Nativity Scenes Are The New Christmas Tree!

I mentioned in a past post about Madre and her love for all things Nativity and scene.  You can’t blame the woman… the Nativity scene represents a very sacred time and is the true reason for the season.  I’m all for it.  That is, until you see how many she has on display in the same general area.  Baby Jesus was born approximately 5 bajillion times just in her living room alone!  Her goal is to collect a Nativity scene from every country that she visits.  This is a fairly new goal, so her collection isn’t representative of all the countries she has been to.  She just heard a rumor that another couple in town has over 150 Nativity scenes displayed around their house.  THAT WILL NOT DO!!  Keeping up with the Kardashians’ errr, the Jones’ is quite the task.  Next year I’m probably going to have to dress up like a shepherd and sit out on the front lawn for the whole month of December.  Take that Jones’ family… I have me a life-sized BREATHING Nativity!  Who wants to volunteer to be the camel?  We’re also looking to fill the role of the sheep and the shepherd’s staff?  Pay is nothing… maybe some stale fruit cake… and frost bite is not included on the health insurance forms… oh, I mean… what health insurance?

This is just a sampling of her scenes…  The funny thing about Madre is that she wants help setting up the decorations, but then I’ll set something up and she comes right behind me and rearranges it!  She will say she doesn’t do that… but y’all know who to believe.  The girl without the camel-print muumuu!!

The Christmas tree… with the crooked star on the top.  What!?  We be tall, but we ain’t that tall!!  Plus, my torso is approximately 4 times the length of my arms.  Short, stubby arms and legs… LONG butt torso!  Call Guinness!

Madre’s pride and joy.  She painted these ceramics years ago when I was just a child… they’ve survived many a frigid winter in the garage and many a move without breaking.  KNOCK ON WOOD!  Stay strong, Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

These are cute.  Sister, Lindsay actually made this advent-type calendar for Madre last year.  They’re little spools, with the numbers 1 through 25 on adorbs paper… and then each day you take the number off of the clothesline and you open it up and read what you’re supposed to do that day… to help you count your way down to Christmas.

Here’s y’alls Christmassey assignment for this weekend.  Make it healthified and enjoy the sounds of the season.  Report back on Mondee!

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite Christmas Decoration?  Is it something you made or something with sentimental value? 





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7 responses to “Nativity Scenes Are The New Christmas Tree!

  1. Avster

    Decoration? What are those for?

    I love the all wood nativity set!

  2. Jen

    That is a good way to display Lindsay’s advent calendar. I have one too, so I need to get a clothes line. I was just keeping it in the cute box she made for it. My favorite Christmas decoration will always be the Christmas tree. Especially if it is real and smells good.

  3. Lindsay

    WOW you guys displayed my spools cuter than I could ever imagine! I love it how creative! Thanks for taking pic I wanted to see them!

  4. cl2

    I guess I can’t pick my favorite. The navity set I have my mother gave me for Christmas when I was about 25 so it has special meaning. My daughter just brought me a ornament sized one from Jerusalem. I think my favorite deocrations are actually picture ornaments I have of my kids from each year of their lives (and I can’t resist buying any I see just in case–so I have quite a few extras to use in later years–my daughter has to stop me from buying more). We decided age 25 was the year to stop–they are 26 this year.

    When we go Christmas decoration window shopping (have you been to that store on Center Street–Anderson feed and seed or whatever? We went in there yesterday–ON MY! You really need to go in there if you haven’t–and they have a lot of nativities in there–but there is one Christmas tree decorated in things llike “cotton candy,” etc. Everything was beautiful. We had a hard time not buying something–but we have so much we never put it all up anyway. It is just so fun to look. I do allow myself to buy one unique ornament a year–but this year I bought 4. Oh my . . . .

  5. cl2

    Oh and we bought a new candle in there. I love the evergreen candles from Bath and Body Works–this one is a Salt City candle and the fragrance is Pepperberry Wreath. We COULD NOT leave the store without one.

  6. Love the decor–how very Christmassey! I am a sucker for Nativity scenes, the tree is absolutely gorgeous!!, what an incredible painting job your Madre did on the Claus’s, and what an adorable Advent idea. Love it! Thanks for putting me in the Christmas spirit 🙂

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    I have heard other people really like to collect Nativity scenes as well. I didn’t know it was such a popular collectible item.
    I have a very small ( about the size of a dessert plate ) Nativity that is older than I am but that is all I know. My parent’s used to have it out in the waiting room at my Dad’s doctors office many many moons ago. I don’t think my Mom even remembers I have it. She will be surprised to see it when she visits over Christmas. I MIGHT be getting the big Nativity scene my Mom put out every year but I don’t know for sure. I am sure my sister will want to box it up and keep it hidden away until the cows come home.

    I love the cute Advent calendar idea!
    The Santa & Mrs. Claus are really cute!
    I love your Christmas tree – it is gorgeous ( but you really need to get a chair and fix that star…it’s distracting and makes me want to fix it …lol…oops my OCD is showing ).

    Question of the Day: What is your favorite Christmas Decoration? Is it something you made or something with sentimental value?

    Gosh…I don’t know. I love the Christmas tree, the ornaments, the mistletoe, my Christmas WELCOME mats, the stockings, the lights, the wreaths, all the cute stuff placed around the house ( mostly to stub my toes on ), the colors, the festivities…
    Maybe my Elf On The Shelf…he has been around forever. I remember him on the shelf all year long when I was a kid and he always sits on our mantle. He is a little faded but still in good shape and still cute. He is blonde and blue-eyed and has a bell thing in him when you move him.

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