Elking Around Hardware Ranch…

I’m totes postponing my kick butt in 2012 post.  Resolutions, goals, etc., etc., etc., mostly because I’m lazy… and secondly because it would require me to think of things that would take me wayyyyyy out of my comfort zone!  So, I’ll be thinking and get to that post before February rolls out it’s lovey dovey holeedays… aka single people eat pounds of chocolates day (YUM!!!!!!)  Who says you have to have all of your goals set in stone by January 1st.  I’m a procrastinator by nature, so I say as long as I have something set in stone by December 26th, all will be well with the world.  Gives me at least a week to accomplish the buttocks kicking portion of the task.

In the meantime… Madre and I don’t like winter… I like it less than Madre… so we’ve decided that once a week we’re going to do something that makes us happy.  I am trying to do some small thing that makes me smile every day, but the once a week thing is reserved for bigger items that couldn’t be accomplished on a daily basis.  On January 2nd, our item was to drive to Hardware Ranch (about 30 or so miles from home base) and take in the nature and nonsmoggy blue sky.  Hardware Ranch is an elk refuge set up so that the animals don’t venture down out of the mountains into the neighborhoods when they come looking for food in the winter.  Seeing as so far we’ve had an uncharacteristic non-snowy winter this year they haven’t needed to venture down as much, but we were still able to hang out in the midst of about 150 or so elk… female elk that is… the antlered ones were toughing it out up in the mountains on this day.


They stuck us in these wagony things (due to the snow lackage, they had to trade out the sled runners with wheels) with these BIG ole horsies pulling them and then drove us out to sit in the middle of the elk herd (is it called a herd?  A Brothel?  Oh wait… wrong thing… my bad.)  So, the dudes drove us out into this elk herd and then let us sit there for like 15 minutes so we could become ONE with the elks.  I could totes tell that most of these female elk were PMSing… some of them were acting all DIVAey and if I had a right mind, I’d have sent them to their rooms.

I started naming them whilst I was sitting there staring at them… that one in the front is Kim… and then you have Kourtney and Khloe and in the back is Snooki and J-Wow, and Gaga…  Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan were in the bathroom smoking joints.  Y’all… this information is what I get from DVRing TMZ!!!!!  Our tour guide had a fascinating mustache… it had curly cues on each end of it… and I almost raised my hand to ask him what sort of gel he used to get it to stay that way and/or if he ever hairsprayed his lip?  These are the things that run through the mind of a chic with attention deficit disorder.

Madre even ran into her childhood horse team… Tex and Dime.  The work horses they had on the family farm when she was a young girl.  I tried telling her that horses don’t generally live that long, but she refused to believe me… these were Tex and Mex… errr… Dime… and don’t tell her otherwise!

It was a nice afternoon jaunt.  Blue sky… sunshine… PMSing elk… and I totally got a picture of the Kardashians… up close and personal.  You can’t get much better than that for a smile in the winter!

Question of the Day:  What’s the one thing that made you smile this week?  Have you ever been to an elk refuge? 



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15 responses to “Elking Around Hardware Ranch…

  1. jen

    You got some good pics! There’s an elk refuge in Jackson but when I went many yrs ago it was much colder and lots of snow. So far this winter hasn’t been too bad. Watching my stomach move when the baby kicks makes me smile.

  2. deannawade@gmail.com

    We took some of our family to the elk refuge in Jackson during the Christmas break. They are beautiful animals. What makes me smile–a hug from a grandchild!

  3. cl2

    I live even closer to Hardware Ranch than you do and I’ve lived there 25 years. It was only in the last few years that I went up and saw the elk. I’ve never done the sleigh ride thing.

    Oh my–what made me smile this week? Okay–I haven’t really drawn a blank, but can’t think of one thing in particular. Kind of lonely here alone tending a giant dog in Colorado. At least there is plenty of work to keep me from having too much time on my hands!

  4. I am with you on not having to have resolutions by Jan 1st–mine are still formulating and melding in my brain 🙂 I love your idea about doing something to make you happy every week to get you through the winter. I am definitely going to have to incorporate that into my life!
    This last week I went to my book club and that definitely made me smile and laugh really hard.

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Great pics Whitney and how fun to do something each week with your mama to make you all smile. Keep smiling through those winter months.

    Question of the Day: What’s the one thing that made you smile this week? Have you ever been to an elk refuge?

    No, I haven’t been to an elk refuge. We don’t even have elk here in MO.
    The last time I saw an elk, a moose, and long horn sheep was when I was about 11 and we took a trip to Colorado. Traffic stops for the sheep to cross…( I still think that is funny to this day ). The elk and moose pose for pictures too. Think they are used to the highway traffic and picture snapping crazy people??

    The things that made me smile this week were the weather and my Dh & kids. We have had unseasonably warm temperatures here this week and we have spent every opportunity outside enjoying it ( walking, running, horse back riding, and biking ).
    My Dh can always make me laugh. He can always make me crazy as well but that is a different story.
    My son cracks me up daily. He is such a character and then when he gets to laughing he has one of those contagious laughs and it gets us ALL going.
    My daughter is such a pleasure that I find myself smiling from the inside out at simple things she says or does.

    • LOL!! Those photo op elk and moose must be trying to earn their tips! I love that you’ve had some warm weather! I might have to come up and enjoy it! We had a few days in the 40s which was so nice!! It may have spoiled me!

  6. You always have the best pictures! If I lived over by you, I would love to go to a place like that (I live on a farm, so I enjoy those kinds of things) 🙂

  7. Natalie

    Lovely! And looks like some fun that doesn’t require much of you if you don’t want to go hiking across the outback and back. I went to a school kindergarden outting once into a “school” of buffalo. “Pack” of buffalo? they were ginormos! Same sort of deal. I was glad I went! Glad I didn’t have to get out of the wagon, too!

  8. I’ve never been to an elk refuge…. so I really like seeing the photos!

    What makes me smile? Sometimes my son, he’s 12, makes me laugh so hard I tear up. He likes to shock us. He’ll do silly things like one time he made his hair stand straight up in the back, like a bad case of bed head. He fooled us into thinking he wasn’t aware of it, by acting so nonchalant.

    Noticing nature’s hidden treasures makes me smile. For instance, noticing a tiny, tiny flower growing in the crack of the sidewalk cement. And then noticing how intricate it is and spectacular in design… all but almost missed.

    Oh and the puppies! I was given the care of two 6 week old foster puppies yesterday. Playing with them and watching them play with each other, romping around, tumbling, round bellies, wagging tails, lose skin with soft fur and that puppy smell. Snuggling to sleep in my arms. They make me smile alright.

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