Day 7: Belgian Waffles Are Evil… and Lighthouses!!

Y’all… I should really learn the lesson that it’s not worth it to eat food on vacation.  Just not worth it!  😛  Okay, so that’s a total and complete utterly idiotic falsehood.  I did, however, curse the fact that for the first time in a long time I ate me a Belgian waffle with syrup for breakfast on the morning of day 7 and it was possibly the most idiotic idea of my entire trip.  It did not sit well and I spent the rest of the day wanting to hurl every 5 seconds, amongst other things.  Too much information?  Buck up, sport!  I did see a lot of the inside of a stall in the local Hannaford’s Supermarket chain on this day.  Shame I didn’t take any pictures because they were glorious… best scenery yet.  (insert sarcasm bone!)   But it did give Madre an opportunity to go shopping at Marshall’s and then get a manicure after having picked at her fingernails the whole trip.  Laws almighty.   Side note:  Is the main ingredient in them chewable Pepto Bismols chalk… because seriously… I wrote my name on the sidewalk with one.

Sickness be danged… I was still determined to see the sights of Portland, Maine.  It was one of the cities I was most looking forward to due to my HUGE lighthouse afficionado club… I’m not only a member, I’m the club geekident!  There was a time in my life when you could have walked in my bedroom and been punched in the face with lighthouses.   I used to decorate in all lighthouse… it was gag-worthy actually, I had so much crap.  Today, you won’t find many lighthouse items… maybe 2 at the most… but I still have a love for the lighthouses… land-locked states be durned!

Our first lighthouse was in Cape Elizabeth, Maine at the Two Lights State Park.  There were 2 lighthouses visible from this vantage point, but they were privately owned, so we couldn’t get up close and personal.  No matter… I saw them and then stood on the rocky beach and took in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean… I guess it was the Atlantic Ocean… either that or Casco Bay/Gulf of Maine.  It was water… let’s put it that way!

Y’all… check out this “rocking” chair!  Get it?  Oh laws, I slay myself.  Cool chair with a nice view, but holy hard seat, batman!  We then drove down a bit further to one of my most favorite lighthouses (based on pictures alone), Portland Head Lighthouse, which is the most photographed lighthouse in the USA.  This one you could actually get up close and personal with.  Not like I asked it out or anything, but we were able to walk around the grounds.

This unflattering picture was brought to you by the letter W for WINDY!  Toto, we ain’t in Kansas anymore!  After gawking for a while around that joint, we saw one more lighthouse, which I was too sick to want to walk out to, so got a picture from the car:

This is when Madre’s shopping spree and manicure came in handy.  I’m sure she had a glorious time!  We then headed to downtown Portland… looked at some shops walked around a bit.  There were 2 things Madre talked about wanting to do most before we headed out on the trip… the first was shopping at H&M (CHECK) and the 2nd was eating a lobster roll in Maine.  Whatever flips your dress up in the air, Madre.  We got recommendations from several shop owners on where the best place to get said lobster would be, and all of them said J’s Oyster Bar.  Okey dokey… it’s an oyster bar… but I’ll play along.  It was mostly a dive.

I think Madre talked so long about her lobster roll that she was a bit disappointed with it.  Such is the life of a lobster afficianado.  Stick with lighthouses… they rarely disappoint!


We then drove back to Two Lights State Park to eat some homemade Maine blueberry pie… the other most talked about item on Madre’s list.  This, she loved… I think it made up for the lackluster lobster!

Besides that… you couldn’t beat this view!

Maine… let’s do it again sometime… next time with less Belgian waffles and Hannafords!!

Question of the Day:  I used to collect lighthouse paraphrenelia… do you collect anything? 

Have a great weekend, friends!  Bore you all again on Mondee!


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19 responses to “Day 7: Belgian Waffles Are Evil… and Lighthouses!!

  1. Deanna

    I liked lobster but I didn’t like the lobster roll. I don’t think I like cold lobster. We saw that same light house–the one you could get close to. And of course the blueberry pie was everyone’s favorite!! I collect key chains from different places I visit. But what do you do with hundreds of key chains? The grand kids love to play with my “collection” as they call it.

    • Maybe that’s why she didn’t like it… it was cold? I’m glad you all got the blueberry pie too! I think key chains are a smart thing to collect… you can always use one of those!

  2. Kim

    Hi Whitney…I have really been enjoying your vacation blogs! You know I live in CT and have not been to these sites which are literally a few hours drive from my home! Good incentive to keep losing the weight so I can take trips like this without worrying about all the walking!

  3. Avster

    Nope, I don’t collect anything whatsoever. 😉

    Would have loved to check the lighthouses with you- but I would have insisted going inside the lighthouses and taking photos of the stairs- that’s the best thing about lighthouses… other than Gus Pike. :b

    Oh, and I forgot to mention a few days ago that I am not at all jealous of your stop at the Trapp lodge!

    • I heard you were a collector of all things chocolate? Chocolate people… chocolate kittens… chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! We were going to go inside the one lighthouse, but you had to pay to get into it, so we went the cheap route and just looked through the window! 😛

  4. cl2

    Almost anything strawberry and I have no clue why. I don’t even eat strawberries that often because I got sick on them once. I also do collect CHEAP salt and pepper shakers (I’ve had too many break to spend much on them–if I can get them for a $1 or $2, then I buy them–you’d be surprised how many cute ones cost that little). But I do love the strawberries–and now my daughter does, too. Her e-mail even uses it in her name. I’ll have to ask her why she picked up on the strawberry obsession because she started with it too young to have realized her mom loved them. I learned to only buy really unique ones/pictures, etc.

    Sorry you got sick on the waffle and that the lobster roll was a disappointment. I have actually found that most of the best fish places look like dives–but you can never be too sure.

    It has been fun reading about your trip. I want to go to Maine sometime. People ask me where I want to go overseas and I think “I’ve got too much I haven’t seen HERE–no need to go overseas.”

    • I did not know this about you, Colleen… strawberry obsessions sound cute! But it is very ironic that you don’t eat them, but collect them! LOL!! You should definitely go to Maine one time. I’d like to go back sometime in the summer when it isn’t as cold!

  5. Jen

    As you already know, I collect winter clothing (hats, scarfs, and gloves). I hate cold weather so it helps to have a closet full of stuff to keep me warm. I like lighthouses too. In fact, I’ve decided my baby room is going to have a nautical theme, so I may put a lighthouse decor item in it. Maybe you can tell me where to shop for lighthouse stuff.

    • Poor Jen and the winter months. But, at least you might have a bit of extra padding this winter. I say that, but all of my extra padding doesn’t do me a bit of good… stupid anemia! Lighthouse Depot has a bunch of lighthouse stuff… but it’s usually expensive. I’d look on places like eBay or Etsy probably.

  6. Dessa Wade

    I collect frig magnets from each state/country we visit and have quite a good collection on a filing cabinet hidden away in an extra bedroom where no one can ever see them. What’s up with that?
    I loved everything about this trip. Thanks again Whit!

  7. I remember the lighthouses from our roommate days. I think of you every time I see one. I hate being sick on vacation. I’m glad you didn’t let it totally derail your plans. When I was in Hawaii, my ear didn’t pop after we landed. I was quite deaf for nearly a full day. I don’t collect them quite as much anymore, but sunflowers are my thing.

  8. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Ugh! Sorry that Belgian waffle didn’t set well, Whitney.
    Too bad the lobster roll didn’t live up to expectation either…dang it!

    The pics are stunning!
    Would love to go to Maine to see the lighthouses and the ocean.

    Question of the Day: I used to collect lighthouse paraphrenelia… do you collect anything?

    I collect Breyer model horses. Have since I was small. I have a good collection and some of the collector plates as well.
    My 13yo daughter has taken on my Breyer model horse collecting obsession …lol. She already has a collection to rival mine.

    My 10 yo son collects John Deere paraphernalia. He has JD sheets, clocks, toys, t-shirts, caps, and such…
    My husband has some of the JD stuff too but he would rather collect the REAL John Deere stuff ( tractors, lawn mowers, etc…).

    Keep pushing forward…

    • That’s so fun that you were able to pass down your collectin glove to your daughter. And your son and DH have the same collecting loves. I’m suspecting that as your son ages, he’ll want the REAL stuff too! 😀

  9. Deanna

    What breathtaking photographs! Thank you so much for sharing these!

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