I Don’t Have ADD… I Just Have A Lot Smooshed In My Brain…

So, let me start with this… this post is going to be totes ADD because it’s Fridee and no one remembers how to read (especially me) on Fridees… plus it’s a long weekend Fridee for we USA-ites, which means not a dagnabbed thing!  Labor Day is quite ironic… I am not in labor with a baby… nor do I expect to labor on said day… They should call it Sitting on the Couch, Whilst Snoring and Drooling Day or Eating Your Weight in BBQ Day.   Whomever named the day totes missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime.  I need to get me that job… naming holee-days.  First matter of business… invent approximately 300% more holidays… like Pimple Appreciation Month and Wormones Are People Too Day.  Oh, the idears are endless!

So, I can tell I’m hoarding hormones when I want to eat the entire house… it’s days like this that I totes wish I was Hansel and Gretel… but minus the weird witch part.  I’m not proud of my numbdumb eating spree these last few days… but I also know I can snap myself right out of it.  Moving on… work on it.  Meanwhile, I made me a new dinner recipe that I’m pretty much addicted to… because it is carbtastic!  Those of you who are allergic to carbs and/or do the tsk tsk motion when you hear of a person trying to lose weight who breaks the cardinal sin of “die”ting by eating carbs… BUH BYE!  I will eat carbohydration until they pick the worm holes out of my nostrils… and guess what… I’ll still lose weight.  So, glare all you want… at least I’ll be enjoying myself!  😛  This rant is brought to you because of the many people on the MFP message boards who think I’m crazy because I eat carbs!   You are right about the crazy part… but not in relation to the carbtasticness!   The recipe!

Taco Pasta Salad

3/4 cup Light Ranch Dressing
2 Tbsp. lime juice
1 tsp.chili powder
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
3 cups whole wheat rotini pasta, cooked, rinsed and cooled
1 can (15 oz.) black beans, rinse
4 cups loosely packed baby spinach leaves
1 tomato, chopped
1 cup 2% Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Mix first 4 ingredients in a large bowl
ADD remaining ingredients; mix lightly.

If you use the recipe as is, it’s about 230 calories per cup of pasta salad.  Of course, I had to modify the recipe because I do not like mushy spinach leaves… and instead of adding the tomato to the recipe, I just cut up some grape tomaters and ate them with it on the side.  Oh, and I also substituted pinto beans for the black beans.  Did I mention I don’t have ADD?  Good.  Anywho… would totes recommend this recipe… if you like tacos and salad and pasta and Mexican flavors!  I think I’ll make me another batch just to peeve off the MFP carb police!

In other non-ADD news… one of my pals (what up, Donna) brought this to my attention seeing as I just blogged about it last week (and also got cussed out about it in the comment section of said blog last week).  The former wants-to-be-the fattest chic in the world, weighing in at 1000 pounds, has decided that she is not happy with her extra weight now that her fat-loving fiance has broken up with her.  Now, she thinks she needs to go on a diet so that she can care for her 2 kids… BUT, and this is the important part… if she meets someone else in the meantime who prefers her heavier, she’ll go right back to becoming the fattest chic in the world.  It’s statements like that that make me feel like a dagnabbed Einstein protege!  Anywho… to read about her new desire to go on a diet… clickety click here!  I wish her well!

Note:  Since it is Labor Day on  Mondee and I have an appointment with my couch… errrr… bicycle… I will be taking that day off from blogging.  See you all again on Tuesdee.  Have a splendid weekend and for goodness sakes, eat some carbs!!

Question of the Day:  What are your views on carbs and weight loss?  What’s your favorite kind of carb?



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10 responses to “I Don’t Have ADD… I Just Have A Lot Smooshed In My Brain…

  1. Dale Peterson

    I dont like labor day, I have to work !!! but I will put my feet up on the desk!!!

  2. Jen

    I think the no carb or low carb diet is stupid. Your body is meant to eat carbs, as long as they are healthy ones like whole grains, fruits and veggies. What is my favorite carb? Well probably not something healthy? I really like me a piece of homemade pie with icecream on top. What are you doing labor day weekend while everyone is at Swiss Days? Are you going down there too?

    • AMEN to that, Jen-Jen! I love me some pie too! I only ever eat pie on Thanksgiving, it seems! I am probably going to jet down tonight or Sundee. We’ll see how ambitious I get! Don’t work too hard, Pen!

  3. Deanna

    I am with you Whitney! I am a carb lover! With that said, the wrong kinds of carbs definitely don’t do me a bit of good in my weight loss journey. As long as I stick to whole grains – rice, breads, oatmeal, cereals ect then it’s all good. Oh, and definitely bring on the fruit – I get 2 – 4 servings everyday. I also think that carbs are necessary for everyone regardless of what some may say for energy purposes.

    I have what I would consider an addiction to sugary carbs – although, most of the time I have it under control. Cookies, cakes, chocolate, ice cream ect, ect, are a real problem for me. Those carbs tend to stick right to my back side and are stubborn to leave. LOL!

    • Yay for carbs! I agree that it’s best to choose the whole grains and I do that… I actually prefer the whole grain bread to the white now. Every once in a while, I have to indulge in the other stuff, though! It has to be far and few between, though!

  4. Deanna

    Oh, and I wanted to add that this recipe looks absolutely delicious! I plan on trying that here soon!

  5. Ally

    Whitney you go girl. It irritates me when folks critize my carbs. Most of the time I balance the protein and carbs but sometimes I just NEED them. I cant live without pasta!

  6. Louisa

    Question of the Day: What are your views on carbs and weight loss? What’s your favorite kind of carb?
    I love food in general so finding food that I like that tastes good to me raw or cooked isn’t really an issue.
    I am sure it has to be a lot harder for those that are picky type eaters.
    Thankfully, I am not picky and neither is my Dh nor are our kids.
    I do have a tendency to love the sweet breads and cakes and cookies which are on the simple carbs list and not something I should eat as often as I would like to.
    I was off sugary foods and sweets there and doing great with my weight loss from March – July. Admittedly, I have slipped back into some bad habits while here at my parent’s house over the past 3wks with all the desserts, dinner rolls, and breakfast donuts. It is all my own fault though. Just because they are there does not mean I have to eat them. If I do eat them, then I need to exercise more to burn them off. I know this and am implementing it again.
    I know I feel better when I am off the sugary items.
    I am a huge lover of fruits, veggies, dairy, beans, and nuts.
    I limit my amount of breads and pastas but don’t deny myself.

    found this on lovetoknow.com

    Complex Carbs Are Good
    Complex carbs are the ones that give your body the best fuel. They are usually found in foods high in fiber, which break down more slowly, giving you a steady blood sugar level through the day and making you feel less hungry and irritable when mid-afternoon rolls around.

    It’s a great idea to get more of these carbs into your daily diet:

    •Fresh fruit, ideally those with a low glycemic Index like apricots, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries
    •Non-starchy vegetables
    •Whole grains and foods made from whole grains, such as certain types of bread and cereal
    •Dairy products that are not sweetened with sugar, such as yogurt, sour cream, cheese and milk

    Simple Carbs Should Be Avoided

    Your body quickly breaks down simple carbs, giving your blood sugar a spike and sending you running back to the kitchen or snack machine within hours of your last fix. Unless you’re an athlete or need a sudden rush of energy for some reason, it’s usually best to avoid these carbs in your daily diet:

    •Refined grains like white bread, white rice and enriched pasta
    •Processed foods such as cake, candy cookies and chips
    •White potatoes
    •Sweetened soft drinks

    Not a Strict Rule
    Just because some foods have less desirable carbs does not mean you should kick them out of your life forever. A list of good carbs and bad carbs should not be seen as a strict rule. You should get most of your carbs each day from the “good” list, but you certainly don’t have to cut out all rice or skip the birthday cake as long as you don’t make it an every day or every meal thing.

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