Pressuring My Cooker…

You may remember that I went and bought myself an electric pressure cooker a few months back.  We just happened to get a flyer in the mail with the schedule for the local store, Kitchen Kneads cooking classes and lo and behold they had a dagnabbed class on how to use your pressure cooker!  Sign me the heck up.  It only took 3 people 45 minutes to get the lid on the first time, might as well see what else I’m doing wrong!  Saturday, Madre and I attended a full class on the subject.

The instructor made 4 dishes during the class using 4 different pressure cookers… the cupboard space that must require!  I could only eat 2 of the 4 since I’m one of those annoying non-meat-eating chicks.  I got a plate of mushy broccoli… it was only mushy because she didn’t hear the beep telling her that it was done and that she needed to turn it to pressure release so it ended up cooking too long… but it did have some mighty good flavors on it.  Some lemony concoction with this new spice mixture we went and bought a bottle of… Spuds or something… it pretty much had every herbal remedy known to man stuffed inside one convenient bottle… and it was pretty tastee too!  I almost asked for a straw for my broccoli… but you better believe I choked down every last bite… despite my hatred of all things mush!  She then served a pork chow mein over brown rice (which Madre said was delicious).  I might give that one a go without the meat and then use nuts as my protein or a side of beans.  I’m getting a lot better at including more protein in my diet… honey boo boo child!  😛  There was then a break while the other 2 dishes finished cooking… aka please shop our store and buy tons of things you don’t need!!  We walked out of there with a pressure cooker cookbook, the spuds spice, 2 cleany dealy majigs to get down in the cracks and crevices of your cooker, and then have our name on the list for a rubber rack to steam vegetables in your cooker on.  The power of persuasion.  She told us we needed it, so we done went and bought it!  She also tried to talk us into buying a bottle of vanilla with black speckles in it for $150.00 (I did not stutter), but I somehow managed to knock a welt in my head large enough to forget that idea.

After the “break” aka give us all your money extravaganza, we went back to try the Acapulco Chicken with rice (Madre loved this one too… it had blood orange peels in it)… and last but not least… this concoction:

Kinda looks like something the deer gave in the backyard, don’t it… BAMBI!!!!!  Pralines and Cream Bread Pudding…  I can tell you that before Saturday I had NEVER in my lifetime had a bread pudding.  It just sounded nasty to me… soggy bread?  Um… PASS!!  Plus, if the dessert didn’t have chocolate on it, you’d likely not see me going out of my way to order it.  I tried the dish with an open mind, mostly since I really needed something to get the mushy broccoli taste out of my mouth with!  I gotta say… I didn’t hate it.  It was quite tasty.  Different than anything I’d ever tried before.  I can’t say that if given the choice between a brownie and this concoction I’d ever go for this concoction, but you can’t win anything when chocolate is involved!

She even gave us a spiffer tip on how to concoct a handle to get the bowl out of the pressure cooker without burning your hands to death:

Ta da… instant aluminum foil handle… and afterwards you can try sticking it into the plug outlets if you need a jolt of some kind!  All in all it was a successful class… I’m planning on making some of the concoctions I dug out of the new pressure cooker cookbook for next week’s menu.  Neighbors… no need to call the ambulance unless I yell FIRE!!


Question of the Day:  Do you like bread pudding?  Do you have a favorite flavor? 



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14 responses to “Pressuring My Cooker…

  1. Natalie

    I would have to suck up some bravery to try bread pudding! Nice!! A pressure cooker class! I hope you are more comfortable with it now!

  2. Avster

    ha ha ha! Whit, as I read your post I was eating bread pudding! I’ve only had a regular bread pudding. I prefer a vanilla sauce, though I have only tried two other sauces.
    I made bread pudding last week using the last of my eggnog and that turned out really well!

    Have fun with the cooking class!

  3. dessawade

    We should have added some golden raisins and that would have given it a kick and the chef added a rum sauce that was delicious too. Don’t forget Whit that you can make chocolate bread pudding, no problem!

  4. cl2

    Short answer–No! You cook so much! I get so frustrated with cooking. If I can’t go buy it, I’m usually not going to eat it–though I did just buy all the makings for meat loaf. I just had a craving for it.

    • I didn’t used to be a cooker at all… it was all prepared meals or sandwiches… I’ve been cooking at least twice a week these days… some recipes I love… some I hate, but I figure it will be a trial and error thing! Make you some meatloaf!

  5. Christie

    I had a raspberry white CHOCOLATE bread pudding once that was AWESOME… I’m a carb-o-holic… it only has to have the name bread in the title and I’ll eat the whole thing! 🙂

    • You had me at the raspberry and CHOCOLATE portion of your comment! Will have to check that out next time… as for the carb-a-holic description… WELCOME to the club, my carb-loving friend!

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    How wonderful you went to a cooking class.
    Not everything has to be a big success – just keep trying new things!
    I made a Sweet & Sour Chicken recipe for the first time last night. I have always been intimidated by Chinese flavors & recipes but it was easy-peasy and everyone liked it. I had them rate it as either – Yes, make it again! or No, don’t make it again.
    Everyone said to make it again so that to me is SUCCESS!

    Question of the Day: Do you like bread pudding? Do you have a favorite flavor?
    I have only had my mom’s bread pudding. I think it tastes like French toast.
    My mom makes a lemon sauce that goes over it and it is very good also.
    I could just lick the lemon sauce bowl and be happy…lol.

    • I used to love sweet and sour chicken… one of these days I’ll have to play around with sweet and sour vegetables and see if I can get the same flavor. Definitely a success if they want you to make it again!

      You are totally right… it does taste like French toast!! Lemon sauce would be heavenly. We’re a big fan of lemony tasting things in these here parts!

      • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

        The spices and marinades in Asian food is what I really love – the flavors with the crunchy veggies -YUM!
        I don’t like the MSG though.
        I always was too intimidated to try and make the recipes.
        Now…they make these little seasoning packets you can get at the store.
        They also have these yummy frozen stir fry veggies in the store.
        You can of course also find the canned Asian veggies ( but I prefer the frozen ).
        The sweet & sour sauce comes in a bottle and so does the teriyaki sauce too.
        I can do this!
        This week I tried one recipe and it went really well.
        I am doing a slow cooker recipe today and I hope it goes well too.
        Wish me luck!!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    I will put this here in case any of your faithful blog readers, your mama, or you would like to try my Mom’s recipe ( with the lemon sauce ).

    Bread Pudding
    5 slices of day-old bread ( broken up into bite size pieces with your hands )
    2 Tbsp. butter
    1/2 cup moist raisins ( these are optional but I like it with them )
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/2 cup sugar, divided
    3 eggs, beaten
    3 cups milk, scalded
    1/4 tsp. cinnamon

    Toast bread and spread with all the butter while hot.
    Arrange toast in a buttered baking pan ( 10.5 x 6.5 x1.75 inch ).
    Sprinkle with raisins.
    In a separate bowl, stir salt and all but 2T of sugar into the eggs.
    Add milk and stir to mix well. Pour over the toast and allow to stand 10minutes.
    Press toast lightly down into the milk occasionally sot that the toast soaks up most of the milk mixture.
    Mix cinnamon with remaining 2T of sugar and sprinkle over the top.
    Place baking dish directly on oven rack.
    Bake in moderate oven ( 350 degrees ) for about 25minutes or until toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, and top is an appetizing brown color.
    Serve warm or cold.
    Makes 5 – 6 servings.

    Lemon Sauce ( good on lots of stuff !!)

    2 Tbsp cornstarch
    3/4 cup sugar
    1/8 tsp salt
    3/4 cup boiling water
    2 Tbsp real lemon juice

    Combine cornstarch, sugar, and salt in top of double boiler, add water, stirring thoroughly and cook over direct heat, stirring constantly until mixture boils and thickens. Place over boiling water and cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Remove from heat and add lemon juice. Serve hot or cold as sauce for bread pudding.
    Makes 5 servings.

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