From Now Until January 2nd… I’m Officially 5!!

I hate winter.  Hate it.  That attitude needs adjusted and STAT because you know what happens with we emotional eaters when we feel an unpleasant emotion… major raid on the gummy bear stash!!   I like the month of December, minus the coldness and darkness part of it all, because there is always something going on.  I always have these grand ideas that I’m going to get all of this stuff in during the month of December and then January hits and I look back at what I’ve accomplished and it’s pretty much nothing.  TV watching… check.  Sitting on butt on couch cushion… check.  Watching wall paint dry… check.  Drooling out both sides of mouth… crusty check.  PATHETICALLY LAME!!   I’m determined that will not happen this December… I repeat… THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

I’ve decided I’m going to revert to my inner 5-year-old child for the month of December.  Santa Claus is real, y’all (he is)!  There’s magic in the air and it smells like Teen Spirit… errr… I mean gingerbread men.  To kick my butt into gear and to show myself that I’m serious about this gig, I went and made me up a collage… a collage of all of the things I want to do this holiday season.  When January hits, I’m making me up another collage.  A collage of things I want to do during the winter.  It’s good to have things to look forward to so I’m not overwhelmed by the depressing snowy, inversiony, cold air, walking around  with my SAD disorder on full display!

Why yes I’m a professional collage maker… why do you ask?  No matter that I cut the sleeve of my shirt whilst making this sucker… I’m also pretty sure the Kindergarten called and wanted their glue sticks and safety scissors back.   Brief explanations of my sloppage:

Charity/gift giving:  Angel tree and service… fo’ sho!
Christmas Movies:  Gotta get my favorites in this year… A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (already done), Mr. Krueger’s Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Home Alone, and a new one yet to be determined.
Christmas Music:  Mindy Gledhill has a new Christmas album out… LOVE Mindy.  Also need to listen to The Carpenters (Karen Carpenter is my fave, fave, FAVE), The Forgotten Carols, Harry Connick, Jr., Michael Buble, Amy Grant, Andy Williams, and Babs!
Sing, Sing, Sing!!  Got me 4 or 5 Christmassey singing gigs this year.  Singing makes me happy.  KNOCK ON WOOD that I don’t catch the cruditits voice ruiner!
– Christmassey Food (in moderation):  I’m making and decorating sugar cookies this year… mark my words.  Most to give away, but I have to have a couple!  Hot chocolate… on the list… our annual Christmas Eve fondue par-tay… on the list.  And oranges… juicy delectable oranges!
– Christmassey Books:  I bought the new book Jacob T. Marley, which I plan on reading.  Then, I’ll get in some heartwarming short stories… you know, the ones best read while PMSing.  Plus, I have a gaggle of children’s books I need to read through again.
– Christ centered… most importantly, I need to remember what the real reason of the season is.  Madre is helping because she only has approximately 8 bajillion manger scenes… I’ll post pictures another time, but apparently he was born 3000 different times in her living room!

Question of the Day:  What are you looking forward to doing this holiday season? 

If y’all don’t like Michael Buble, I don’t think we can be friends!  😛  Heads up to the M. Buble fans.  He has a new TV Christmas special featuring him and guests like Bieber Fever on December 6th, NBC… be there or be square… drooling!   Gadfrey… stop it, y’all… that’s just NASTY!  Bieber Fever is illegal for 95% of us!! 



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20 responses to “From Now Until January 2nd… I’m Officially 5!!

  1. Jen

    Michael Buble’s Christmas CD sales will definitely soar after everyone reads your blog today! Remind to record his Christmas special on TV. I am going to order his CD on Amazon this week. Those things on your collage sound like perfect ways to celebrate the holiday season. If you need more singing gigs, I always like to hear you sing. I am looking forward to the wedding, just so I can hear you sing again. It’s been way too long.

  2. Natalie

    Look at you, thinking about what you want to do and then actually following through! You, my friend, are living a life. Not many do! I wonder if you are one of those people that need a light box in winter? Seriously, my X needed it like all get out. He suddenly revived every spring like a crazed man just reborn. I do great loving the expectations of winter on the way until about the end of January and into Feb. Then I flop and it’s an anticlimax.I need a strategy, too. Unlike you I don’t have one!

  3. Whitney, I’m so glad you posted this! Yes, I too need to figure out my goals and post them on a board! December is filled with Nutcracker practices and dance classes for my daughter (four days a week), fencing three days a week for my son, and piano lessons every Friday, and snuggled in between the usual engagements includes Christmas parties, PTA meetings, etc… and this Dec I’m sneaking in 40 hours worth of a certification course for becoming a “certified” swim instructor. It’s a crazy month for me, but we already have the tree up and the garland, wreath, etc… The house is cozy with all the lights and sparkle. But what do I want to accomplish? Hmmm… is there time for “me”? How about getting in exercise 4 days a week and cooking home made meals 5 days a week? Oh, and perhaps making hot cocoa. 🙂

  4. Deanna

    Love it! What a great collage and your “to-do list” for December looks awesome!

  5. Avster

    You know, Whit, you can always call me and I’ll sing some songs about how delightful the weather is. :b

    Ooh! Singing gigs! I’d come and listen! 🙂

    I liked Michael Buble until I heard the first two songs he sang were two intolerable Christmas songs. I’m a grouch when it comes to Christmas music, but I wouldn’t be that way if radios and stores would play songs that were sung by people who knew how to sing! Seriously though, this dude can sing so I think I could tolerate the intolerable songs.

    • You and your glorious weather songs! I’ve learned to stay away from your rain and snow dances!

      As for the Grouchy Christmas songs. Avster, doesn’t like Holly Jolly Christmas, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot LIke Christmas, OR White Christmas? Laws in a basket of Scroogeness! 😛 At least you like one of the best songs, Oh Holy Night!

  6. cl2

    I’ve got to go find my Christmas movies!!! I finally broke down and watched Prancer last year–because my kids loved it as little kids. It was a really cute movie. You might try that one! Christmas Vacation my ALL TIME favorite. I also save “While You Were Sleeping” for Christmas. Have you got Josh Grobin’s Christmas CD. My daughter gave it to me 3 years ago just before my mother died. I love his version of “Angels We Have Heard on High” AND he has a song on there called, I believe, “Thankful.” Love it. I’ve been listening while walking for over a month now.

    I always make TV quilts for tons of people–but this year I’m only making 2. I wasn’t going to make any–but I broke down the other day and bought fabric. My kids have about 15 each. And Fudge, fudge, and more fudge. I used to make date bread–but I’m always the one who eats IT ALL. So–I quit making it. (I eat most of the tudge I don’t give away, too.)

    I’ll say it again–walking out there in that cold, inversion makes a huge difference for me WHEN I DO IT. That crisp air just rejuvenates me. Hate walking in summer.

    Anyway–sounds like you have a plan!

    • My sister has been telling me to watch Prancer. She loves it! I forgot to mention Josh Groban in my CD listening. I have his Christmas CD and love it too! Especially the duet he does with Bryan McKnight!

      I did not know you were a quilter, Colleen! How cool is that!? One of these days I’m going to tackle a quilting project. I say you can always use a blanket… those are great gifts!

  7. Karen

    Thanks, Whitney for the humorous card that arrived last night with you mother’s delilcious cinnamon rolls. The card made both me and Bruce smile and it is very true! Simplying Christmas this year and will probably find that most of what I run around doing doen’t really matter. Enjoy your blog every morning. It jump starts my day. Thanks for being a friend. Are you singing at the ward Christmas program on the 18th? Will get myself there if you are. Have your Wicked tickets and will get them to you and your mom. Thanks for being af friend.

    • I’m glad it made you both smile at least a bit! I am singing at the program on the 18th! I always like to go to that and just listen… hopefully I’m near the beginning so I can enjoy the rest! I’m excited for Wicked. Thanks for getting the tix, Karen!

  8. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    I love the collage board you made to get you through the rough cold months.
    I hadn’t heard of Mindy Gledhill before so I YouTubed her.
    I found this song and it reminded me of you, Whitney. Here is the link – I hope you like it.

    Loved the link with Michael Buble. I will have to watch for the special. Sounds like it will be good…well with the exception of Bieber ( so not a fan ).

    I have the Josh Groban Christmas CD called “Noel” and it is the BEST BEST BEST. I LOVE “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” & “O Holy Night” but all the tracks are good.
    Here – take a listen …
    and …
    This one isn’t on his Christmas CD but it is on the Polar Express movie soundtrack and I love it – “Believe”

    Maybe Polar Express can be on your must-see-movie list…

    Question of the Day: What are you looking forward to doing this holiday season?

    This Christmas is going to be bittersweet. Since losing Daddy, this will be our first one without him. Our first one not at the home place. Our first one with my Mom(aka Gramma) coming here.
    My first doing it ALL.
    I want to make it special even though I know it will be hard. I am cooking as much up ahead of time and freezing so I won’t be in the kitchen the entire 4 days she is here. We have been bringing home stuff from the home place ( and I have been making sure we bring all the holiday things ) and decorating with them. I want to incorporate my parent’s things & traditions into our things and traditions. Dh & the kids have been great about helping with everything. They are super excited it is all going to happen here this time and we are going to take my Mom / Gramma to church for Christmas Eve service too.
    I am cooking & baking some things she used to make yrs ago and will surprise her with them.
    I am trying NOT to over-plan this month so I don’t get overwhelmed. I want to keep my calendar open. Gift buying is done. Gift wrapping is done. Gifts I have to mail are done. Decorating is done.
    I still need to get the pics of the kids with their kitties for the Christmas card and get those out but I am not making up & sending as many this yr as in the past.
    Now I have to start working on the Christmas candy making. I am only making 3 different kinds this yr and only one batch of each. Of course, sugar cookies too but that will have to wait until the day before my mom arrives since we will be decorating them together. Of course some will get eaten while she is here but I am sending her home with a cookie tin full of them and one for my crazy sister too.

    I am in my last week of the C25K program. I will be a graduate on Friday!! Whoohooo!!
    I will stick with my exercise and eating clean also.
    I have learned really hate losing wt only to gain some of it back and then have to work hard to get it off AGAIN. Ooo – hate it …hate it!!

    Keep pushing forward….

    • I have that Mindy song on my list to blog about sometime!! If you want to read an inspirational story about one of the ladies in that video, check out: (that’s her blog). She lives in Utah.

      I also forgot to add Josh Groban’s CD to my above list. I have it and it is a great CD! My favorite is the duet he does with Bryan McKnight… Angels We Have Heard On High, I think?

      Lots of changes for you guys this year, but I’m confident that you’ll make some new memories and traditions that will help pull you through. Sounds like you have it all planned out! Enjoy! And yay for being a C25K graduate. That is an accomplishment!

  9. Love your collage idea–I definitely need to do something like that to give me something to look forward to during the blue winter months. And I think I’m going to be needing the Michael Buble CD now too 🙂 I wish I were going to be around for your singing gigs 🙂 If you ever need somewhere exotic to sing, just let me know and I’ll be your Wisconsin hookup. Ha ha ha 😉

    • HAHA! I’ve never thought of Wisconsin as exotic, but the state does have 2 of my favorite things… CHEESE and Alena’s family!! I’ll be sure to drive out one summer just to sing on your front doorstep! 😛

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