Day 9: And Then She Shut Up… Wrap It Up!

We woke up on day 9 determined to get in one last quick adventure before we had to be at the Boston Logan Airport to catch our plane back to reality land.  I wanted to go see the Salem witch trial stuffs, but instead we finally settled on checking out The House of Seven Gables or at least the house that was the inspiration for the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne, he who also wrote The Scarlet Letter.   I’ve read the latter book, but had never read the former one… that will change after this visit as I had to buy the book in the gift shop…  you bet your sweet bippy!

It was another grey and rainy day… umbrella worthy, but the house was totes neat… complete with a hidden staircase, which we got to walk up… I would not have fit up that staircase 227 pounds ago… no question about it.

We also saw Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthplace and found out interesting facts about the author… like the fact that he basically lived as a hermit, shut off from the world for years, while he mastered his writing craft.   Ironically, I was shut off from the world for years, but the only thing I mastered was eating a large Hawaiian Pizza in one sitting.  Y’all, that should be a profession!  I win!

We then headed to the airport and to drop off our trusty stained seat Kia Sorento.  Bye, Kia.  It was a good thing we arrived 2 hours before our flight because the ticket desk had a line 5 miles long with 2 people working it.  We barely made it before the flight deadline and had to pick up our tickets at the gate.  Laws… girl with anxiety issues coming through!  We had another layover in Chicago, which was only made longer when we learned that our connecting flight was delayed by hours due to rainy weather!  The Wicked Witch of the West was right… I’m melting…  This was Madre’s reaction when she learned we’d have to sit at the airport for even longer:

It probably didn’t help that I was telling her to smile and the airport was undergoing construction so the Internet was out and there was no power to plug in her phone.  By the time we arrived in Salt Lake City and then drove the 90 miles home, it was around 2ish in the morning or 4ish back East.

To wrap it all up… I could not have done any of this trip 2 years ago.   Stamp it, guarantee it, and then deliver it to Hades.  Could NOT have.  Between the walking and the walking and the walking, oh and the fitting into booths and chairs with arms on them and did I mention walking?  There would have been absolutely no way I could have done it.  I would have had to rent myself a fork lift, a Jazzy scooter, and a vile of Valium.  Changing my life has really opened so many more doors and windows for me… literally.  No longer do I feel like my only chance of a good time is if there happened to be a Christmas Story Marathon on TNT one weekend or if the local burger joint started making deliveries.   Hard work… WORTH IT.  Worth every dagblasted frustrating minute of the last 2 years.  You best believe it.

Question of the Day:  Where was the last big trip you took? 

Note:  Thanks for sticking with me whilst I blabbered on about pretty much nothing for the last few weeks.  It will be good to have my memories down in writing for when I get Alzheimer disease next year and can’t remember which hand is right and which is left.


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26 responses to “Day 9: And Then She Shut Up… Wrap It Up!

  1. Deanna

    I have enjoyed every minute of your trip and was very impressed at how well the two of you navigated unknown lands. And congrats to you on completing the first of many trips–that I hope you will share.

  2. Dessa Wade

    I’m sad that you are wrapping this up. It has been so fun to re-live our trip. What’s next?
    P.S. thanks for posting my most flattering photo. That should get an award as the crankiest of crankies!

  3. Avster

    The delay in Chicago was all because some Illinoisan thought you needed to stay a whole lot longer in Illinois. :b

    “I get Alzheimer disease next year and can’t remember which hand is right and which is left”
    Just think! If you begin thinking that your left hand is your dominant hand there won’t be anything wrong with you! 😉

    Last big trip… umm… ha! I suppose Chicago doesn’t count, though it was a big deal. Definitely would have been very upset had things not panned out.

  4. Lindsay

    Hooray for you!

  5. jen

    My last big trip was to your house silly 🙂 did you like the scarlet letter? I need a new novel to read.

  6. cl2

    Alaska again. I’m sure I mentioned it. I went to Alaska last summer. My boyfriend took me to see my daughter who has worked there for 4 summers now. I LOVE Alaska. It was the ONE place I always wanted to go. So this past September I went up to see Autumn in Alaska. It was beautiful and I got to see my daughter.

    Your trip sounded like a lot of fun–trips are actually exhausting, but then you get to come home and remember.

    I just recently read “The Scarlet Letter”–entirely different than what I thought it was going to be. Let us know how this book is.

    • That one is on my list, Colleen… Alaska. I have several family members who live up there and they have been forever telling me I needed to come and visit! Summer or autumn… NOT winter, I told them!

  7. kim

    Thank you, Thank you, your last paragraph summed it all up! I needed this inspiration! Going through some very hectic family times with inlaws and finding nursing homes and new living arrangements and have been neglecting myself and I just can’t do that! I need to get my butt into curves at least 3 times/week and I CAN NOT afford mindless snacking! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart Whitney!

    • Kim… do it, do it, do it. You will not regret it. I’ll be over here cheering you on. Remember… it’s not perfection, it’s persistence! Keep on widdling away and before you know it, you’ll have changed your life!

  8. Katie Berger

    Thanks for blogging, Whitney. You do the best on travelogues, and your personal insights are always awesome. I enjoyed the ride! 🙂

  9. Randy

    Thanks for sharing your trip with me/us!! Your pictures and descriptions are awesome. Enjoy the House of Seven Gables; I read it years ago in college and remember it being good and creepy!! My last big trip was to the Big Apple with friends for the 50th b-day.

  10. Glad we got out of the “Hermit” life we had once before. There’s so much about life to appreciate…. makes me feel sorry for Nathaniel. The last big trip I took was the cruise around Europe (England, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Latvia, etc…).

  11. Andrea Seeley

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! I love your pictures and your prose.

  12. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Oh nuts! It is the end of our trip?! I was really enjoying the highlights and pics.
    Thanks so much for sharing all this Whitney. It was fun.

    Question of the Day: Where was the last big trip you took?

    Oh we have been on some smaller trips to St. Louis or Branson in the past few yrs.
    The last ( out of state ) trip we took was to Iowa a few yrs back. We stayed a couple days and had a really good time.

    We mostly take day-trips…or “road trip!” as we call them.
    Our next “road trip!” is being planned for my daughters 14th birthday – per her request – in January. A tradition we started last yr…she picks the place and we head there for the day. We eat someplace really different and poke around town and see the sights and hit as many Thrift Stores as we can.

  13. I think the rainy day was totally appropriate for where you were! Those pictures look awesome with the overcast sky. I read The Scarlet Letter in high school. It is definitely an interesting book and I can see why it is a classic. Lots of things to think about in there. You’ll have to let me know The House of Seven Gables is. My last big trip was the Epic Canadian Vacation of Awesomeness. Do you think you’ve caught the travel bug now?

    • Epic Canadian Vacation looked like a blast too! Canada is on my list fo’ sho’! I’ll let you know how the seven gables book is. The house was fascinating, so I had to pick up the book!

  14. Deanna

    Great post! The last big trip I was on was in January of 2011 – a big group of family and friends went on a Eastern Carribean cruise. I absolutely LOVED it. I have been on others, but this was my favorite. I have already booked my next one for January 2013.

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