11/11/11 – This Post is Brought To You By the Number ELEVEN!

Awww… that title makes me want to marathon me some Sesame Street.  I love that adorable show.  I don’t care how old you are, you can always learn something from that there program… like overgrown talking yellow birds are friendly… and green things that live in garbage cans are grouchy and probably contain more bacteria per square inch than a public restroom door handle (I just dry heaved writing about a public restroom door handle… that’s like my least favorite kind of handle!)  Moving on… gonna try to tackle 3 days today in an effort to play The List catchup.  Without further ado… BRING IT!

Sit down and truly enjoy a home cooked meal.  Identify the flavors you love the most.
I made enchilada soup, which is a feat in itself since I hate enchiladas, hot/spicy things, and soup.  LOL!!!  You go, Whitney… bring on that 5-year-old palate… but, I totally dug the soup.  It was mighty tasty and hit the spot on a cold day.  Flavors I enjoyed the most… the taste of the spicy green chilies cooled down some with light sour cream… and that dagnabbed green enchilada sauce was mighty tastee too.

Enchilada Soup
Serves 6

– 1/2 cup low sodium vegetable broth (or chicken broth for you nonvegetarians)
– 2 cups milk
– 1 can low sodium kidney beans (rinsed and drained)
– 1 can low sodium corn (drained)
– 1 can Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies
– 1 can (16 to 19 ounces) green chilie enchilada sauce
– 1/2 cup green pepper, diced
– 1/2 cup onion, chopped
– Chicken (again, nonvegetarians)

You can chuck all that into a slow cooker and cook for something like 4 hours (less if you aren’t adding the chicken).  But I just threw it all in a pot on the stove, brought it to a boil, and then turned it down to low and simmered it for about 30 minutes.

Garnish with sour cream (helps tone down the heat from the chilies), tostitos or corn chips, and cheese.

Take a slow walk and appreciate the capabilities of your body.
I paid close attention to this when I was on the treadmill tonight.  It’s amazing how resilient this body of mine is.  It should be shot to heck with how badly I’ve treated it over the years… but it just keeps on kickin’.  It’s amazing the difference I feel when I’m exercising now as opposed to when I first started.  I was out of breath and wanting to die within seconds of beginning exercising back in the old days… now, I’m totally fine going a good hour or more, depending on my mood.

Eat something you don’t usually consume.
See above… I’d guess that enchilada crapola counts for something.  I also was surprised the other morning to open my front door and see 2 freshly planted piles of doggy doo doo treats (or so Lucy my cat thought they were).  I was tempted to try a bite of that but then the medication kicked in and I took off the strait jacket.  I guess in some countries it is considered a compliment to have the neighbor’s dog poop on your porch.  At least it wasn’t on fire…

Question of the Day:  What’s the last “new” food you tried? 

PS- Just wanted to take a minute to thank the Veterans for serving our country.  Freedom is an awesome privilege but it didn’t come for free.  Thank you all you brave men and women!   Have a great weekend, friends… and thanks for reading!



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16 responses to “11/11/11 – This Post is Brought To You By the Number ELEVEN!

  1. Jen

    I like that list you started yesterday. I am going to try doing it myself, but write about it in my journal. The last new food I tried…I went to a gourmet restaurant the other night with my dad and I ordered halibut which was good, but nothing new. But like all gourmet foods they have to make it fancy and decorate the plate with odd things. There was a pile of green things that looked like lima beans, but they had a different name. I tried one and it was disgusting, but I at least tried it.

  2. Lindsay

    Iam currently in love and ALWAYS craving Indian food!!! It all started this year but for some reason it always sounds good to me.

    I am usually the type of person that only likes to try a restaurant only once and not pay to go back since I have already been there I like trying new things but Indian food is another story . . . breakfast, lunch or dinner I crave it and would go back to the same restaurant multiple times!!!

    Yum Yum Yum have a great weekend!

  3. I, too, am excited to start this “list.” I have a Health Journal that my trainer got me to start last week – so I will do the work in there. You are so inspiring – and uplifting – so glad I came across your blog!

    A new food that I tried was avacado on my tuna salad. It’s actually pretty good!

    Thank you for mentioning the veterans. Enjoy your Remembrance Day.

    • Thank you for reading, Lori!! That’s awesome that you are going to tackle the list… I think it will be helpful!!

      Avacado, is one thing I need to learn to like better. Maybe it’s because I don’t like guacamole… but I’m going to take a page from your book and try it on a sandwich or salad sometime!!

  4. Dessa

    I would try anything except for duck bills and feet. I drew the line there when it was offered in Thailand.

  5. Sarah

    Do we know how many calories are in this soup? Sound great!

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: What’s the last “new” food you tried?

    I heard ( via MFP ) that avocados are good for you.
    Have to say that I have never really given avocados or guacamole a chance before…( blushes )
    However, last week my Dh took us all out to dinner at the Mexican restaurant in town and every one of us got a little guacamole on / next to our entree.
    My husband turned up his nose and said he forgot to tell them to hold it when he ordered.
    I told him …”why don’t you just try a little bit of it with your food and see what its all about …it’s supposed to be good for you”
    He said, “It IS?!”
    I told him, “yeh – that is what I hear – see I am just going to mix mine right in to my dinner. Tell ya what, try it and if you still don’t like it, you can scrape it off into mine.”
    Turns out my husband AND both my kids tried it that night.
    My husband ended up mixing his guacamole into his dinner and he said he couldn’t taste any difference.
    My 13 yo daughter mixed hers in too and ate her whole dinner – no problem.
    My 10 yr old was a bit of a harder sell. He tried it plain and turned up his nose and scraped his off in mine. I mixed it in as well and then had him try some of my dinner ( with the guacamole in it ) and he LOVED my dinner and wanted more.
    I shared several bites with him before I turned him back to his own dinner.

    • Go you and the fam for trying that guacamole. I too have never been a fan of the stuff, so I’m going to have to try it like you guys did and mix it in with a meal or something. My family absolutely adores the stuff… I don’t know what my problem is!

  7. The last new food I tried was a persimmon. For those of you who don’t know what that is (which would have included me up until a couple of weeks ago), it is a fruit that looks kind of like an orange tomato. Not bad, not really good either 🙂

    • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

      Oh I love persimmons when they are RIPE. Used to eat them as they would fall off the tree when I was growing up. YUM!
      Now…get an unripe one and that is TOTALLY different story. Indescribable!

    • Go Alena… go Alena! I can honestly say I’ve never tried a persimmon… I wouldn’t even know where to go about buying one! I did buy me a pomegranate at the store the other day… new fruits. Gonna have to give it a try!

  8. Deanna

    Great post! I am going to try that recipe for sure and toss some chicken in for protein! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Recently, I tried eggplant for the first time. It was alright I suppose.

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