Whitney the Pooh… Talk To Me Like I’m Four!

First things first… thank you to the volunteers who so generously offered to share their motivational stories (see yesterday’s blog post).  I have about 8 volunteers so far, so the rest of you would-be volunteers have about 8 weeks to get up the guts to inspire your receptacles off!  To those who volunteered… I know I said I’d be sending you further information later… and by later I mean tomorrow since I’m too brain dead right now to string a bean rather than a sentence!

The past couple of weeks have been less than stellar for me in the eating department.  The exersaucing department I pretty much have down, except for the weight lifting portion… SNORE ME A RIVER… but for some reason that stupid counting calories thing brings out the ole stubborn horn on occasion.  Sometimes I just don’t want to say NO to drugs… errr… food.  I think that’s only human… we ain’t all cookie cutter Marcia Bradys whose only mistake in life was having a sister named Jan!  I’m finding that I’m torn between wanting to scold myself for making bad eating decisions and yet wanting to just throw caution to the wind and go hog wild.  Scolding has never helped me… it’s only ever made things worse because emotional eating thrives on feeling down on yourself.  I can guarantee the self-scolding that’s been going on these past few weeks has been a major contributor to feeling like I want to make a batch of cookies and eat them ALL!

So, after another not-so-in-control weekend of smorgasbording, Monday night I decided I needed to be kind to myself.  Do something that would make me smiley and giggley and like I was 4 years old again.  So I done drug my scolded receptacle to the new Winnie The Pooh Movie.  Winnie and Whitney have a lot in common… firstly, our names rhyme… secondly, I was jaundiced at birth (you can’t tell me Winnie don’t look yellowish)… thirdly, the fluff we both have for brains thinks about food a LOT… and lastly, we always have good intentions even if things don’t turn out the way we had planned.

I sat in that theater seat, old enough to be most of the attendee’s grandmother and I had a good ole time.  The movie was totally adorable, funny, and just what the doctor ordered (why don’t doctors order me to watch more Pooh movies rather than take another pill… seriously now).   I’m sure it didn’t solve any of my calorie counting issues (heck, I ate a bag of sour patch kids sitting in the theater) but it taught me that life ain’t all about perfection and the Brady Bunch Syndrome… and sometimes that’s okay, by durn it!  Thank you, Eeyore, Tigger, Owl, Kanga, Roo, Christopher Robin, Rabbit, Piglet, and Pooh for bringing out my inner 4-year-old!

Question of the Day:  What’s the last cartoon/movie you saw? 




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15 responses to “Whitney the Pooh… Talk To Me Like I’m Four!

  1. cl2

    Rise of the planet of the apes. No need to go see it. I heard good reviews. My favorite movie this summer was Larry Crowne–and nobody went to see it. Even the boyfriend said it was the best movie he’d seen this year and he isn’t a chick flick kind of guy.

    I am off to Alaska this morning so I won’t be commenting–don’t think I don’t enjoy your blog because I do. You do give me hope!! Hang in there.

    • I will make a note to leave Rise of the planet of the apes off of my movie list. I don’t think I’d heard of Larry Crowne before? I might have to change that now that I hear it’s so good!

      Have a blast in ALaska, Colleen. Hope you do some relaxing and exploring. Say hi to the daughter!

  2. Natalie

    Oh, i love that lake, i want to go there

  3. dessawade

    I watched Rio over the weekend in spurts so I’m not sure I saw the whole thing but it was sure cute. That’s about as far back as I can remember. HAHA
    Hang in there Whit!

  4. Jen

    Sour Patch kids are always my favorite at movies too. I really like Tangled and Despicable Me. I think they are for both kids and adults. Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

  5. We can definitely learn a lot from a silly old bear. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself. It’s hard to stay 100% motivatd 24/7. Sometimes you just need to bite the heads off the Sour Patch Kids. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  6. Gorgeous photo!!!! I’m glad you felt like a 4 yr old for a minute. I’ll have to put that movie on my list. I last probably saw Megamind and How to Train Your Dragon–both great flicks in my opinion. 🙂

    • If you still lived here, I would have borrowed your kids to take… make me feel less old sitting in there! I haven’t seen either of those 2 flicks… adding tot he list for my next 4-year-old session!

  7. Louisa

    Gorgeous photo.

    The last in (cartoon) theatre movie we watched was Kung Fu Panda 2.
    It was good.
    We have rented Tangled and Despicable Me and Princess & the Frog, and MegaMind – all good.
    We brought our DVD of Up when we came up here to help my parents and we watched it with my mom the other night. She liked it.

    I would totally watch that new Pooh movie. Glad it was good.

    • I love Up! Such a nice movie. Tangled was cute too… I haven’t seen the others you did, though. WOuld definitely recommend the new Pooh movie. So cute and funny!

      Glad to see you back, Louisa. Take care!

  8. Deanna

    Love the blog entry, Whitney! The last cartoon movie I saw was Cars 2 with my 4 year old son.

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