Road Blocks… Who Chew Cud…

I’m one of those weird folk who walk around trying to learn a lesson from everything… mostly I just make up something and run with it.  And I’m in love with analogies… give me two totally not even relatable things and I’ll make up some analogy to link them.  I dare you… DO IT… but now right now, I’ve got me some hair washing to do… and tomorrow through January 2345 is busy on account of the toenail clipping I’ve got going on.

Tuesdee, we loaded up the car, pic-a-nic in tow this time, to head back up to Tony Grove for 3 reasons:  to take in the beauty in the last few nice days before winter blankets my soul into the depths of despair (too dramatic?), have an impromptu birthday celebration for 4-year-old Corbin, and watch Madre hike around the lake in worse shoes than the last time… we’re talking gladiator sandals with a sole as thick as a piece of tissue paper.  Hi rocks… meet my little piggies… and I can guarantee you the baby piggy done cried wee, wee, wee all the way home!

As we made the ascent to the top of the grove, all along the windy road were cows.  Big cows, little cows, cows with horny things, cows with manure caked to their receptacles (how did you guess those were my favorites?)… just all sorts of mooing soon-to-be hamburger patties… and most of them were parking themselves int he middle of the road.  We had a bunch of fun laying on the horn, scaring the cruditis out of them so that they would eventually scamper off to the side of the road.

This dude was kind enough to chew his cud on the side of the road… table manners were ATROCIOUS, though… Like Totes!  Bessy… you got some sputz on the side of your mouth. 

We found ourselves having to stop every few feet to wait for the cows to get out of the road just so we didn’t make them ground sirloin too early in their lives… and there were a lot of these road blocks, but they never lasted for long… they’d eventually get to using the common sense bone and move out of the way.  I took that opportunity to make up a lesson learned for my journey… there have been road blocks and will be many more to come, but they never last long… there will always be a way through if I’m patient and just keep moving forward.  I’m not saying a BB gun wouldn’t have been helpful, but sometimes you gotta deal with the manure before you can bask in the field of daisies.

Question of the Day:  Do you consider yourself a patient person?  Why or why not? 

Y’all wouldn’t believe me if I said the cow on the left was listening to Madonna’s Vogue song.  Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!  They were going clubbing… Jersey Shore style!

Happy 4th Birthday, Corbin!



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8 responses to “Road Blocks… Who Chew Cud…

  1. dessawade

    Patience? It depends on what we’re talking about. I CAN be patient but I’d just as soon not have to wait for things to happen. I am patient with people mostly and am not easily offended. On the other hand when I want something I want it right now. I think I’ve gotten better though.

  2. Ally

    I love cows! I really like your analogy. Makes total sense. I am extremely impatient. I like instant gratification in every aspect of my life. My husband is the patient one. Thank goodness, though him being so laid back gets on my nerves! Haha. I have to really concentrate to envoke patience.

  3. Love the analogy–and you know I’m always a sucker for cows 🙂

  4. Jen

    I think it is funny how Lindz and your mom wear sandals to hike in. I try to be patient but sometimes when I’ve had enough, then I lose all patience and all hell breaks loose! Just ask Seth.

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