Forest People… I Have A Few Notes For You…

I’ve now officially been on 5 hikes this summer, so that totally qualifies me to have a say in changing some of the common practices of the forest.  This past Wednesday I had a day off from work, having worked the previous weekend, so I jaunted myself up to the land of meeses and broken bridges to take in some nature.  I said to myself… Self… there are very few remaining nice days left before winter blankets your soul into an everlasting marsh of despair and sorrow… take advantage!  (No, I hadn’t just been watching Deadly Women… why do you ask?)  I never intended to do an actual hike while I was there… my intention was to sit my rump in a camp chair in the sun and read a book after walking around the lake once.  End of story.  That would explain why I was in no way, shape, or form prepared to do a hike.  Case in point:

My back pack?  A Honks Dollar Store sack which I just happened to rip within the first 5 seconds on the trail.  Most people carry, you know, granola bars and water and a sack lunch and first aid kits and, you know… smart things in their backpacks.  What did I carry in my torn up Honks sack?  3 packages of AA batteries, 8 ounces of water, a camera, and a video recorder.  Why 3 packs of AA batteries?  Obviously, so I could start me a fire using a battery and the rays of the sun and roast invisible marshmallows whilst gnawing on the cardboard battery package.   Plus, if I ran across a fellow hiker whose electric razor ran out of batteries on the trail, I’d be all like… a hero or something.

I also was wearing rocking horse shoes and socks with a hole in the toe… prime hiking gear!  I passed all of these folks on their way down from the trail who were all decked out in their mountainman best… and here I be walking past with a plastic torn-up Honks sack hooked to my arm.  Why the idiotic decision to hike despite the lack of preparation?  I wanted to tell myself I could do it.  And I think I could have done it if I’d actually started at a decent time… instead I started at 4:00 and ended up turning around 80 minutes into the hike up because I was afraid it would be dark before I could make it down and then I’d get trampled by meeses who don’t like AA batteries.  I’m almost sure I was within steps of the final destination of White Pine Lake… but I had been saying that for the last 20 minutes… a girl’s gotta draw the line somewhere.  Besides that fact, downhill for me is a lot more difficult than uphill… just because 2 little ankles ain’t meant to support 298 pounds of weight on precarious, uneven surfaces… all the while fighting with gravity and a holey Honks sack!   Forest people… you ought to consider installing big flashing signs along the trail (after paving it) that say things like:  You’re almost there, sport! or Keep on truckin’, pardner. or Don’t turn around now, you only have 20 feet left.  Something that tells me how the dagnabbed much longer I have to go… come on now!  Who needs an Eagle Scout project!?  I’d do it, but they only allow we girls to make and sell cookies… Thin Mints anyone!?

Three total hours later, I’d made it back to my car, exhausted, dying of thirst, and stiff as a stale corn muffin… just in time to miss the darkness.  I can’t say that I had that much fun on this particular hike, due to my idioticness… and I was stiff and sore in the leg region for a few days afterwards, but I’m still glad I did it… even if I did fall short of the destination… y’all… it’s totes about the journey!

Question of the Day:  Do you consider yourself spontaneous?

This is what I looked like at the start of the trail… literally 2 steps in:

And this would be what I looked like all the way back down:

Except with less neatly brushed hairs.





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17 responses to “Forest People… I Have A Few Notes For You…


    I am an over planner, which most the time is annoying!! The pictures are gorgeous–including yours.

  2. Dessa Wade

    I absolutely love being spontaneous. That’s a good time!
    Way to go Whit on your hike. Very proud of you.

  3. jen

    You are lucky to live so close to the mountains. I wish I were more spontaneous. I worry to much about getting my to do list done everyday. Also in regards to yesterday’s post, the good thing about your salmon run is you have something to look forward to in the end, rather than just dying like the fish do

  4. Deanna

    Beautiful photos! Good for you for being adventurous! Just think to yourself, would this have been something you would have even attempted when you were 200+ pounds heavier? Awesomeness! 🙂

  5. Lindsay

    Sweet now you know you can do it let’s do it again before snow! It’s such a beautiful lake!

  6. cl2

    I hiked that trail for the 4th year of camp back when I was about 16 with sleeping bag, etc. That trail seemed A LOT longer than 3 miles. May I ask, were you hiking alone? Did anyone know you were going?

    Doesn’t sound fun–(and White Pine Lake is really beautiful)–but congratulations on doing it!

    • It was actually 3.8 miles… I was trying to figure out in my head how long it should take me to walk that… on a normal street/nonmountain, I could do that in an hour easy… not so much on the mountains! My mom knew I was in Tony Grove… and yes, I was hiking alone. Probably not my best idea… but I made sure that I went down before a handful of hikers that were just going up, so they could find me on their way down if anything happened.

  7. Karen

    My questions are: Were you alone? and how come so many of your friends comment so early in the morning? I am impressed. Tell Lindsay that I am proud of her for finishing her RN. Your pictures are beautiful–all of them. Enjoy the blog very much. Thanks for sharing the journey.

    • Haha… the early bird gets the worm I guess. You all reply while I’m still snoozing away! I did go hiking alone… but there were enough people hiking the trail that day that I wasn’t really “alone.” Thanks for the support, Karen!

  8. Way to be spontaneous and hike! Beautiful pictures! And I totally share your sentiment of taking advantage of the lovely fall weather before winter blankets your soul….

  9. Louisa

    Love the beautiful pics!

    Question of the Day: Do you consider yourself spontaneous?

    I am a planner by nature but YES I do like to do spontaneous things as well.
    Many times we will be out doing something we planned …only to end up doing many more spontaneous things while we are there or in the area. After all …I am packed for bear – we might as well use it, right? lol

    Keep pushing forward

  10. I hiked that trail for my 4th year hike too. We ate Spaghettios for dinner and they have never tasted so good to me. I liked that hike better than Jardine Juniper. That one was such a disappointment. I like hiking to somewhere I can actually see something cool, not just some crusty old tree.

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