I had a meltdown over the holeedays… brought on 95.4324% by friendly womany wormones and the other 4.5432% legitimate worry wartness.  That nagging gremlin that lives up inside my brain came out to play, spreading its’ pleasantaries… You are failing… You can’t do this… It’s too hard… Just quit!  And for a few weeks I pretty much did just that.  I didn’t really care anymore about what I ate and that worried me.  Because I know my history… I know how many times that gremlin has come out and sabotaged every last weight loss accomplishment I’d made.  History repeats itself, right?  Sorry, gremelin… WRONG!!

Firstly, I’ve never before come this far in my journey… 10 pounds here and there is not the same as 230… it’s not even close.   Secondly, history will only repeat itself if I let it.  It’s been hard to realize that humans will always make mistakes.  They are part of a lifestyle… no matter whose life it is.  Falling into a few potholes does not mean that one can’t scrape off the sewage and climb right back out again.  I may have felt like I’d been summering with the Amish in a pothole for the last few months, but look at it this way… no harm, no foul.  I may not have lost any weight… but I didn’t gain either… I maintained, which also goes to show me that I am my own worst critic.  Those times I thought I was doing horribly and felt like I was out of control on the eating front, they weren’t that bad.  Could I have done better?  Abso-fruitly, I could have!  So what… it’s over and done with… MOVING ON!

I spent the weekend scouring cookbooks and magazines, trying to find recipes and snacks that I would look forward to.  Sticking within my calorie range, I then wrote out a week’s worth of menus and renewed my resolution to always have a plan.  Plans are what make the Earth go round… otherwise it bumps into Mars and the non-planet Pluto… and we ain’t having that!  And then I got cutesy… I need to be fun with my eating… Fun insures that I won’t get bored and graze the cattle stable for a nightly 3-course meal.  I dug out my cute tupperwares… the ones with individual compartments and made me a week’s worth of afternoon snacks so I could just grab it out of the refrigerator and be all Chuck Norris prepared up in this here joint!

Ordinary foods made fun… that’s what I’m aiming for to get over this boredom pothole.  Maybe next week I’ll draw faces on my egg whites… you never know what cray cray things I’ll think up… and afterwards I’ll take my blankie and my binky and par-tay with Barney and Friends.  Anything to spice it up a little!!

Question of the Day:  What are your tips and tricks to spice up your meals/snacks?



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17 responses to “Potholes…

  1. Julie

    My holidays were a free- for- all and I’m paying the piper now… It even seems harder to stay on calorie count since I’m used to eating too much. Oh well, at least we are doing this together.

  2. Natalie

    I like the individual servings of snacks in the fridge! You can have your big meal at breakfast and lunch if you are able. Then breakfast for dinner. I don’t know if that will be a slippery slope or not. I ate big a few times this week, then didn’t feel like much later, so it ended up that way. Non traditional foods at traditional times? I got next to nothing for you there! Im in a rut, too!

  3. Lindsay

    Good Idea! Very Cute

  4. Deanna

    It’s nice to hear that we weren’t alone. I felt much the same feelings over the holidays. I was SO close to throwing in the towel myself after beating myself up mentally for a few days. Thank you for sharing with us, Whitney. You are definitely an inspiration to me!

    To keep things fun and interesting, I will change/experiment with flavor changes too. I like your idea here. Very cute!

  5. Liz

    I eat the same oatmeal every morning. Boring! So I add ground flaxseed or fresh blueberries. Same with yogurt/cottage cheese for a snack. Add fruit. When I make fake eggs I scramble them with green peppers and salsa. Ole! And we always add hard boiled eggs, or avocados, or chicken to our salads to be more filling and fun 🙂

  6. Way to tell that gremelin to go away. I think we spend too much time beating ourselves up over things–and it doesn’t do anything but make us feel worse about ourselves.
    My new found favorite addition to foods is herbs and spices. I didn’t realize how bland my cooking was until I started using some weight watchers recipes a couple of years ago and realized that some cumin or basil could really enhance the taste of something without added fat and calories (chili powder, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and garlic are also favorite additions)

    • Amen, smartest lady on the block! I really need to take your advice and experiment with spices and herbs more. It would totally also lessen the sodium in the dish, which I’m always trying to do!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    I know what you mean about being your own worst critic, Whitney. I did this too over the holidays. I finally am getting back on schedule and am determined to get off this dag-nabbit plateau.
    Feels good to finally be detoxed (sugar ) and I seem to have found my get-up-and-go again.

    Question of the Day: What are your tips and tricks to spice up your meals/snacks?

    I like to use English muffins in a variety of ways ( egg & cheese muffin or cream cheese or pb or jelly or mini pizzas on them ).
    I love to load up my oatmeal to bulk it up and make it less boring ( nuts, berries, graham crackers, honey, cinnamon, or cocoa powder ).
    I mix in minced up bright colored veggies, or throw some onions into whatever I am making.
    I have recently been adding taco seasoning to a lot of things to give it more flavor / zing.
    I love using flour tortillas for lots of things. So convenient & easy. They also kind of cheat me into thinking I am getting some bread each day without me actually going hog-wild on rolls and breads. My downfall.
    I keep my homemade four bean salad made up and in the fridge and my apples and pb in the fridge for those snack attacks.
    If I need a chocolate fix, I made myself a mug of hot cocoa or chocolate pudding. Those are low cal ways to curb the craving. 30 semi-sweet chocolate chips will do the trick too. I try and sit and savor these so the craving is satisfied.

    I know I have more but that is all I can think of at the moment.

    Great job on all your meal plans and snack plans – you are an inspiration!

    Keep pushing forward….

    • A great list of idears, Louisa. Thank you! I love me English muffins… you can do anything with those suckers! Plus, Thomas has this 100-calorie English Muffin that is tasty and about 40 to 50 less calories than a regular one… so you can eat more on top of it!

  8. jen

    That’s a good idea to make your snacks more appealing. I like the fancy carrot slices. I forgot to tell you I also am giving you a vegetarian magazine for Christmas. You should get your first issue next month. Maybe that will have some new recipes to try. I am excited to start trying all the recipes you gave me for Christmas too.

    • Serious, Jen? How sweet are you? I already got a load and a half from you… you spoiled me! Thank you! I’m excited to skim through and check out the recipe selection. You gave me a veg cookbook a year or so ago, which I LOVE and use regularly!

  9. Pat Mackay

    Thanks for the good laugh!! You are going so good. Keep up the good work.

  10. Pat Mackay

    This is why I don’t usually comment, because I commented on the wrong post. Sorry!

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