Expanding the Stagnant Palate… Somewhat…

I would venture to say that since I became a vegetable-inarian approximately 2 years ago, I’ve expanded my palate… quite a bit.  I’m certainly not the prime example of a well-rounded eater… unless you count the fact that I’m well… and I’m round… and I eat things.  By that definition, I’m totally well-rounded eater extraordinaire.  But I’ve ventured to try things that I would never have tried before, especially in the vegetable department.  Back in the olden days, there was no way you’d catch me putting peppers, zucchini, or mushrooms in dishes or eating grape tomatoes by the truck load… and I certainly would have never thought a mostly vegetable-laden dish would be an acceptable dinner.  My version of a vegetable back in them days was whatever lettuce they happened to put on my burger and the french fries were potatoes, which were totally veggies.  Getting in my produce, folks… that’s right!

So, now that I’m expanding my palate, it’s time to expand the cuisines.  I’ve had Indian food approximately once… it was not my favorite that time and I learned I was not a fan of curry or any of it’s spicy relatives.  So, when Madre suggested we head to the Indian Oven on Saturday when the family was down basking in peachy goodness, I was not excited… and was mostly hoping they served salads… salads are universal, aren’t they?  It didn’t help that I couldn’t pronounce any of the entrees on the menu… what a what?  Goobildy doobildy!?  Thankfully they had a short description of each dish under the name… phew…. and the best part was that they had a full page of vegetarian options.  That almost NEVER happens… pretty much EVER!  I finally settled on a dish called Vegetable Coconut Kurma… mostly because I knew what vegetables and coconut were and Kurma reminded me of my good pal, Kermit the Frog.  It ain’t easy being green… or, in my case yellow-bellied lizard.

They first brought us out a plate of these wagon wheel looking things… and we all got excited thinking they were some impressive Indian cuisine with an equally impressive name.  We asked the waitress what they were called.  When, she answered “crackers,” we immediately donned our dunce caps.  The mint sauce on the right was an interesting thought!

Nephews, Christian and Ethan getting their wagon wheel cracker on!  You know it!

My vegetarian dish, with potatoes, cauliflower, peas, carrots, raisins, and a coconut spice sauce, which, to tell you the truth, was pretty durn good.  I’d eat it again.  Take that you stagnant palate!  Add some Naan bread to the dish and you have yourself a meal!

Mmmmm… Naan bread.  Which cuisine will be next?  I haven’t tried the dog food cuisine yet… maybe that’s the next best bet.  I hear kibble causes bad breath, so I best stock up on the Mentos!

Question of the Day:  What has been the most adventurous thing you’ve eaten? 



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16 responses to “Expanding the Stagnant Palate… Somewhat…

  1. Avster

    My sister-in-law made a Hawaiian dish… I don’t recall the name… but it looked like lard… and tasted worse than lard… That kind of killed my small adventurous palate.

    The last time I was really adventurous was when I was in Barabou for work… my boss had told the company that we were looking for ideas for vegetarian dishes… so… what was the sandwich for the meal? A sandwich filled with portabella mushrooms and red peppers.
    I tried it… and it was okay… until the mushrooms grew cold… which was only after about a minute or two. After that I had to stop eating. ~shivers~ I felt awful for the rest of the day too.

    • That Hawaiian lard dish sounds nastified, Avy! Was it Poi? I’ve heard things about that there dish!

      As a vegetarian I have issues eating huge mushrooms as burgers too! I can eat them if they are chopped up, but not huge ole thing as a sandwich!

  2. Natalie

    I have yet to brave the Indian food place!

  3. dessawade

    The most adventurous thing I tried had to have been on our Thailand trip. The fish with it’s head still on and eyes starring back at you was interesting. Duck bill and chicken feet were specialties there but I must admit I couldn’t bring myself to trying them. I enjoy all kinds of cuisines.

  4. One of the doctors I work with is Chinese and treated my team to an elaborate, authentic Chinese meal. There was a cold salad with cabbage, bok choy, and other assorted shredded vegetables… and jellyfish tentacles. I tried it. It was, by far, the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten. Fishy and salty and ocean-y. YUCK. But the Peking duck was delicious!

  5. Jen

    I agree those cracker things were a bit disappointing. I would say besides the Indian food we just tried, I once swallowed a whole raw egg and that was pretty weird. Also on a dare when I was little I ate some bugs (ants and grasshoppers). Then I got really sick the next day.

  6. I Love, Love, Love Indian Oven!!! My favorite dish is Chicken Tikka Masala. I believe they serve a vegetable tikka masala, too. Gosh Whit, you’ve made me drool reading your blog 2 days in a row 🙂

  7. Uncle Phil

    Very, very clever and well written. I am limiting my meat intake to only one cow per year and five pigs and a large flock of chickens.

  8. Andrea

    So, so love Indian food. Both places in town are equally good, I think. I do Tandoori for take out ’cause it’s closer. our favorite is the chicken (shrimp for me) tikka masala. I bet they do that vegetable too. There was a spinach dish that I’ve tried too that was really tasty, but didn’t look so appetizing (think pureed spinach.) good for you to try new stuff!

    • I’m making a note of tikka masala next time I venture to Indian food. I hear good things about the one hooked to the gas station. I would have never guessed any restaurant on the side of a gas station would be tasty! Will definitely give it a go!

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