Giveaway! Shut Up and Sweat!


How rude, Whitners…  and I wear it with pride.  It’s been forever and months since I last did a giveaway, so here’s your chance to win you some crud.  I was recently turned onto this site by a friend.  Workout apparel emblazened with the phrase Shut Up and Sweat!  Which has pretty much been my dagnabbed motto for the last 2 years.  See… all the inventions get taken before I get up off my receptacle and do something about them.  Remember that Swiffer Sweeper invention?  Totally my brain child… TOTALLY!  And while I’m at it, I might as well tell you about my idea for pre-sliced bread.  Another one that got away.

Anywho… I was queen of making excuses for why I could not exercise in the past.  Sweating is inconvenient!  BORING! My arm hairs get irritated when they jiggle too fast!  I have eye disease… I couldn’t see myself getting off the couch.  And so on and so forth.  The thing is there’s always going to be something… ALWAYS.  You’re going to be too busy… you’re going to feel too sick… you’re going to have a pimple the size of a tractor trailer.  All excuses in the end and all of ’em used as a nice way to get out of having a bit of discomfort.  If you don’t exercise at all now… start small.  I only could do 5 minutes of slowish walking when I started back at 530 pounds… but it was 5 minutes more than I got in the past… and things totes get easier.  The more you work at it, the more conditioned you become until before you know it you’re doing it in your sleep.  Okay, that part was totally a lie… who wants to run laps in their nightmares?   I reserve my nightmares for things like public speaking whilst nekked and/or marrying Charlie Sheen.

I also find scheduling the exercise into my day insures that I get it done.  If I just say, I’ll do it when I get around to it, I don’t do it.  Scheduling it during a time of the day that is realistic is KEY.  It would be the awesomest if I told myself I’d get up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and whip out a set of kick butt, but that ain’t realistic for me…  A.)  Because the inventers of the alarm clock also invented the snooze button and 2.)  I barely go to bed by 5 in the morning… I don’t do well on ZERO hours of sleep.   Unless one of these days I happen to turn into a zombie… then, by all means 5:00 a.m. would be realistic.  I’ll let you all know how that goes.

Back to the giveaway… the winner of this giveaway will win one workout T-shirt; design, color, and size of your choice from this website (under $20) :  Shut Up And Sweat!

What do you have to do to get your name in the drawing?

1.  Leave a comment on this post, suggesting an indoor exercise you enjoy doing (winter is coming y’all… BOO!)
2.  Click on my Facebook page on the right side of this blog, like the page, and leave a comment.  If you’ve already liked it, just leave a comment. 

You will get one name entry per thing you do… up to 2 entrants.  I will pick and announce the winner by random draw this coming Fridee… so you have until then to get your contest on.  Meanwhile… do me a favor… just SHUT UP AND SWEAT!!

Disclaimer:  I am in no way, shape, or form associated with the above website, T-shirt makers, or chic modeling the T-shirt.  They are all strangers to me, but I have a feeling that we’d all love to sit down with a tub of popcorn and bond to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. 


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22 responses to “Giveaway! Shut Up and Sweat!

  1. Lisa

    I love Zumba on Wii in the winter. I have no rythm but it’s so much fun!

  2. Avster

    Hope you didn’t drive off the road when you were taking that photo!

  3. cl2

    Personally, I hate to sweat!?!? Well, my idea of bad sweating is menopause or anxiety or medication reaction–where you break into a head drenching sweat while standing in line at the store. I don’t mind if I sweat while mowing the lawn or walking as long as I have something to wipe the drips off my face and glasses!?!? But I always tend to break out in a sweat when I’m meeting someone new or some other place where you don’t want to sweat!?! Anyone know where you can buy a hand controlled fan (in terms of those old fold up ones you carry in your purse–I’ve looked for YEARS).

    Anyway–I want to be in on the drawing. Actually, Whitney, winter is my second favorite time to walk. I just bundle up. That fresh crisp air feels so good. If it snows, usually (not always) the local ward has cleaned their sidewalks, but I’ve fallen twice at the local ward while walking in winter–so be careful (but, remember, I fall REGULARLY).

  4. cl2

    I was going to comment on the picture, too–BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Froggy1976(Bonnie)

    Your pictures are always so pretty! I wish I had that kind of scenery. One indoor exercise I long to do is anything on the Wii but I do not own one yet. What I do now is one of my dvds or some random workout I find on Netflix. My kids often join me which just motivates me further. My little guys(not so little anymore at 12 and 14) are my best motivation!

  6. Since it is pouring rain here in Washington and NOT going to stop until June I guess I can add my favorite!

    Dance! Like crazy dancing! Anything from Just Dance on the Wii, or our weekend “dance like a dork” family sessions to VH1s countdowns as we get our house cleaning on, or even going to my favorite dance club and dancing. I am a non-drinker so it is not like I am consuming any calories, just pure sweating dancing 🙂

    Doesn’t even feel like exercise 🙂

  7. I love doing any dance aerobics, things like “Sweatin’ to…” or “Break a sweat to…” Anything that gets me moving and is so much fun that I forget that I’m burning calories! As an example, today is a weight training day. I spent an hour hunting around iTunes to find something fast and upbeat so that I could pretend my treadmill and I were dancing while warming up :), hahaha.

  8. Natalie Causarano

    Omg Whitney you are funny…”and/or marrying Charlie Sheen” LOL! I like zumba/spin class! also that pic is beautiful, i assume its from where you live?

  9. Deanna

    Indoor exercises! There are so many you can do! I have a few workout DVD’s that I really enjoy. Beachbody has a few great ones I could recommend. You don’t even need those fancy videos either. If you have stairs, you have instant workout! There is also push-ups, squats, lunges, ect. too.

  10. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Beautiful pic Whitney – stunning.
    I don’t want to be in the drawing for the shirt but it is a cute shirt and the drawing is a fun idea.

    Indoor exercise for me consists of my Tae Bo video.
    I prefer to be outside and since snow and ice don’t come until late Dec., Jan., and Feb., here in MO…I can walk for a long time.
    Even in the ice and snow, I will go outside to shovel snow to burn cals or make snow angels with the kids to just have a snowball fight.
    We will be burning some serious cals here soon ( like every weekend ) getting ready for winter. We have some serious wood cutting and hauling to do. That burns cals and builds muscle to boot.

    I have some other workout videos in my cabinet but the Tae Bo seems to suit me best. Pilates and Yoga just aren’t fast pace enough for me and I get bored.
    So, I stick to what I know I will do …

  11. Ally

    Cool giveaway Whitney! I love to sweat!

  12. Kelli

    Love the pic! A friend and I have started playing basketball at the gym. I’m sure 2 middle-aged moms look silly playing basketball but we have a great time doing it!!

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  14. I work in childcare and my favorite indoor exercise is to throw in a few jumping jacks with them, when they are getting rowdy. It calms them and I get my heart pumping. Other than that, I like the elliptical machine, where I can zone out and forget I’m working out..

  15. Sarah

    Treadmill, squats, lunges, planks

  16. Kaylee

    I really love yoga. I took a yoga class in high school and by the end of the semester I could do a total back-bend. Plus, yoga is surprisingly hard! It’s not like I was running laps or anything, but the sweat still dripped.

  17. I have a couple of DVDs that I like to do when it’s too frigid to walk outside. There are only a handful of days during the winter that I think it’s too cold to venture out. I also don’t mind the gym. If you ever change your mind about hating it, you could come be my gym buddy! You just shove your earphones in and ignore everybody.

  18. I am a fan of the elliptical. Also, I like to crank up some music, sing, clean, and dance (I am sure you could come up with a good word for that). The music makes you happy and gets you moving and at the end you have a clean house to show for it 🙂 Besides the toilet brush makes a great microphone–JK!

  19. Andrea

    I’m a swimmer…so we head to the dreaded indoor pool. But it’s lots warmer, and full of water, which I can’t say for the outdoor one in the winter. I do also love some classic aerobic videos. Denise Austin is a favorite and I really enjoy “Fat Blasting Yoga”

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  21. misty

    Right now I am doing C25K. I enjoy running because it gives me a mental break and time to work on the guts of me. I am a horrible emotional eater and a 30 year old, single mother, college student with a full time job so… you know…enotions floweth like a river.
    PS-I am still working on the whole shut up and sweat thing. “Dang these shin splints hurt. And I had laundry to catch up on anyways…”

  22. Melanie

    What an awesome blog, I will check in every day. You are an inspiration, great job. Your blog alone a huge challenge, wow! I love to do Tae Bo, even when I only have a few minutes I can get a 8 minute workout in to get my heart rate going. I love when the trainer say “Gemme Some”. My passion is racquetball, to me it is so enjoyable it really doesn’t seem like working out. Best of luck! Your new follower, Melanie

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