Now Do You Want Fries With That!?

I might go insane!  Okay… who am I kidding… I done gone insane years ago, but this insanity is a special kind reserved for the dagnabbed Wii Zumba music that refuses to stop playing in a never-ending loop in my noggin!!!!!!!!  I don’t even understand the words (they are in Spanish) and yet I don’t care… I just make up my own words and sing them to the annoying Zumba tune!!  Not even trying to replace the tune with that one annoying Barney the Purple Dinosaur song did the trick!  OH THE HUMANITY!!!!

Meanwhile… back in the land of gumdrops and lollipops… I’ve been seeing this picture posted on Facebook a lot lately.  A quick Google search shows that it has been around since at least 2009… and is not even sure if it’s a fluke or not… so I’m taking it as gospel.  Apparently, in the state of California all McDonald’s are required by law to have this warning posted in their store:

Puh-LEASE!!!!!  Like anyone who willingly eats at McDonald’s is going to read this sign… and if by chance they do read this sign, how many flim flammed people are going to be like… Well, gee… now that I know this information, I best head to Subway!

Whitney done kept Mickey Ds in business for YEARS… YEARS!   I’d eat there several times a week… along with Burger King and Wendy’s and any place with lard sauce and acrylamide apparently.  When I became vegetarian 2-1/2 years ago, I stopped going to Acrylamide King and it’s cohorts for a while.  Now, on a rare occasion I’ll stop and have a french fry or an egg and cheese McMuffin… but hamburgers have not crossed these lips for 2-1/2 years.  I don’t miss them.  At one point in my life I would eat 5 or 6 hamburgers a day… just to see how fast I could kill myself off, I guess.  So, going from that to literally not having had one in years is something I never thought I’d be able to do.  Consider it done.  The mind is a powerful thing… and when I make up my mind to do something… by golly, I’m gonna do it… come hell or high water!

The sign they really need to be putting on their counters at McDonald’s (and other acrylamide factories):  Our Food is DAGNABBED ADDICTING!!!!   And will make you fat in the blink of an eyeball… especially if you eat 6 Big Macs a day!

Question of the Day:  Would a sign like this stop you from eating french fries/fried spudtatoes?



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8 responses to “Now Do You Want Fries With That!?

  1. cl2

    No. I’m always skeptical of any report like this anyway. I think doing what you and I do for a living makes me too much of a skeptic. I’m definitely not a smoker, but don’t you love it when the doctors tell a 92 year old patient to stop smoking as it will lengthen their life? Actually, I don’t eat fries much anymore because I gave up carbonated drinks like I truly love Diet Coke (and I had a lapse over the holidays)–but when you don’t go to a fast food place and get a drink, then you tend to not get the value meal. I eat the meat–leave the fries.

  2. Julie

    A. No.

    As with cl2, I am a skeptic. However, I do know that they cause me to gain weight, so I stay away from them. They just don’t taste good enough to justify what it takes to burn them off. Now, chocolate, that’s a different story.

  3. Natalie

    That posting is true. When you fry or cook startchy stuff on high heat it’s bad for you. So the old myth of eating bread crust, too is absolutely not right. Thats the worst part. And chared meat and foods are also bad. In a small way. That would cause all BBQ chared meat, breads, bakery, you name it. Got to eat raw! But this would then be up in all food places unless it’s raw food, then.

  4. Natalie

    You will never get those zumba tunes out of your head! Some of them sound like crazy sentences, too. So sing away!

  5. Avster

    No, a sign like that wouldn’t stop me.

    The Fiskars decorative (pinking) scissors have a warning on them very similar to the one above, except this time it’s the plastic that may have caused some cancer cases. Once again, it was the state of California that declared that.
    Since I’m more apt to chuck my scissors across the room than suck on them, I’m not overly concerned.

    By the way, why has the weight loss counter not been working?

  6. Um, not if it is just “known to the state of California” to cause all these problems. (They seem to know a lot more about things than the rest of us, don’t they?) However, I remember eating almost no french fries when I was pregnant with my first child, because of something like that. I got over it by the next 2.

  7. jen

    I am glad you like your zumba game. Sounds fun. I wouldn’t stop eating fries but maybe eat less of them. That is why I like the all things in moderation plan for eating.

  8. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: Would a sign like this stop you from eating french fries/fried spudtatoes?

    Ok – I know this goes against most of …well Americans… but I don’t go to McDonalds or any of the other like fast food joints.
    I don’t like french fries.
    I don’t like fast food burgers either.
    No point for me to order the other things they have added to their menu b/c I can’t stand the smell of the place, the food, the bags the food comes in…any of it.
    There have been a few defining moments that have SCREAMED “do not eat this stuff” to me over the yrs and although others have flocked there, I stayed far away.

    Sign #1:
    Back in college, I dated a guy for awhile and he worked at the campus McD’s.
    It didn’t matter what he did ( like shower or cologne ), he always smelled like the grease at McD’s. His hair ( he had gorgeous hair ) was forever oily. ICK!
    Needless to say, I still can’t stand the smell ( even in the parking lot ) of McD’s.

    Sign #2:
    Different boyfriend brought me a strawberry shake at McD’s one time thinking it would make me feel better ( since I recently had my wisdom teeth extracted ).
    It was gross – tasted like powder. Turns out it wasn’t even real. ICK ICK ICK!!

    Sign #3:
    I did tough it out a couple of times when my daughter was little and invited to some birthday party in the play-plex part of McD’s but I was nauseous the whole time. That is not a fun way to spend a bday party.

    Sign #4:
    When my son was small he couldn’t eat the fries at McD’s without breaking out in a really bad rash. His Dr said it was a reaction to the oil they fry the fries in…not good but easily solved.

    Anyway, long story short …I saw the signs way before they put up a sign on these sort of places.
    We are all better off eating clean and healthy.

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