Who Needs Rules!?


Also, as an addendum… rules are made to be broken, so let’s make us some vacation rules just so I have the opportunity to go all rebellious and crap.  Yes, I refer to myself as us all the time… trying to include all of my multiple personalities.  As was mentioned briefly in Friday’s post, I will be haunting the East part of the United States starting tomorrow (Tuesday) for a week… so this blog will be on hiatus for the next year or two (LOL).  In the meantime, y’all won’t be brainwashed by all of my high-faluting mumbo jumbo!

East part of the United States… I’ve seen your weather forecast and it seems that you will be greeting me with rain and more rain on a daily basis… let’s get a few things straight… I have blender hair… I also have a balance issue and and I’m pretty sure I melt at the mention of liquid falling from the skies… kind of like the Wicked Witch of the West, except without green pointy noses… so, if you could find it in your heart to keep the rainstorms to a minimum, I’ll be sure to keep my form of odd behavior shoved in my duffle bag.

What was I talking about in this post?  Oh yes… Whitney’s vacationing calorizing rules:

1.  Be conscientious.  I am not going to log my calories on MyFitnessPal during the next week… just not gonna do it.  But, I tell you what I am going to do is try to be smart about what I’m eating.  This won’t be a free for all, eat everything in sight and if there’s nothing within a 10-foot radius, my shoes should taste great dipped in a mud puddle.   What does being conscientious mean?  Basically the same thing it means here at home… it’s a lifestyle.  So, indulge every so often, eat vegetables, and limit the fried food…  As for my liquid intake… I hear they have a great bar system… liquor stores on every corner.  JOKES!  I plan on buying me one of those little foam coolers and a case of bottled waters to put in the trunk of the rental car.  Bring it on, hydration!

2.  I’m not planning on going all gung ho on the exercisation strictness… but I do plan to do a bunch of hoofing it (I’m sending vibes down to my feet… plantar fasciae… behave yourselves!)  On the days where there is more sitting going on, then I’ll check out the hotel facilities for a quick exersauce jaunt… must keep in the habit.  Plus, maybe then I’ll be distracted from the lice on the hotel sheets… KNOCK ON WOOD!

I do plan to indulge every once in a while… vacation only happens once every 10 years if your name is Whitney.  I have been practicing this weekend leading up to it… anxiety snacking seems to be my specialty, unfortunately.  Stupid mouth that isn’t wired shut.  I shall expect a gain upon returning from my little jaunt… but that will just mean I know it was a successful trip!  😛  Have a great next few weeks, friends.  Take care and make sure you make me some 75-degree weather for when I get back next week!  I’m gonna need it to dry out from the rainstorms and clam chowda bathing!




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9 responses to “Who Needs Rules!?

  1. deannawade@gmail.com

    I’m so excited about your trip and we will be just a day behind you. You get there and clear up the weather—OK!! Have a great time and I bet you’ll be surprised that now you can get around more you will probably not gain weight because of the things you will walk to see. You will probably not lose either–but not gaining is a plus on vacation. I have foot problems also so I’m hoping the foot fairy will help me also. HaHa

  2. Avster

    It’s been in the eighties for a week at your first, long pitstop… but after about three weeks of no rain guess what’s supposed to happen on Tuesday!

    ~hums Here comes the sun…~

  3. Natalie

    That bucket list must be half empty by now!

  4. Jen

    Your trip sounds like so much fun. I can’t wait to see all the pictures and hear your stories. You better write about it a lot on your blog when you get back. And I agree, you should indulge a little. Big vacations don’t happen that often for me either. So definitely enjoy every minute.

  5. Have a blast! Sounds like you have excellent vacation rules! Can’t wait to see the pictures 🙂

  6. Julie

    Hey, you might be out in my neck of the woods! Hope you have a great time! BTW- You are always welcome to stay at my house if you are nearby. I have a hubby, two kids, two dogs and foster puppies, but I do have a guestroom that is open to you. 🙂

  7. Louisa

    Your trip sounds like fun, Whitney.
    I hope the weather cooperates, you get in a lot of walking and sight-seeing, lots of pictures, lots of laughs & good times, and make wonderful memories.
    Every time you start to get anxious about things, think of how far your have come and remember this is one of your Bucket List items and you are going to conquer it.
    Have a terrific and well deserved vacation.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Keep pushing forward.

  8. Have fun! Enjoy every minutes of it! I bet you will do great anyway this week! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!!!

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