According to the Tree At ShopKo… I’m an ANGEL!

Just a little update from yesterday’s post… Madre wanted me to mention that her new robe was not the pictured white lion/zebra print because she had changed her mind and decided to go for the brown giraffe print, which was equally as gag inducing… plus, I hear giraffe totally makes your neck look big.  Not something I’d want with all the draculas and vampires roaming the earth these days.  I’m looking at you, Pasty Edward!

Meanwhile, back in the gum drop forrest of the real humans… tonight I hung out at ShopKo and talked to a tree.   She was such a sap… bwahahahahahaha… okay, Laffy Taffy I gots you another lamified joke for your wrappers!  A couple of my friends and I (wut up, Karrie and Rachel) decided to forego gift giving to each other this year and put the money we would have spent on each other toward a little boy or girl on the Angel Tree.  Righteous, gnarly dudes!  Half the fun of it is being able to shop for a kid who wouldn’t get much for Christmas otherwise.  Plus, I got to talk to trees and a sparkly poinsetta (right… I’m tucked away back in my padded room… get off the ledge, readers!)

We picked a 7-year-old girl mostly because we’re girls and we know what girls like… um… back in the 80s, I mean.  Apparently, now-a-days kids have to play with all of these weird toys.  I did not see one Fraggle Rock item!  And my girl, Jem and The Holograms (she’s truly, truly, truly outrageous) did not have one Barbie Doll dedicated to her pink-haired highness!   The girl we picked wanted something called a Monster High doll.  Um.. WHAT!?!?  Firstly, ain’t never heard of it.  Secondly, the only monster I care to own is the Cookie Monster… and that’s only because he makes a mean oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.

Meet “Ghoula Yelps” who is literally DEAD TIRED!  She also has a grey, pasty face, blue hair, and a friend named Draculaura who has fangs and a pink head.  Oh my laws… what are these dolls!?!?!?!?  Does Draculaura come with a blood drinking kit?  Just wondering so I can cancel my next blood transfusion at Monster High.  As my good pal, Jem and the Holograms would say… show’s over Synergy… DEFINITELY over!

We also picked her out a sensible pair of pants and a shirt and a pair of pajamas.  I was mostly upset that the friends did not go along with my idea to go the Bieber Fever shirt route.  He had a whole dagnabbed wall in the little girl’s section dedicated to clothing with his face on it.  I tried to fit one over my gob of a head, but didn’t make it past my eyeball.  New life goal:  Fit into Bieber Fever shirt… be arrested by pedophile po-lice!  All in all it was a fun time.  I’m planning on going back again with the family to get another name… but until then… cross off Monster High from all of my wish lists… she gave me nightmares!

Question of the Day:  What toy(s) do you remember most from your childhood?



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22 responses to “According to the Tree At ShopKo… I’m an ANGEL!


    What a nice thing to do. But I agree with you–what is with these toys now days. What’s wrong with a nice soft Cabbage Patch Doll. Your posts give me my lift for the day.

  2. cl2

    Nice to see Rachel and Karrie!

    When I was just a tiny girl–3 or less–I wanted a doll called “Sister Bell.” She had yellow yarn hair, a hard plastic head (and I mean HARD PLASTIC), and had a pull string so she would speak. I should be able to remember what she said. I guess these dolls were only available for 1 or 2 years. There was one called “Mattie Mattel,” too. (Did I spell Mattel right?) Some years later, my sister was playing with her and got her wet. Earwigs got in her and my mother had to toss her. I was never a doll person–so the fact that I ever wanted a doll–my mother found a used one for me at a doll hospital in SLC. I still have her tucked away in my cedar chest. She is a bit worn out as my kids played with her and one day my daughter decided to cut off half her yarn pony tail, but I still have her.

    • I don’t think I’d heard of those dolls before… but the older dolls were the best. These new fangled ones are freaky! How fun that you were able to find one to buy! If you want to show a picture, just paste the link in here and I can copy and paste it into my address and see it. How time flies… I remember when your mother passed… 4 years ago? Hang in, Colleen. I’m sure your mom is smiling down cheering that you bought that doll!

  3. Avster

    Lets see… I played with Legos, tinker toys, Lincoln logs, My Little Pony, cars, and a train set. Can you tell I only had brothers?

  4. Deanna

    OMG!!! HAHAHA!!!!! I thought I was one of the only people on Earth that remembered Jem and the Holograms. I had all those dolls and could be found many times walking around the house with headphones on singing the Jem songs at the top of my lungs. Ah, the good ol days! 🙂

    What a great thing to do, Whitney! It would be great to do something like this with my son. Thanks for the friendly reminder of what this season is all about – the giving of yourself and heart.

    • YEAH!! Another Jem friend. I still sing the JEalousy song to this day. “Doesn’t it hurt… jealousy baby… doesn’t it burn… jealousy… doesn’t it consume your soul…” LOL… Pathetic is my middle name! I bet your son would love to do that. Teach him about giving too!

  5. cl2

    I don’t know if this will work or not–but I’m posting a picture if I can. They actually had one of these dolls on e-bay found in an estate sale and I just purchased it!?!?

    It didn’t work–couldn’t post it. I’m so excited! My mom would be excited, too!

    Thanks for reminding me of Christmases past. This will be my 4th Christmas without my mother.

  6. Tia

    Oh, there are my girls! Shopping for yet more girls! Looks like a good time was had by all…. as long as Karrie keeps her skirt on. Ha! Happy Tuesday, Half Whit!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Great idea Whitney. Cute clothes too – I like the one with the pony on it.

    Since the kids are getting so MUCH stuff from my mom & dad ( from the house after his passing and mom’s moving into an apartment ) they decided they only wanted Santa to bring them a white Christmas.

    I think this would be a good way to celebrate Christmas and please Santa too.
    Where do you go to do the Angel Tree and select a child??

    Question of the Day: What toy(s) do you remember most from your childhood?

    I never had a Barbie or any dolls.
    My older sister was 6 yrs older and she loved dolls and Barbies but wouldn’t share them with me. She would hide them …so naturally that made me want to find them and play with them even more….
    My brothers were closer in age to me, so I played with their things because they would share them. Stretch-Arm-Strong, Erector sets, Operation & Monopoly games, Legos, trains, cars, dirt ( lol ), the variety of animals we had and stuff like that.
    Mostly, I played with my dog and my horses and chased my brothers all over kingdom come. Those are my most cherished memories.

    • Your kids would love to do this, I bet. They already sound so giving. I found the Angel Tree at ShopKo… but I’m sure they probably have them everywhere. Call around to your local stores and ask. Even grocery stores sometimes have them. I’d get on it quick, though because they usually close up shop by the end of this week and require the gifts to be in.

      Awww… hallelujah for brothers who would share. I loved Legos too!

  8. You are an angel! And I think that doll looked a little creepy 🙂 I always wanted a tasty bake oven–never got one and I believe they just took them off the market, so that dream is pretty much crushed!! 😦

    • No way!! No wonder we are pals. I was ALWAYS asking for an EZ Bake oven… ALWAYS! I never got one either and now I’m joining your crushed club. They took them off the market!?!? The NERVE! The Humanity!! Guess I’ll have to learn how to use my real one now! 😛

  9. My Mom and Dad made me a dollhouse and hand-made furniture for each room. I played with that doll house all the time. Eventually, I bought all kinds of doll house items, even toilet paper, toy soldiers, a backgammon set and silver flatware (and much much more).

    • How fun does that sound!? It’s those kinds of gifts that are the most special. The handmade. I always wanted a dollhouse as a kid with all the little furniture and embellishments. I had to settle for my Care Bear Castle house… cheap and plastic, but I think I played with those the most!

  10. jen

    That is such a good idea I had to copy it. I picked a name off the tree at work. I chose a 12 year old boy which I will need Seth’s help shopping for.

  11. I just have to clarify! The idea of adopting a kidlet this year instead of exchanging gifts was all Whitney who is truly, truly, truly outrageous just like Jem. Karrie and I were more than thrilled to go along with the idea because it was brilliant. The most memorable toy I ever got was Crystal Castle from She-Ra. That was pretty sweet.She-Ra could kick Ghoula’s butt even though her action figure was like a third the size. Thanks for the fun night and the great idea, Whitney!

    • LOL… well, I’d have to say thanks for humoring me then! You are so right… She-Ra would have done a number on Ghoula and Draculaura with her arms tied behind her back. Heck, Jem coulda picked her off with a pinkie finger!

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