No Post Today? Blame My Internet!

So, my internet was down during the bewitching hour last night… when the full moon intersects with the chocolate people and causes my receptacle to grow by a country MILE!  If you need me, I’ll be the girl with the picket sign sitting in front of the Comcast building.  Who do they think we are, Laura Ingalls Wilder on the prairie here?  GEEZE… give me some technological crap!  I will not stand for typewriters and snail mail!

Moving on… posting will resume tomorrow.  I just wanted to quickly say how taken aback I am at all of the sweet replies and messages I received from yesterday’s post.  It’s truly my friends and family who keep me moving in the right direction and I so appreciate each and every one of you awesome folk.  If I could give you all a hug, I would… and that’s big coming from a girl with personal space issues!!  Pat yourselves on the back for being so awesome… you know you are!  And THANK YOU… from me to you!

PS… if you were wanting to enter my Shut Up and Sweat giveaway, today is your last day.  I’ll be picking a winner tonight and announcing it in tomorrow’s post!


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6 responses to “No Post Today? Blame My Internet!

  1. cl2

    I don’t seem to have the problems with Comcast I had with Qwest. I lost so much time and work with Qwest for the 5 years I refused to go back to Comcast.

    I did wonder where your post was when I opened my e-mail this morming!

  2. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    No worries Whitney – you will get it figured out.

    I will be working on my computer over the next few days as well. I have to figure out how to put the necessary info from this one onto a flash drive and then set up my new one and get online.
    Wish me luck – I am NOT a techie person, at all.


  3. Sarah

    I thought I accidentally deleted the email for today. Got a bit sad, since I’m used to having something to read while waiting on class to start. Good to know I didn’t delete it.

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