Redundancy Is My Middle Name….

As soon as I popped out of the birth canal (weren’t that a purty picture I done painted), they took one look at me and were all like, Whitney Redundancy… that shall be her name!  It may be redundant, but I totes hope one of my cuzzins who are birthing babies passes that name on down through the generations.  It served me well.  Geez… back to blogging for 3 seconds and I’m already yammering about nothing.

While this blog of mine will ALWAYS be for the benefit of myself, first and foremost (because really… who’s more important than Redundy… <<– nickname… kind of like Crocodile Dundee but with less teeth and less kacky)… and you nice people who can follow my ramblings for more than one sentence are just the visitors to my form of therapy, I still find my blogging gets redundant.  There’s really no way to get around being redundant when one is losing weight… you count calories, exercise, fall off the wagon, chase the wagon down, rope the jackass to the side of the road, get a flat tire, fix said tire, run over a possum, eat your weight in roadkill sandwiches, put new hay on the wagon, birth a new donkey, etc.  Wash, rinse, and repeat.  Come to think of it, life is mostly redundant… with a few surprises thrown in here and there.  History repeats itself… and the same topics are discussed into the ground, time and time again.  My favorite happens to be Fabio:  Where is He Now and Does He Still Have Hair!?

One thing that never gets redundant (for me, at least) is the motivation and inspiration I get from reading/hearing about other people’s successes.  There’s just something powerful about a human being working their receptacle off to overcome something or accomplish something that they never thought they would.  So, this idear pops into my hat holder… and, again, this is mostly for Redundy’s benefit… why don’t I feature one of your successes/victories once a week or once every 2 weeks or once every 3 months (depending on the amount of volunteers I get… coughcough… may be once a millenium).  Success/victory does not have to have a thing to do with weight loss (but I definitely do want all my pals who have lost weight to share their amazeball stories).  It could be how you ran a 5K or went out on a limb and got that job you always wanted or overcame an illness/disease or quit smoking/drinking or came out on the other side after a divorce… etc., etc., etc.  It could be a small thing or a big thing… just something that you considered a success.

Disclaimer:  It does not need to be a novel of epic proportions and you also don’t have to be a professional writer… hello… I mostly talk about flying space aliens and use words like ain’t and crimeny… Just a paragraph or two is fine and dandy… and if you aren’t comfortable with sitting down and writing something, I can provide you with a few questions to answer.  You can be anonymous or I can plaster your picture on the front page with a QUEEN/KING FOR THE DAY in big red flashing letters (okay, not really because that would require computer knowledge, of which I do NOT own).

Help a girl battle blogging redundancy and motivate/inspire the masses (but mostly Redundee) at the same time… your mother would be proud of you!

Question of the Day:  Do I have any volunteers?  I will hunt you weight loser pals down… might as well volunteer! 

It was such a gloomy gus grey day today!  I felt like holing up and watching Jem and the Holograms reruns… she’s truly, truly outrageous, you know!



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15 responses to “Redundancy Is My Middle Name….

  1. cl2

    My story would go on and on and on and on. No way to shorten that one! AND who knows how I got to the weight I am now. I just have pictures to prove what size I was for a while. I think I haven’t lost until I see THOSE pictures. And I don’t know that I consider what I’ve gone through a success–I just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

    Anyway–talk about “weather”–I spent the last few days in Mesa, AZ. I hate heat and I was in the hottest spot on earth (well–not really)–but you walk outside and feel like you got hit by a brick wall of heat. Tomorrow I go to Alaska–from one extreme to the other.

    I don’t think you are redundant. That is what life is–like you said–and your daily posts give some of the rest of us a big picture of reality of what it is like to lose weight and keep hopeful.

    • You’ve overcome a LOT of things, Colleen! Strong woman award, right there!

      Ugh… Mesa in the summer sounds absolutely miserable! I LOVE summer, but as long as it’s below 100 degrees and NOT humid. I hope you enjoy Alaska. At least you’ll be out of the extreme heat!

  2. Lauren G.

    excellent idea. Can’t wait to see them! 🙂 I need all the motivation and inspiration I can get.

    Thanks for continuing to blog!

  3. Jen

    If I think of a story for you, I will volunteer. I think it is hard for some people to see their own success stories. Anyways, that is a good idea for your blog and will be fun to see what stories you get.

  4. You watched Jem without me? Meanie head! I stared down one of the scariest words in the English language: thesis. Sometimes when I look back at the 32 years I’ve spent on this earth, I feel like I haven’t accomplished much, but I’m awfully proud of that thesis and that I mastered my masters. I’ll write about it if ya want me to. I probably need to remember that experience to get me off my receptacle so I can chase down the wagon.

    • Rach, that would ROCK if you blogged about your thesis reaching… definitely a monumental accomplishment!

      And yes… it’s always great to remember past accomplishments, so you can say… hey… I did that… I can do this wagon chasing thing too!

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  6. Bill

    I won’t go into all the details of how I got here… but this summer I have run 2 half marathons (within a month of each other) and have started training to run a marathon. I am obviously very very happy with my progress both on and off the scale. As I tell my wife and kids it is all about the small wins that keep us going. If we live only for the big wins then we will spend our time more disappointed than not.

    Anyways not much and not sure this is what you wanted but here it is.

    • 2 half marathons within a month of each other is monumental! Congrats, Bill! I have no doubt you’ll kick that marathon in the rear! Thanks for sharing… I’ll be sure to private message you when I include it in a post, so you know it’s up!

  7. Louisa

    I would love to hear about the successes people are having.
    I am struggling to pick up my life pieces since my Dad’s death only 4 days ago.
    Weird…seems like longer.
    Days and nights seem a lot longer now that I am not caring for him 24/7.

  8. Deanna

    Is it too late to volunteer to share my story? Send me a message Whitney, if you are still looking for volunteers.

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