Monastery tucked back in between trees and farmland galore.  I don’t think you’d know it was there unless you happened to have a huge-mongous nose like mine.  I could sniff out a donut from a planet away!

Pretty sure it said something about “No Trespassing,” but I cain’t read a lick, so we ventured down this beautiful tree-lined street to check her out:

Then, we came to the church/bookstore/gift shop, which I so wanted to go into, but it was after 5:00…  I guess they do want you to trespass if they have a gift shop… I feel much better about my big nose now.

I find it fascinating to learn about other religions/faith practices.  This piece of land had a very peaceful feeling to it… a full working farm, and some beautiful surroundings.

We then took a dirt road to get home that I’m pretty sure also had a sign that read No Trespassing… or as I like to call it Road Kill Boulevard!  There were more deer per square foot than I have hair follicles!  Y’all hunters/dudes who want to hang ugly deer heads in their bathrooms so that they have a place to hang their spare toilet paper… I’d totes go to this section of land come hunting season!

Spot the deer!  This dude had a rack growing… would totes be a great toilet paper storer come winter.  Give him a few more months!

This deer was totes over the papparazi chics.  Again!?!?  Did you not read the No Trespassing signage!?  Let me molt in private! 

It was fun to take the road less traveled because I’d never have stopped to see the little things in my rush to get to the next destination.  I’m using that as a life/weight loss plan too.  Take the back roads every so often… stop to take in the little things… the trip isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey to get there.  ENJOY IT!

Question of the Day:  Do you ever take the back roads?  What have you discovered?



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15 responses to “Raiding the Monastery…

  1. cl2

    Huntsville? And you took the dirt road from Avon to Liberty? Have you driven up over Monte Cristo? My dad always used to take us for a drive up over that (which comes down through Huntsville). He took us to the monastery when my sister (who turns 50 next week) was about 5. Being a farmer–he always took us on back roads.

    I rode in a carpool to Thiokol for several years and when the weather was good, they’d always take the backroads to see if they could find pheasants–and also up into the mountains. Took us longer to get home that way, but it was fun.

    I keep trying to find my way to Colorado going over a road from Laramie to Fort Collins–but I keep getting lost in Fort Collins and can’t find my way to the freeway. I keep trying.

  2. Avster

    Thanks for making me choke on my muffin!

    Back roads are the only way to get around here.

  3. Was this on the road that you went down before where you thought your guts were going to splat all over the windshield?? Or was this a different road? LOL

    I haven’t been down dirt roads in a VERY long time. Me and dirt roads don’t have a good track record. LOL

    I LOVE your philosophy on taking the dirt road through your weight loss journey!! Too often we get caught up in the rush of wanting to lose it FAST!! It’s hard to remember that it isn’t a race, it’s a lifestyle change!!

    • Haha… yes… the road I almost splatted on!! I don’t blame you a lick for not wanting to go on them dirt roads considering your big incident!

      Amen about this not being a race… I think we can discover all sorts of things about ourselves if we just slow down and take it easy!

  4. Dessa Wade

    I love taking the back roads. I’ll often take the fruit way road rather than get on the crazy freeway just to slow down a bit.

  5. Kale

    Once my husband and I were returning to Idaho from Smithfield. We took a wrong turn trying to get to the highway that leads to the freeway and discovered Benson! Kind of lame story, I know, but we felt like Lewis and Clark. 🙂

  6. Who knew?! Love the pics and the idea of enjoying the journey instead of focusing soley on the destination.

  7. Katbaran

    My Mom and I went there when we lived in Ogden! They had some really good bread and honey for sale. I heard they were closing the monastery for good. I still keep in touch (through Facebook) with some folks I knew there and that’s the rumor.

    Sounds like a nice wander for the day though!

    • Sings… it’s a small world after all! That is sad that they may be closing it! It was such a nice piece of land. My uncle just told me he bought honey from them too and I was going to go back and buy some.

  8. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Do you ever take the back roads? What have you discovered?

    I get lost easily….nuff said.

    My husband loves to take a pretty day and have us all pile in the truck and head out down some back road to no-where-ville.
    That is all find and dandy for “him that never gets lost”.
    The kids consider it a trial in their patience and can’t seem to grasp that we aren’t headed anywhere inparticular. No DVD or DS or iPod….just poking eachother in the backseat and saying “are we there yet” ( in a whiny voice ) or “she is looking at me”…or my personal favorite, “Mooommmmm”.
    They are used to having a destination and a the straightest route possible b/c they ride with me 99% of the time.
    Ah well…it’s good for them and we usually find some mom and pop place to eat along the way.
    It’s good for them.

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