Bieber Fever… Nasty Whitney… NASTY!

I had a nightmare dream last night starring Justin Bieber… just stop right there… STOP!  It wasn’t that kind of nightmare dream.  It was more, his mom called me up and asked if I could babysit him so that she and her husband could go on a date.  LOL!!!!!!  Is this what my life has come to now?  Babysitting Justin Bieber in my nightmares dreams.  The humiliation.  I have nothing against the Biebs… he’s a very talented young fry… I’m just way beyond the age of girlish squealing and adulation.  He reminds me too much of my nephew… oh, and besides that, I’m 32.

Anywho… so Biebster was in my dream and while we were playing Candyland, he suddenly stopped and said, Say… I have a great song for your blog… And I’m all like, wow, Biebster (that’s what he told me to call him)… I didn’t even know you knew I had a blog.  And he’s all like, in your nightmares dreams.  I finally figured out why I was dreaming about Bieby.  I was watching my show on Monday night, the Sing-Off… which by the way I LOVE… except for the boring judging part which I just fast forward (I’m looking at you Ben Folds), when the group of boys from Utah up and sang this Biebster song and it was forever stuck in my noggin… thus the nightmare dream.

You know what… it’s appropriate.  Never say never.   Whitney… never tell yourself you won’t run… because you have.  Never tell yourself that you won’t ride a bike… because you do.  Never tell yourself that there is no possible way to lose 350 pounds… because you’re doing it.  NEVER… EVER… EVER… say never!!  Get it?  Got it?  GOOD!

Question of the Day:  Do you have a music guilty pleasure?  Something you would be embarrassed to tell people you listen to?   You can tell me… I won’t tell anybody!  😛

Never Say Never by Bieber Fever as sung by VocalPoint on the Sing-Off

See I never thought that I could walk through fire
I never thought that I could take the burn
I never had the strength to take it higher
Until I reached the point of no return

And there’s just no turning back
When your heart’s under attack
Gonna give everything I have
It’s my destiny

I will never say never
(I will fight)
I will fight till forever
(Make it right)

Whenever you knock me down
I will not stay on the ground
Pick it up, pick it up
Pick it up, pick it up
Up, up, up, up, up and never say never



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20 responses to “Bieber Fever… Nasty Whitney… NASTY!

  1. Uncle Phil

    I really like “The Singoff” too. The Utah guys are great. I don’t feel guilty but one of my musical pleasures is Cowboy and Classic Country tunes. Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins, Eddy Arnold and even Elvis have recorded some of my favorite slices of life. I loved your blog, as usual. Keep it up.

    • I gotta say, I’m an Elvis fan too… the KING! ONe of these days I want to go to Vegas to see the cirque de soleil show with his songs! As for Glee… I haven’t ever gotten into the show, but I do really like the music! I have a couple of the CDs!

  2. Uncle Phil

    P.S. I also love the the musical arrangements on Glee. They are almost always better than the original.

  3. Lindsay

    Yes I can answer this question . . because it has just happened to me recently this past month I CANNOT stop downloading BRITTANY SPEARS songs! What the crap! I hated her for so many years! I hated her even when she was younger and famous now all the sudden I am secretly listening to her music as I workout! But don’t tell anyone else!

  4. Kim

    Love it!! You are so inspiring! I recently joined curves and it’s been hard!! This big body doesn’t get on those machines as easy as I’d like! I’ve been going 3x week for 3 weeks now and I already feed a difference. I’ve been taking your advice, small changes, don’t think about having to drop 200 lbs!! I can do this! Thanks for all of your inspiration…Kim

    • Kim! I’m so proud of you! Way to go… and I’m really glad that you are listening to your body and realizing the changes going on… because that is what is going to keep you going. You will always want to have that feeling!! GET IT, Girl!

  5. As for the dream/ nightmares–I have bizarre ones all the time, although I don’t believe “Biebster” has ever made a guest appearance. You might disown me when I tell my music love–it is John Denver 🙂 I know he has a dreadful voice, but so do I, so we sing a pretty good duet, and I love the words to his songs.

    • DISOWNED! I really like John Denver too!! (May he rest in peace). Who doesn’t like that country roads song? Seriously! As for your singing skillz… you do NOT have a dreadful voice! I don’t think John has a dreadful voice either. Now, if you’d said Willie Nelson has a dreadful voice, I would have totes agreed with you… because he does!

  6. You are soooo right, Whitney! Never Say Never!

  7. Louisa

    I haven’t ever seen this show, “The Sing Off”.
    I really liked the way this group ( VocalPoint ) did though.
    It was very entertaining and they sounded great, in my opinion.
    I am not a Bieber fan so I am unfamiliar with his version of this song.

    Question of the Day: Do you have a music guilty pleasure? Something you would be embarrassed to tell people you listen to?
    Let me see….
    No, I don’t think I have anything I’m embarrassed to tell people I listen to.
    I think the people that know me know that I listen to a lot of variety. At any given time you could walk into my house and hear everything from Classical to Doo-Wop to New Country to Pop to 80’s Rock to Acappella to Christian or Musicals.
    The only genre of music that I really don’t like is Rap – I will turn the station for sure!

    Great job Whitney on your NEVER SAY NEVER attitude. You have done some amazing things this summer ( walking, doing hills, hiking, biking, going out to a concert, and now jogging too!!!!). You are an inspiration and a terrific friend.

    Keep pushing forward…

    • I’m like you, Louisa… I have a big variety of music that I listen to… almost nothing is off limits, except I draw the line at heavy metal and nasty rap. I like the good clean rap, but not the gross nasty stuff. Clean lyrics are KEY!

      Keep on smiling, Louisa. Take some time out each day to meditate and do something that puts that smile there for a few minutes!

  8. Babysitting Bieber in your dreams, huh? I wonder if there’s a hidden meaning in that. I still love Hootie and the Blowfish and they are so not cool anymore. I think Darius Rucker has a sexy voice even though he’s gone country.

  9. cl2

    I can’t think of any. I listen to a wide variety–do the Doors count? My brother listened to the Doors as he got ready for school every morning. Caused a lot of conflict with my parents, but I love the Doors because of it.

    • My dad still has a Doors record… too bad his record player doesn’t work! That’s funny that your parents would get after him, but you loved the Doors all the more because of it!

  10. jen

    I don’t have any secret music that I like now but I did once like the Hansens. I never thought you would bieber on your blog since you like to make fun of him. Never say never!

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