Brain Floaties…

Yo yo friendly blog readers of the North, South, East, and West… and that one earthworm from Antarctica.  I finally landed on the ole home turf realllllllyyyyyy early Thursdee morning thanks to a fantastic rain delayed plane.  FANTASTIC!  I bet Oprah never gets delayed.  She just has to pay someone to make the rain stop and then sends Stedman to lay the hit on them if they don’t obey.

I seem to have a lot of thoughts floating around in this old noggin of mine, but most of them aren’t making sense and certainly none of them are doing anything to help me form coherent sentences.  How now brown cow!  The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.  Etc., etc., etc.  A pat on the back or a slap upside the back of the head to anyone who can tell me which movie that last phrase was said in.

Meanwhile… back in the land of this blog, I met Oprah!!!!!!  LOL… gotcha!  I did see a magazine in the airport with her face on it.  It don’t matter that it was her magazine… the point is I saw her!

Vacation is great… but when it comes down to it all… Dorothy was right… there ain’t no place like home… unless you live in a sewage plant and/or next to a sulfur burning plant.  I’m glad to be back so I can get back into a less hoggy eating routine and maybe do less sitting on my aspercreme.  Next week, I plan to tell all about my adventures (Hey… you in the back row… wake up!!)  and/or bore you to death so that you decide to take up parcheesi.  So, until then let me sort through my 8 billion blurry pictures and 5 million incoherent thoughts.  You all have a grand-tastic weekend.

PS – This Sundee is my 25th birthdee (:P)  STOP IT, Birth certificate… lying all of these years.  I plan on eating my weight in ice chips… so expect me to have frozen off the bane of my existence come Monday! 



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18 responses to “Brain Floaties…

  1. jen

    So glad you’re back safe. I missed your blog. Can’t wait to hear your stories and see the pictures. Happy birthday Whit!

  2. Kim

    Welcome back..I really missed your blogs!

  3. Have a great weekend Whitney! Hope your birthday will be filled with pleasant and sweet surprises! Enjoy! 😀

    P.S. I don’t know why but I had a feeling that you were a scorpio just like me… I could find lots of similarities between you and me! 😉

  4. cl2

    My Fair Lady (the rain in spain).

    Glad to see you made it back. Happy Birthday! early.

  5. Avster

    Yay! The the first ray of the morning sun is back! Granted though, I would take another week or two hiatus if it meant rocking a city. 😉

  6. Welcome back, Whitney! BTW- Where is that photo taken from? It’s GORGEOUS!

    • Thanks, Julie!! I took the photo in New Hampshire at the Shaker village out there… I can’t remember the city name, but it was South of Tilton, NH if I’m remembering correctly!

  7. Amy

    Happy Birthdee!! I’ll be 25 next time too 🙂 BTW- any recommendations on cameras? Or do I just need to hire you as my photographer? It would be a good gig photographing the flatest place on earth. I pinky promise.

    • Wow, Amy! Who knew that we were both the exact same age and that both of our driver’s licenses would be wrong!?!? 😛 As for the flattest place on earth photography gig… I’m in! What’s the pay? A couple of smacks upside the head? I use inexpensive cameras… the last 2 I’ve purchased have been Canon Powershot and Kodak (both under 100 bucks). The key is to enhance the colors of the photo in some kind of an editing program afterwords. I don’t do anything crazy, just turn up the brightness a bit!

  8. Randy

    Happy birthday! Look forward to the trip pics!

  9. Louisa

    Glad to see you back and getting right back into your routine.
    You got another thing knocked off your bucket list – awesomeness!

    Love that BRIGHT little tree in your picture !! Gorgeous!

    Happy birthday early. Hope it is a terrific one!

  10. I’m excited to hear about your trip! Have fun with the ice chip eating for your birthday. I think you should throw in at least one real chip or something just to add a little variety. Welcome home!

  11. submisselyserving-joann

    funny, it needed that.

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