The Ghost of Whitney Past…

The Listing it up!

Write a letter to yourself in the past.

Dearest Young Buckaroo…

I ain’t mad.  I ain’t mad that you managed to eat your way into oblivion.  I ain’t mad that you sat your butt on a couch cushion and felt sorry for yourself 85% of the time.  I ain’t mad that you hoarded cookies and cakes and candies in your closet and then lied about ever eating them.  I ain’t mad.


I forgive you for making bad decisions 95.934% of the time.  I forgive you for wasting your life away for the first 30 years of it.  I forgive you because you dealt the best way you knew how at the time.  You came into this life with no knowledge or past experience.  If you had it to do all over again knowing what you know now, would you have done it differently?  Goodness yes… and then Barney Fife would win the Nobel Peace Prize.  But this life is a learning experience.  You take what was given you and you mold it into a little ball that they call wisdom… and as you go through life that ball gets bigger and bigger and bigger until it’s so big that you can’t possibly contain it in this life anymore… so you move on to the next life… the eternities… where you use that gained knowledge to help others.

So, I ain’t mad.  I’m mostly proud… proud that you are trying to become a better person… and not just saying that, but proving it with your actions and your thoughts… and the inner most desires of your heart.  It’s all there… I can feel that ball a growing.  Take it and run with it… the world is at your feet.

Love and Bouncy Balls,

Whitney of the Present!

Question of the Day:  What do you want to tell your past self?



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17 responses to “The Ghost of Whitney Past…

  1. Jen

    Sometimes forgiving yourself is the hardest thing to do. To be able to say those things to yourself is significant! So excited for you and all the amazing things you are accomplishing.

  2. jenny

    Whitney of the bouncy balls…. Thank you so much for your post today. How did you know it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear? I too need to forgive and move on….

  3. Karen

    Whitney, That is powerful and very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing and forgiving.

  4. dessawade

    It does my heart good to hear you say these things dear Whitney of the bouncy balls. You SO deserve happiness, confidence and love and I’m so glad to see it in your presence again. See, that’s why you shouldn’t quit blogging!

  5. Natalie

    This, I love. You could have waited until the end of your life. So you are ahead of the game, girl! Most don’t have the guts and the persistance, or even realize they haven’t matured.

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Love this!
    Love it – love it!

    Question of the Day: What do you want to tell your past self?

    I would tell 11yo Louisa to not keep the horrible secret and to tell her parents what is going on.
    To stop making excuses, stop being afraid of the consequences and just to do it and get it over with, like tearing off a BandAid.
    Let the chips fall where they may and to trust that her parents would believe her and back her up.
    She needs to forgive herself.
    I would also tell her that she really NEEDS to tell b/c it will effect her self image & self confidence for the rest of her life if she doesn’t.

  7. Julie

    Great post!!!!
    Dear Julie,
    Don’t worry so much about your mistakes, and start focusing on your successes. It’s amazing how much time you are wasting just worrying. Take that time and spend it focusing on what “you” need. The rest of the world will get along just fine without your hand in every “dire” situation that arises. Take care of yourself. You are worth it. Please note that the earlier you do this, the quicker you’ll get to where I am now. And where I am now is so rewarding. Life is too full to be lost on a raft. You have a yacht with a fine motor… you just need to stop staring at the waves, and look at the huge yacht in front of you. The waves aren’t so bad from atop the yacht. Hop aboard and learn how to drive it.
    Sincerely, lovingly,
    Your future you.

  8. submisselyserving-joann

    wow. this really is make me get in touch with my feelings. thanks for posting this. i am speechless.

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