Day 5: Vermont’s Finest… Ben, Jerry, and Whitney…

Y’all would be impressed with how fast I moved on the morning of day 5… I was up before the rooster knew the sun existed and with masculine strength, I done lugged both 50-pound suitcases down that rickety old stairwell.  It’s amazing what a germ-a-phobe will do to escape the gross.  I was ready to get myself away from Smuggling Notches and move on to more important things… like maple syrup and haunted bridges.  Our first stop on that gloriously chilled day where the sun decided to peek out for the first 2 hours and then immediately decided rain was in the cards, was to the Maple Outlet, which according to Freda the GPS was supposed to contain breakfast… not so.  But, we did get to conversate with the nicest older lady on the planet and she gave us some good tips for places we needed to see in her home state of Vermont.   First stops… COVERED BRIDGES:

This last one is called Emily’s Bridge and is supposed to be haunted… Ghostbusters must have been in town since I done never saw one ghost… let alone any orbs!   There’s just something so quaint about a covered bridge.  I’m not exactly sure why they felt the need to cover some of their bridges, but it sure brought in the tourists in later years (me and Madre count as 3,000,000).  Next stop you ask?   Stowe, Vermont, where we briefly checked out the Trapp Family Lodge… that of The von Trapp Family singer fame, Sound of Music fans anyone?  This piece of land is where the von Trapps settled in the United States because it reminded them of their beloved Austria.

We then took off for downtown Stowe, VT where they were having a rained out artisan festival on Main Street.  All y’all wimpy artisans afraid of some wind and liquid falling from the clouds… seriously now.  Instead, we went inside of a cross stitch shop (MY WEAKNESS) where we were told we needed to drop by the cider mill!  Y’all… the CIDER MILL contained more delectable gooery per square inch than every Martha Stewart Thanksgiving special put together.  Apples and cider and donuts and pastries and jellies and jams and maple syrups and candies and any sugary delectableness you could think of all conglomerated into one building… and it was crowded.  I had to reign myself in because I knew where we were headed next… instead I shared a bite of an apple cider donut with Madre and a sip of hot cider… I’m still kicking myself for not getting to try the homemade maple apple pie with a chunk of Vermont cheese on the top.

Those delectabilites left behind we were on our way to the Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Factory tour!  We must have arrived just as 85 tour busses did because we waited in line for hours just to buy tickets to the tour… and then in line again just to buy some ice cream!  Thankfully, I had some entertainment whilst standing in the cold, windy, rainy line… this lady was feeding her dog, who just so happened to be the size of a horse, ice cream whilst her husband was feeding her… and it went on for forever… Clickety click here to see video evidence.  I didn’t get it, but at one point she’d feed the dog ice cream and then eat a bite herself from the exact same spoon!  OH LAWS, SLAY ME NOW!  Sorry, you who don’t mind eating from the same silverware as your pets, but the breath alone is enough for me to say heck to the no to that!

I have a schoolgirl crush on Jimmy Fallon and so when I found out that he had his own ice cream flavor, I HAD to get it… no matter that it was potato chips covered with chocolate chunks.  It was not my most shining moment.  Not a good flavor.  Madre got this delectable clustery flavor that was like heaven on a spoon.  I tried to get her to trade me, but she was not interested in my potato chips!

Rub it in why don’t ya’, Madre!  Lactose intolerance over and done with, we loaded up in the contraption to head to Sharon, VT, which is the birthplace of Joseph Smith.  The monument and grounds were so beautiful.  I wished it wasn’t so cold and rainy and that we’d gotten there earlier so there was more light for picture taking.

I seriously am considering bringing more really large umbrellas to picture taking time to cover up the bane of my existence!  Totes effective until you have to put it down!  This cute little lady tour guide was insistent that we get pictures for our “Christmas cards” so had us pose in approximately 500000000 different ways while she snapped like we were Heidi Klum at a modeling convention… needs more fan!  It was pretty much the most hilarious thing I’ve ever been a part of.  Thank goodness I graduated from Supermodel Anonymous Academy.

The day ended with a rainy drive to our hotel for the night in Tilton, New Hampshire.  Tilton was the first “big” city we had stayed in yet (aside from Buffalo, NY)… they actually had places to shop and eat… it was miraculous!  My day in Vermont was a fun one.  I’d go back again… pretty sure Ben and Jerry will be asking me to come on as a partner… I have a few notes on the potato chip ice cream, fellas!

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite ice cream flavor?  Do you have a favorite ice cream brand? 


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18 responses to “Day 5: Vermont’s Finest… Ben, Jerry, and Whitney…

  1. I’m so happy you got to go to Cold Hollow (The Cider Mill you went to) I went to grad school near there and it wasn’t fall until I had made my trip to cold hollow for a cider donut. Yum!

  2. Julie

    Love pumpkin pie ice cream… homemade. Cream, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, brwn sugar, cloves…. YUM!!

  3. Avster

    It’s Marmaduke! Wow, that was something! I wonder if that’s a weekly occurrence for them?

    I love the Madré sitting next to the hall of fame!

  4. cl2

    You brought back an OLLLLLDDDD memory. When my ex, my son, and friends went to Boston–It never even crossed my mind.

    Sharon, Vermont. I had a missionary once that I waited for a lifetime or 2 ago. He went to Boston. His first location was Sharon, Vermont at the visitor’s center. Wow! you just jolted my memory BIG TIME–34 years ago.

    I like Baskin Robbins. They have one in this town. Remember when they had 2 in Logan? I like pralines and cream. Lately I’ve been eating sherbets. Having access to pralines and cream all summer, I made myself sick on it (a few blocks away from where I’m at).

    • How ironic is that!? The birthplace would not have been a bad place to serve… it was beautiful! We used to have Baskin Robbins in Logan!? I must have missed out. I do remember we had Millhollow Frozen Yogurt which I was sad that they shut down!

  5. Liz

    I don’t even see my favorite B&J on the list! It’s Chubby Hubby. So wonderfully delicious. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirls, but the best part is the little tiny oval pretzels filled with peanut butter!!! Sweet, salty, peanuty. yum! But now I deny myself ice cream unless on vacation. Too easy to overindulge at home with a whole pint.

  6. Jen

    You were brave to try the potato chip ice cream. I don’t think I would have done it, even if it were named “Twilight’s Jacob Ice cream.” I agree with you on not sharing utensils or food with pets. That is totally disgusting. But for some reason Seth doesn’t mind letting Annabelle take licks of his candy and ice cream cones. And he wonders why I don’t want to kiss him?

    • Oh my laws, Jen… that is NASTY!!! Is his nose broken because the dog’s breath would be too stinky for me to share an ice cream cone with!! As for the pictures, you are welcome to any you want (though I’d go with your bro’s pics over mine!) Just holler at which ones you want me to send and I’ll send ’em!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you have a favorite ice cream brand?

    I am not much of an ice cream eater. My son isn’t either. I guess he is like me.
    My Dh & my 13yo daughter are crazy for soft-serve ice cream.
    They could eat ice cream with every meal and in-between as well.
    They will eat hard ice cream too…lol.
    Dh’s favorite is plain old good quality vanilla.
    My daughter loves every kind of ice cream she has ever tried…lol…with the exception of birthday cake.
    My son likes vanilla when he has a bite but he never gets his own b/c he won’t finish it. He just has a bite or two and then he is done.
    For me, if I am going to have ice cream, it has to be a small amount of real strawberry or peanut butter and chocolate from Baskin Robbins.
    Baskin Robbins is the only place I go for ice cream and that is almost never.

    • I am not a huge fan of ice cream either, due to my lactose intolerance… but every so often I’ll try a bit! That’s funny that your fam is split down the middle in their ice cream love!

  8. Looks like a fun day! I don’t mind driving if the scenery is pretty, even in the rain. That scenery looks awesome. Hopefully the cider mill made up for the potato chip ice cream nastiness. I hate getting excited about something like that only to be disappointed in a big way. Favorite ice cream is Rocky Road. I love it at Cold Stone where the marshmallows are mixed in fresh so they don’t have a chance to get soggy.

  9. Ice Cream?!! Don’t even get me started. At Ben and Jerry’s I adore Coconut Almond Fudge Chip or Chubby Hubby. At Cold Stone, my fave is Cheesecake ice cream with raspberries and brownies mixed in. I think Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate from Blue Bunny is delicious. Aggie Ice cream would have to be Aggie Blue Mint or Chocolate English Toffee. But my all time favorite place to get ice cream is Charlies in Logan–it has no equal! My favorites there are Chocolate Chocolate Chip Malt, Mint chocolate chip, Mint oreo, or Cookies in cream. 🙂 Mmmm… I miss you Charlies 🙂

    • You are an ice cream conniseur, Alena!!! I agree… Charlie’s ice cream is heavenly, but I have never tried the flavors you mentioned. I think it’s because every time I go there I have to get the same flavor… caramel cashew… which is ironic since I love me some chocolate! If you miss Charlies, hop on that land boat and get yourself down here… my treat!

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