I Will Not Be Looking At Myself In the Mirror Nekked…

END OF STORY!!!!  How’s about that for a title.  Y’alls families will think you’re reading a nastee site.  Nope… just me over here… mostly rated PG Whitney and her magical dictionary of made-up words.  What the crimeny puffs am I referring to?  The next day on The List that I’m currently trying to catch up with.  Day number next told me to look at myself nekked in a mirror and name 5 things I liked.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!  Neverending OLs!  You can just take my word for the fact that looking at myself in the mirror nekked will not help anything, and will most definitely wreak havoc on the global warming epidemic whilst I’m raging against the machine (that’s a band too… ironical!)  NOPE… nekked mirrors are out!!!

Moving on to the next ones on the list.

Drink a glass of cold water and stay completely still to feel how it travels through your body.

So, now I have brain freeze and am pretty sure I slipped a disk in my neck due to the fact that I whipped it weirdly whilst trying to get the full glass of cold water down the gullet.  Give me a minute while I stick my head in the microwave on defrost.   Now my toes are cold and my cankles have no earthly idea what just hit them.  Jackfrost.  You’ll get used to it fellars.  It’s kind of like winter, except with less snow and more water retention.

Make a grocery list comprising of 50% new foods.

Wow… this was harder than I thought it would be because every time I went to write a new food down, I immediately reverted back to that 5-year-old self who was scooping brussel sprouts into her napkin to make it look like she’d eaten more.  I did buy me a new fruit at the grocery store on Saturday… a pomegranate.  I’d never eaten pomegranate before and I have no idea what constitutes a ripe pomegranate, but I bought me one and I plan on eating it this week sometime… like it or not!  I’m pretty sure you don’t eat the skin… thanks for the information, Google!

Question of the Day:  Have you eaten pomegranate before?  How do you pick a ripe one and do you eat it with anything or just plain? 

Anyone wanna wager how long it’s going to take them to finish the parking lot project they’ve got going on around the tabernacle?  I’m guessing June 2nd, 2025… just because I like the month of June and 2025 is a pretty number.



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20 responses to “I Will Not Be Looking At Myself In the Mirror Nekked…

  1. Avster

    I wouldn’t even look in the mirror and name five things I like and then post it. :s

    Nope, never had a pomegranate before. Let us know what you think of it.

  2. ohh dear!! Looking in the mirror whilst neekid is SCARY!!!! I hate doing it even fully clothed. LOL

    Pomegranates are fun! picking out the seeds gets to be tedious though. When i was a kid, it was one of the things i looked forward to at Christmas time. It was such a treat. If i remember correctly the uglier the skin (you don’t want it REALLY ugly though) the juicier the fruit. Just a warning though, the juice and seeds stain really bad, so wear your full body baby bib 🙂

  3. Jen

    I like pomegranate but eating them is a lot of work. I don’t know how to pick a ripe one either though. Trying new fruits is usually more tasty than trying new vegetables though, so good choice!

  4. dessawade

    I try to avoid at all costs looking at myself in the mirror naked. The only time that could happen is when I get out of the shower but the mirror is usually all fogged up anyway so that helps. Never like what I see though but who does?
    I have eaten a pomegranate but wasn’t that excited about it and have never eaten another one. One of my clients was making jelly which seems like way too much work. Just go buy some!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: Have you eaten pomegranate before? How do you pick a ripe one and do you eat it with anything or just plain?

    I have had pomegranate before. They are really good and they are really juicy and they are a lot of work and they do stain.
    I haven’t ever bought one so I don’t know what to look for or feel for or smell for…(usual way to test fruit ).
    My mom always picked them out at the store.
    Hey, Whitney I called my mom and asked her for you…lol.
    She says “if they are firm and plump looking, they aren’t ripe. Look for the sides to be a little bit caved in and the end to be red not brown.”

    Hope that helps

    Keep pushing forward.

    • Awww… thank you for asking your mom, Louisa! I checked the one I bought earlier after I read her advice and it does look like the sides are caved in a bit, so maybe I did good! I”m glad to hear so many people like them… makes me more confident that I will too!

  6. I think pomegranates are tasty, but they have a really high seed to fruit ratio. Hope it is enjoyable 🙂

  7. Christie

    I love pomegranates. All the stories about how they can be a little bit of ‘work’ are true. I read once that you should cut it into like 4 sections, and then whack the back of the rind really hard (pointing the seeds toward a bowl of course) with a large metal spoon that you can get the seeds out that way pretty well and save some time. I did it once but thought it was quite messy, and I don’t mind too much picking out the seeds… it’s like a game and a fruit! Haha. They’re not for everyone though, My hubby doesn’t like the ‘seediness’… 🙂 I’ll be interested to see what you think…

    • I’m totally up for a game of pick out that seedy fruit… it has to burn mega calories, so I’m thinking I’ll be down to goal weight by the time I get it dug out! Thanks for the tips, Christie. WIll definitely try your spoon idear!

  8. Deanna

    Pomegranates are great! Delicious! My mother in law makes a romaine salad with red onion and pomegranates and a poppyseed dressing. It is one of my favorites.

  9. Andrea Seeley

    LOVE POMEGRANATES!! They are effort, but it’s a journey and it makes the juicy deliciousness last longer. They do have some crunch cause of the seed inside the little berry-thing (there’s a scientific word, but I can’t think of it) I have also openned them in a bowl of water (cut into quarters first) and that helps get the innerskins off. Enjoy. Re: gym memberships. I don’t have one, but I go to the sports academy for a swimming class that I pay non-member price for. Have you looked at videos/dvds to do at home? I have a Denise Austin fat blasting aerobics that is fun because it’s aerobic and strength training. I also have her fat blasting yoga which I really like. My cousin has started a business called the GymBox. Which is an update-able attachment for your TV (I don’t know alot) but look them up. I prefer to work out at home becasue of the flexibility with kids and getting up super early is SOOO not my thing. However, I don’t have a pool…so I’ve had to make some concessions. works for me! Whoa, super long comment, more like an essay…

    • Love the Pom tips!! Bowl of water is the way to go. I’m trying that tomorrow. As for the swimming class… how fun! I used to love swimming before I got all germ-a-phobey and blind without my glasses on! Thanks for the heads up on GymBox… added that to my list to Google about. Worth a shot in case I hate this gym going too much! Thanks, Andrea!

  10. Pat Mackay

    I have a couple of salad recipes with pomegranates in it that I’d be happy to share if you would like. An easy way to get the seeds out is to quarter it and put it in a bowl with water and peel the seeds out. Try it and let me know!

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