Hypoglycemia… You Devil, You!

So, I did excellently today on the food front.  I had a plan and I was a woman on a mission!  After work, I hopped on the bike, did 50 minutes on that sucker, and then was off to make my meals for the week.  Yes, I said WEEK!  I made a batch of Vegetarian Stew in the pressure cooker (Guh… I used a bag of mixed veggies that contained edamame and now I have to pick out all the edamames because edamames make me gag… 5-year-old picky food alert!  Who invented that word anyway?  Eda-Mommy!  Duh… Eda’s mommy obviously!)  So, I made the  stew… and while that was building up pressure, I made a Caribbean Rice and Peas dish, except I didn’t have any peas, so it’s more rice and beans… and the small spoonfull I had of it made me gag.  Basically, I said a prayer that overnight whilst sitting in the refrigerator it will suddenly turn into a chocolate cake. Crossing the ole fingers… dreams do come true!!   😛  While that was simmering, I also made a batch of my favorite low-calorie, low-fat pumpkin spice muffins because… why the heck not?

Anywho… I et me a big ole bowl of my vegetarian stew for dinner… and then I had me a pumpkin muffin with a Dove chocolate melted down into the top…  PLENTY of food, correct?  I pressed complete on my food diary and headed for the showers.  Good girl, Whitty Woo Woo!  As I was getting into the shower, I felt that ever familiar sense of weakness… weakness, like it’s a chore to lift my arms up and walk… and then the always fun black splotches began popping up in front of my eyeballs.  I know those signs all too well… low blood sugar… aka Whitney eats more crap to try to get her sugar back up to a normal level.  I hightailed it into my room, dug out my blood glucose monitor, and learned that my sugar level was 48… that’s only 32 away from being in the normal 80 to 120 range.  Brilliant!  So now, of course I have to eat another 55-course meal complete with breath mint and post meal stretching rituals (suddenly I’m a cat)!  I also just fell asleep for 2 hours in the middle of typing this.  LOL… the myth is true… you can bore yourself to tears, which is the exact reason I’m about to publish this piece of boredom to the web… y’all could use a nap or 2.  Eating a 55-course meal requires a nap afterwards.

Blast you, hypoglycemia for ruining my otherwise splendiferous eating day.  Note to self:  Next time go for the gingerbread Schnapps.  Richard Simmons and his fanny pack would agree!

Question of the Day:  What time of day is your biggest snacking issue?  Any tips? 



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18 responses to “Hypoglycemia… You Devil, You!

  1. Natalie

    What brought that on? Needing protein to boost you into the next hour?

  2. Avster

    So… when you needed more sugar did you open the fridge door and see that your rice and beans had turned into chocolate? :b

    My problem with snacking is stopping- especially if it’s chips are candy corn. If I put the bag out of reach I find that I’m generally too lazy to get up and get the bag. If that doesn’t work then I put the bag out of site or put it in site of another person so I’ll feel dumb if I go back for the bag in a short period of time.

  3. Natalie

    Can you force yourself to wait a full 15 min after your recovery snack before you check glucose again and begin to snack? Because bouncing up and down like a ball is no good, either. You know this! I’d be a terrible one with this situation. Avoiding the situation happening at all costs would only work with me. How not to throw in the towel and binge would be my biggest problem. I think fast sugar makes me head first dive into more. Even though thats exactly what you are trying to do in this situation. At the schools when this happens I try to give the kids something like cheese and crackers. Because the fat and protein is the back up for the carb that helps out fast. It’s real hard to wait that 15 min. for the recheck and avoid shoving more carbs in their mouths! The body loves carbs! And why not!

  4. dessawade

    Whitney! We need to figure out why that is happening to you. My snacking time is at night after dinner. I do pretty good in the day while I am at work because I’m busy but on a day off or once I get home from work I find reasons to start looking for something to eat.

  5. Whitney, please talk to your dr about suggestions for controlling that sugar level. Also, make a plan for when it happens again… like a list of foods (and how much of them) you should eat to bring the levels back up. Then if it happens again, you can choose from the list instead of eating buffet style. Enough of my mother-hen words… just know its cause I care.

    I get the muchies as I cook dinner… and just before I go to bed at night. Both times I’m tired and may be unconsciously reviewing my day, both are my weak and vulnerable times.

    • My doctor can’t seem to figure it out, but I love your list of foods idea. Plus, I think I need to eat something before and after I workout!

      Oh yes… cooking dinner is a hard time too! Isn’t the first rule of cooking to taste what you cook?

  6. Deanna

    I agree with the others. There has got to be something the doctor can suggest for you to do to help with that.

    I get the urge to snack, especially on sugary stuff after dinner. I have been reaching for a peice of fruit instead of ice cream like I used to and this has been satisfying enough for me.

  7. I don’t know if I have hypoglycemia too…sometimes I take walks during my lunch break @ work…and when I get back, I feel like I am going to drop to the floor! I usually eat my b-fast (a big b-fast) around 9/9:30a, then sometimes eat a mid morning/noon snack, go for my walk, then eat lunch afterwards (sometimes around 2 or so)….Or I go to the gym after work, and in the middle of walking or jogging, I feel soooooooooooooooooooo weak. I don’t know what it is. Its not like I starve myself…I always eat afternoon snacks before I go to the gym (usually carrots, almonds and a protien bar)…I have been tested for diabetes on more than one occassion, and it was negative. So, I hear ya on the feeling week.

    • It sounds like you might have exertional hypoglycemia. Tis a puzzlement! Make sure you take care of yourself and eat something when you feel like that. Don’t want it to get so low that you faint or something!

  8. Natalie

    I like that idea. A low blood sugar kit. If it’s in the kit you have a plan and you don’t go through the kitchen with your low blood sugar brain. You eat out of your pre-thought-out kit. PUt a timer in that kit. So you wait 10-15 min, recheck, then know you are even keel. Once you have your best brain back you might have more self control. I have no self control when i’m overly hungry. Thats when I make the worst decisions. So in the car I have those cliff builder bars, dried fruit, and pretzel crisps. It takes no thought to reach for it, it’s right under my elbow. And it’s faster than a drivethrough. Afterward I don’t want the drive through because i’m already thinking of the better things i’ll be having later now that I can wait.

    • I love your list of snack idears for the car. It’s always a bummer when you head for the drive through because you didn’t plan in advance. Always carry something around… that’s my new goal.

  9. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    I am thinking you might need more protein to keep your sugars more level and less hills and valleys.
    I think the above idea about a low blood sugar kit is a good one – that way you know the things in it are good, well thought out choices.

    Question of the Day: What time of day is your biggest snacking issue? Any tips?

    From 1:00 – 3:00pm are my snacky times.
    This is where I will either finish the other half of my healthy lunch/ have peanut butter & an apple /a string cheese/ a handful of trailmix ( high in nut protein )/ or a glass of milk. Kind of just depends on my level of snack-ie-ness…

    Hope you get your sugars leveled out soon.

    • I’ll try the protein before and after exercise. I really do get a protein at every meal, but it might be missing some in the snacking. Got to keep the energy up with the big burns! Thanks, Louisa!

  10. My biggest snacking time is when I walk through my kitchen–which is pretty much on my way to anywhere in my house–Ahhh! And at night after I put my kids to bed and I can actually sit down and taste my food.
    I am very impressed with your cooking for the week. Sorry that your blood sugar spoiled your victorious day 😦

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