Missed America…

We have this weird annual tradition… something about gathering in the basement to watch the Miss America pageant like it be our favorite show in the universe!  This could not be any further from the truth.  The Miss America Pageant is not on my top 300 list of favorite shows yet I’m fascinated… FASCINATED!  I’m mostly fascinated that grown women don’t mind parading around a stage mostly nekked and being judged on their bodies.  The contestants say it’s all about their brains and they do win scholarships if they win, but then why would they need to parade around nearly nekked if the judges were judging their brain folds?  Wouldn’t it be a cooler idear if the hosts of the pageant took out a hacksaw, sawed a hole in the top of each of the contestant’s head, scooped out their brain, and then made them parade around the stage wearing a paper bag over their head carrying their brains on full display on a plate?  So, what you’re telling me is that I watched too many episodes of Dateline NBC over the weekend?  I swear to you I have never seen that Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie… SWEAR to you!

So, anyway… we watched the contestants… Madre mostly just likes to see that there are other girls out there as tall as she is (5’10”)… and if they’re taller than she is, she makes sure to let everyone know via an announcement and text message for those not in the room!  I think she feels a kinship to these tall, nearly nekked girls.

Speaking of… don’t get me started on the show on TLC, Toddlers and Tiaras!?!?!?!?!?  Too late… Has anyone seen that show?  Because seriously, I usually sit through an episode with my jaw done lying down on the carpet.  There cannot be parents out there like this… and they cannot be allowed to ever own little people under the age of 21!!!!!!!  I think the following mom done won Mother Most Likely to Get Her Kid Addicted to Drugs…

I read an article where she gave away the contents of the “Go Go Juice”…. Mountain Dew mixed with Red Bull… totes an appropriate 6-year-old child drink mixture.  I hear when she’s 8, her mom will just let her hide a flask of Jack Daniels down in her shoe.

Back to Miss America… congratulations my Wisconsian friends… you now hold the title of Miss America until the above girl grows up and dethrones your non-GoGoJuice drinking butts!  Yah, I predicted it… anyone want in on the bet?

Question of the Day:  Have you seen Toddlers and Tiaras?  What’s your view on pageants?




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4 responses to “Missed America…

  1. cl2

    Is that a picture going up Sardine Canyon? Beautiful!

    I just saw an ad for Toddlers and Tiaras. I’ve never watched a whole episode. It makes my stomach turn. I agree with you on pageants. I’m 5′ 11-1/2″ and my sister is 6 feet. I used to hate it–I don’t care anymore. My mother was only 5 5. I’m the shortest of her children. My brothers are all at least 6 3 as are my nephews–except my son–who is my height. My dad was 6 3, too.

    Anyway–I got a dog. I know you got a cat already. It has been 10-1/2 months for me. This dog has a “birth defect” and can’t hold his head straight. The people at PetSmart nicknamed him Tilt. BUT I knew he needed me. He is a miniature something. Smaller than a chiuaua–I don’t think they really know what he is. So–I’m babysitting a giant dog and this little itty bitty dog!

    BUT I think mothers who put little girls in pageants is abusive. I would assume you have never seen the movie “Little Miss Sunshine”–it is about these pageants (and many other things). Good movie.

    • BINGO… Up Sardine Canyon… I thought it was cool it was like an opening into heaven or something!

      You have a tall family, Colleen. I’m sure my mom would appreciate standing next to y’all! Half of my family is tall and the other half is average height. I always cursed getting the tall genes but I guess I can’t complain too much because at least taller folk carry heavier weights a little better than shorter folk!

      I’m so glad you got a doggie and one that could really use your help too. I definitely know no new animal could replace your old one, but it’s sure a nice distraction… you can love him in a different way than your other ones! What did you name him?

  2. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    We also watched the Miss American pageant on TV the other night.
    I know Miss Wisconsin won but we all liked Miss Oklahoma ( she was the runner-up ) and we were rooting for her to win.
    My daughter really enjoyed watching. She absolutely LOVED the evening gown portion.
    My son was bored with it all and preferred to play with his train and build his town on the floor. He really didn’t care for the bathing suit part…lol.

    Question of the Day: Have you seen Toddlers and Tiaras? What’s your view on pageants?

    No, I haven’t ever seen this show ( Toddlers & Tiaras ) and it doesn’t look like, from the clip, a show I would care to support even if we did get it.
    That mother is …oh I just don’t have the words but …she disgusts me.
    Here she is laughing and carrying on because she thinks what she has trained this tiny little innocent to do is cute.
    It’s NOT cute. It’s not funny.
    She is raising that child to be mouthy & an addict & to be overweight.
    So, what is going to happen when she is no longer winning because she is too chubby and all the skinny kids are winning?? How is that going to make her feel? How is that going to effect her self confidence?
    UGH!!!! Can I smack the mother – seriously???

    I am not opposed to pageantry per se for older kids & adults. I am aware that it teaches them posture, poise, how to be confident, how to speak, how to be on stage, to be up on current events, to have an intelligent & educated opinion, and comfortable with who they are.
    Yes, as with anything, there are those that take it to extreme.
    I do know some contestants win scholarships and things that will further their education, and I would support that.
    I do not think it should be about the tiaras, cash, or big trophies.
    I do not think they have to parade around in tiny bikinis to show off their health & fitness.
    Putting them in work out clothes would show how fit they were also…don’t you think?
    Well, it wouldn’t get the ratings though…

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