Day 8: Baw-ston Baked Beans…

Y’all… I am almost done with all of these dagblasted neverending trip retelling posts.  I’m like that person who makes anyone who visits sit down and watch filmstrips of all the new pictures she took.  And this here is a picture of Claude with his diaper on his head… ain’t he presh!?  Yes, I just used the term filmstrip and yes, I do remember filmstrips… they were back in my early days.  You young’uns and all your computing systems and flash drives and iPads… all we had back in my young’un days was a piece of chalk and a blackboard.  We done had to draw our memories!!

Day 8 found us in Boston, Massachusetts… well, actually we woke up in Peabody because you seriously seen the prices of hotel rooms in the Boston area!?!?!?!?!?!  Laws almighty, I could buy me a trailer house for that price back in this here country right after I brushed my teeth with a pine cone.  We drove to Salem, Massachusetts early that morning for breakfast at an old coffee shop from the 1600s… the original building.  I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure they remodeled it since then… you know, to upgrade from the wood-burning stove and candle lighting system.   😛

Oh, and don’t quote me on this… but those spica plants?  Totally original from the 1600s.  😛  It reminded me a lot of Angie’s back home… where all the locals meet to eat.  Mom ordered her a pancake, and the lady asked if she’d like the short stack… aka 3 pancakes.  Thank all that be heavenly glory hallelujah she went with just one.  This thing was a freaking cake…

Do not adjust your screens… the pancake was that big… imagine 3 of them things!?  I think I gained at least 6 pounds just looking at that thing.  I went with the veggie omelette owing to my previous waffle kerfuffle.  We then trucked our way into Boston, which took approximately 3 times longer than Freda, the GPS was saying it would.  Traffic, traffic, traffic.  When we’d finally arrived, we spent another hour trying to find a place to park the vehicular contraption… you don’t drive in downtown Baw-ston unless you have a death wish and approximately 6 hours to sit in traffic.   We parked in the Boston Commons parking garage and then got lost trying to walk to the Freedom Trail.  I’m a small town girl through and through, so the amount of people per square inch in this city was sometimes overwhelming.  We finally found the tourist info place, which was under construction and closed… quality.  Instead we walked across the street to some random cell phone place and bought tickets to the trolley tour.  We got lost again trying to find where our trolley would pick us up and then tried to board the wrong trolley… our stickers were SILVER trolley stickers and we’re all up trying to board the orange and green trolley.  BLASPHEMY!!  You ain’t lived until you’ve been yelled at by a Boston accented Trolley driver!!  I wonder if he was single.

When we finally found our correct trolley, my feet were already screaming at me, but I told them to shut up and then smothered them with my clodhopper.  The trolley tour wasn’t much of a tour… it was more transportation to different stops, and then you could hop off and walk around to your heart’s content and reboard at a later time.  First stop was Quincy Market.  Y’all calorizers… NEVER go into Quincy Market… I repeat… NEVER!!!  It’s basially this neverending building of the most scrumptious looking food things in the universe.  We walked the length of it and I’m surprised I didn’t get arrested for drooling.

I nearly bought this law-bster hat… y’all… how fasionable would I have been?

Madre got to meet JFK…

Then we hopped across the street to the Marriott Customs House where we paid to take 2 different elevators up to the very tippy tippy top floor to get a bird’s eye view of Boston.  Pretty cool, if you ask me.


Back on our trolley, we happened to sit in front of this couple from Malad, Idaho… so, we were immediately best buddies by default.  Before we left, we’d been told by my cousin-in-law, Ryan that we needed to go to Mike’s Pastry… heck if you go anywhere else… go to Mike’s Pastry!  7000 blocks later, we finally found him and drooled our way waiting in line.  People line up by the dozens for Mike’s pastries.  His specialty is cannolis… something like 34 different flavors of cannolis.   Mom got her a limoncello cannoli and I got me a red velvet cupcake just to buck the system… and they gave them to us all tied up in this little box, which we carried around the city for the rest of the day.

We rounded out the tour by checking out the USS Constitution (from afar) and the Paul Revere statue, amongst other things.  We then took the subway, aka the “T”, on the red line to Haw-rvard.  Just to say we’d seen it.  It took us 8 billion years to figure out how to buy tickets… what!?!?  We gots a free bus in my city!  I guess it was fun to ride for 20 minutes with a smelly dude’s armpit shove in my nostril.  You know, if  you like that sort of thing.

It was dark by then, so the picture taking got lamer and lamer.  We rode the red line back to the Boston Commons and then must have looked like 2 country bumpkins lost to the world because some nice guy took pity on us and stopped to ask if we were lost and needed directions.  He steered us in the general direction of our parking garage where we learned we owed $25 for all-day parking.  Next time, I plan on scooting in on my fold up scooter.

Baw-ston was an adventure.  I was a fish out of water for the day, but it was fun to see the sights and especially to get yelled at by a cranky Bostonian on a trolley!

Question of the Day:  Do you consider yourself a city person or a country bumpkin?  Do you wish it were opposite? 


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15 responses to “Day 8: Baw-ston Baked Beans…

  1. cl2

    Country bumpkin and I’ll stay that way. Hate crowds. Hate big cities. Have no desire whatsoever to ever see Boston, New York, Chicago.

    That was interesting about meeting people from Malad. Reminded me of my daughter’s trip. She was somewhere like Egypt last month and ran into an OLD ROOMMATE and her husband who live only miles from us in Utah–but she hasn’t seen the roommate in 3 years. . . go to the Middle East–see a neighbor.

  2. Avster

    Country bumpkin with a back forty! Yes, I will stay that way. If you want to see me give pedestrians evil looks have me drive in downtown Chicago.

    ha! I could have told you about Baw-ston traffic. I’ve never been there, but I know a few people with family in Baw-ston and about all I ever hear about their trips is how long they sat in traffic each day.

  3. dessawade

    I love living in a small town but I absolutely love visiting big cities. There is just something about them that draws me in. I loved visiting New York but would not like to live there.

  4. Jen

    You can keep telling stories about your trip because I am enjoying every single one. And you were right, that pancake is huge! I get sick just thinking about eating one of them, how could anyone eat 3? You really should have gotten the lobster hat for Halloween though. That would have kept the ghosts away on our ghost bus tour.

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Wow that is some kind of pancake! What is that thing made of??? It looks SOO heavy…ugh
    I can’t hardly eat a small pancake. They just aren’t my thing. I would have ordered, like you, an omelet or something like that.
    Who could eat 3 of those pancakes…seriously??? Do you win something if you eat 3 or what?…lol

    Question of the Day: Do you consider yourself a city person or a country bumpkin? Do you wish it were opposite?

    I am country through and through…no doubt about it.
    My Dh is 100% country also…so you can just imagine what we are like in a city. LOL
    Actually, he is pretty good with maps and directions and I am pretty good at finding fun but inexpensive things to do as a family.
    All in all….a pretty good team.

    • LOL!! That must be it… a prize if you can fit all that dough in your stomach cavity!

      It’s the best of both worlds when you can live in the country and visit the city occasionally! I love visiting Salt Lake City… would hate to live there, though!

  6. Baw-ston looks like fun. I think you have mastered the accent. I was in line to go on a ride in Disneyworld with my sister and we started chatting with a retired guy and his wife who were behind us in line. His accent was pure Boston and I asked him where he was from. He said something like Virginia. I was almost ready to sign over my accent identification credentials when he confessed that he grew up in Boston. That accent is pretty specific to that city! I’m a country girl, but I love visiting cities. PS. You shoulda bought the lobster hat. I’m sure it would go with everything you own.

    • :)) YOu are totally right… it did match ever pair of underwear I’ve ever owned. I loved listening to the Bostonians talk… even the dude who yelled at us. Accents are fun! I don’t think we have accents over in this part of the country, though.

  7. Natalie

    whohhh! Whatta pancake!! You are having way too much fun for one person !

  8. Deanna

    Wow! Amazing photos! That pancake is scary though! LOL!

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