The Holidays In A Nutshell…

Wow… it seems like it’s been like 850 decades since I last Shakespeared it up in this here joint… and by Shakespeare I mean Shakespeare for Dummies… Not that anyone who reads this here thing is a dummy… more like the FauxShakespeareWhitney used the Cliff Notes to pass a test on Macbeth in 11th grade English.  Take that, Lady Goo Goo!  The holidays are a fun time… but I’m glad to get back to regular land so that I can quit using… But… IT’S THE HOLIDAYS as an excuse to eat an entire 1-pound box of chocolates.  SHUT THE CRIMENY PUFFS UP, Excuse monster!  He’s kind of like the Boogie Man, but with less boogies and a WHOLE lot more excuses.  So, before I get into that whole renewing the healthified living posts and goaling it up for the 2012 kicking buttocks and bane of existences… here’s a brief rundown of my holeedays!!

– Christmas Eve traditions were in full force… including annual fondue dinner:

The table setting….

The cheese fondue… which also doubled as a face mask for Whitney at the end of the night…

The chocolate fondue… which I pretty much just used the leftovers to bathe in later.  Fondue is awesome because you just have a bunch of random pieces of things that you dunk into this ooey gooey lava-ey pot.  Laws almighty it’s glorious!

Lindser and Jen-Jen… I wasn’t too good at taking pictures of the attendees… so these are what I got…

Lindsay loves the meat plate… and if you squint real hard in the background you’ll see Seth and BIL, Shayne! 

The light tour… this house up the road went ALL out!

Cuzzins Jen-Jen and Seth attended the Christmas festivities for the first and LAST time.  I’m pretty sure they’ll never come back into my clumsy genes radar after the ordeal we put a pregnant woman through.  Within 10 hours, Jen managed to dislocate a disk in her back when she fell butt first on the stairs whilst putting on a fruit salsa waterfall show… the folks always wanted to paint the walls reddish (Seth made the salsa… and it was DEEE VINE… even on the carpet!)  Christmas Eve comes the tradition of attending Presbytarian 11:00 p.m. mass.  We aren’t Presbytarians, but we attend because you can never get too much “Christ” in you Mas…

Unfortunately, this is where Jen-Jen nearly killed herself when she tripped over a curb and then nearly burnt the church down when she dropped her entire candle whilst trying to accept the flame from my candle.  Thankfully it wasn’t lit yet… otherwise, we done had a flaming Yuletide on our hands!  We really weren’t being disrespectful but the candle thing did us all in and we had a hard time stopping the rupture of giggles in the back row.  Oh laws… we are not welcome back there again!

Christmas morning we attended our church where Jen nearly suffocated whilst partaking of the Sacrament water when it went down the wrong tube.  Thank all that be holy we sent her home alive and well the next morning.  Sunday included present opening… Christian and Ethan got a load!

And we all know what Madre got…

MuuMuu number 30045234… at least now next time she goes on an African safari she’ll blend in with the leopards AND the giraffes… and possibly the camels.   I thought I was doing her a favor by buying her this:

She did not appreciate the thought!  Lucy-Fur sure loves it, though!  (ooo… can you see your Christmas card on the door of Christmas cards?)  What did I get?

I guess now I have to put my snow shoeing money where my mouth is!!  Too bad we had the driest December in state history.  I cannot find any snow to use these things on!!  I think my limbs will thank me for keeping them intact for a few more weeks!

For brunch we had a delectable waffle bar… 3 different flavors of waffles with different toppings.  Carrot cake waffles… pumpkin waffles… and chocolate chip waffles.  My favorite was the pumpkin waffle with apple cider syrup… YUMMMERIFIC!!

And then we rounded out the night with games, games, games… Jen and Seth bought this one for my folks… it was pretty durn fun:

Despite the half-nekked dudes on the box… attractive as they might be!

Merry 2012, everyone!  May this year bring you all the best… and by the best I really mean better than the best!!

Question of the Day:  How were your holidays?  Do you have any traditional foods that you eat? 




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20 responses to “The Holidays In A Nutshell…

  1. Tia

    Very entertaining, half-Whit! Thanks for giving me a peek into your Christmas traditions. Now let’s get 2012 started off right by a little GNO!

  2. Natalie

    Chuckling 🙂

  3. Avster

    Of course it feels like it’s been eight hundred and fifty decades because it has been eight hundred and fifty decades!

    Yikes! Hope Jen is all recovered!

    No, I don’t see my card on the door. Rude!

    My holidays were great! We spread the flu bug! 😀 Though I didn’t get it as I had had it a few weeks earlier.
    The only tradition we have is watching It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve.

    • Yours was hanging in a gold-plated frame behind the Cheerios! 😛 Oooo… flu bugs are super fun… NOT!!!!!! You should have told the family to hold off until at least January… being sick in January is a necessity! I am glad you are recovered.

      I am still trying to figure out how I didn’t get strep throat (KNOCK ON WOOD) since both Lindsay and Shayne had that all Christmas weekend!

  4. dessawade

    Welcome back Whit! I’ve missed reading your blog each morning. What a fun Christmas we had with everyone and taking the week off of work after Christmas was pretty fun too and it spoiled me. Hard to get back at it.

  5. Yes, our tradition is to eat all appetizers for dinner on Christmas eve. We have all sorts of fattening things, but sooo tasty! Then on Christmas, we have a traditional turkey and sides… so similar to Thanksgiving. Why have two holidays with turkey so close together? I’m not sure. Who wants so much turkey left over? Anyway, that’s what we do.

    Happy New Year, Whitney and also to all her fellow blog-readers. 🙂

    • Nothing better than a turkey dinner!! It is weird that both holidays for the biggest turkey consumption are within a month of each other. Spread it out folks! I love me some appetizers… we do that on Superbowl Sunday… not that I ever care about football, but I go for the appetizers!

  6. Liz

    I like your fondue tradition! We just made eggnog and watched Elf.
    Have fun with the snowshoes. Great exercise without being dangerous!

    • Homemade eggnog… how cool are you guys! I will let you know on the danger factor for the snowshoeing. The last time I went I had trouble standing upright… maybe I’ve become less clumsified since then!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Wow – thanks for sharing your holiday traditions. The dinner table sure looked nice and the fondue – YUM! I am also ALL for the chocolate fountains…lol.

    Gosh Jen sure had a rough go of it! I hope she is ok and none the worse for it all.

    Question of the Day: How were your holidays? Do you have any traditional foods that you eat?
    We have all kinds of different traditions ( decorating, baking holiday candy, reading Christmas stories, going to church, the meal, the gift giving, making and decorating the sugar cookies… ) but the traditional food is Christmas ham with all the trimmings and the holiday breads and candies too.
    I didn’t do the Christmas Eve punch this year…maybe next year.

  8. So glad you’re back to blogging! Business pretty much did me in the last two months – so I quit logging food, quit reading your blog, quit doing pretty much everything except working temporarily. We finally got all of our Christmas orders out and shut down the site to give ourselves a break and I sat down to catch up on all your posts that I had missed 🙂 We feel a bit like we went through a war at our house, no one should work that much, ever! Sucks to be us at Christmastime. Pretty sad, huh?

    You sang beautifully in RS a few weeks back – when you sang with your sweet mamma!

    We keep a few traditions with my family and my hubby’s family – dinner on Christmas eve and a few family parties. I try to make gingerbread men for the kids to decorate sometime during the season. Very happy to say that I managed to get to it this year! They were decorating them on Christmas Eve – so I didn’t have much time to spare, but they appreciated it anyway!

    Sorry for the long comment! So glad to have a few minutes in my day to read your blog again – it’s definitely a ‘feel-good’ blog Whitney. Thanks so much for sharing your sweet self with us!

    • How sweet are you… thanks, Taralee! I am super glad y’all are giving yourself a break after the Christmas rush! That has to be more stress than one person can handle! It’s too bad that people don’t shop for Christmas earlier in the year so you can spread the demand out a little more!

  9. Deanna

    It looks like you had a fabulous holiday, Whitney! That’s great!

    We don’t have many food traditions, just traditional family gatherings. Although, my Christmas cookie assortment is kind of tradition. I just don’t know how many more times I can do that to myself. LOL! I ate FAR too many. Ouch!

  10. What fun! I love the fondue tradition–I might have to try that out myself. My favorite holiday tradition foods are: fudgy mint cheesecake bars for Christmas Eve, and Raspberry pretzel jello for Christmas dinner and homemade carmels. I am WAY to much of a sweet tooth 🙂

    • Alena is a girl after my own heart… SUGAR makes the world go round… seriously, it does!! Meanwhile… now I want that pretzel raspberry Jell-O dessert… it has been a long time since I’ve had that! Your homemade caramels are glorious!!!!!

  11. Jen

    I sure had fun reminiscing over our fun holiday together. I was laughing out loud! Unfortunately I can’t blame your clumsy radar genes for my accidents over Christmas, because they keep on happening. Over the past couple days I have locked my keys in my car, dropped several things on the floor (including my dinner plate of lasagna, and today at work I started calling a coworker “Jen” because for some reason I thought we had the same name today.

    • Oh laws, Jen. Maybe you need to put yourself on self-imposed bed rest!!! You really do need to buy a jazzy scooter until at least April… and for goodness sakes… use your walker!!

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