The Changing of the ‘Tude…

I’m resurrecting my LIST… when I say I’m going to finish something, come drowned rats and beatle bugs, I’m going to finish something.

Make two lists: one of things you can change and another of things you can’t. 
For the list of things that you can change, write beneath each item what steps you can take to make that change. 
For the list of things you can’t change, acknowledge why you can’t change them and accept why.

I’m starting off with things I can change because the list is much shorter and since I’m smart I always take the easy way out first.

Things I Can Change


The end…

That pretty much sums it all up… if I change my attitude and the way I approach what I want to accomplish there ain’t nothing I can’t do.  I’ve had to beat this into my head every single day over the last few years and still there are many days or weeks or months I forget this and resort back to my self-pitying corner of despair and low self esteemness… and that’s when I stall.  I believe I should always be moving forward in some aspect of my life… that’s what I done be here for… to gather up knowledge and live life to the fullest.  Contrary to popular belief from Whitney of the Past, my soul purpose on this Earth was to sit on my duffitude and pick at my nostrils whilst downing a whole deep dish pizza.  Ooo… do you want to know what I did back in the old days when I didn’t want any evidence of my pizza downing and needed to hide it from the family?  I’d deconstruct the pizza box… cut it up into tiny, tiny pieces and hide the pieces in a big ole black garbage sack tied up into several knots and then stuffed down into the bottom of the garbage can outside.  There… out of sight… out of mind… According to the 48 Hours Mystery show I watched the other day, that one serial killer dude used to do that too… except not with pizza boxes.


So, Whitney… keep reminding yourself that there is nothing you can’t do because there isn’t… although, winning the lottery may be totes out of my hands.  I’m talking about the things within my control here… gosh… work with me, people!

Things I Can’t Change

– My height… unless someone wants to come out here and remove a few vertebrae in the ole’ back… volunteers?
– My Family… unless someone wants to adopt me into theirs?  JOKES, family… geez… get off the ledge!
– My looks… get used to the big head, Whitney… you be in for a long life together… unless Joan Rivers happens to be offering a free plastic head removal.
– The fact that I love Chocolate… sorry… it’s been ingrained in all the vital organs and other miscellaneous crevices of my body.  Who would want to change that?!?!?!?  Are you crazy!?!?

The list of things I can’t change is pretty short… and I’m pretty much at peace with all those things… mmmm… chocolate… All the rest of the stuff, totally doable.  Put that big noggin of yours to work, Whitney… you have some things to accomplish!!


Question of the Day:  What are some things you want to change about yourself? 



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14 responses to “The Changing of the ‘Tude…

  1. jen

    I sure have been a slacker at blog reading lately. Here are my comments for the last 3 posts: I don’t watch miss America or the toddlers and tiaras show. If I have a daughter I hope to teach her that who she is and what she does is more important than beauty. Secondly, that bread pudding looks delicious. Never had that before! And lastly I think that our attitude is the ONLY thing we have total control over. Life is a rollercoaster and unpredictable, but we can at least control our attitude about what happens to us.

  2. I was just catching up too 🙂 I read your last 5 posts last night and today’s this morning.

    Lots of things I want to change about myself – things I’m mostly working on. I have a plan of action on the most important ones – and for the others, I have decided it’s not important enough for my time at this juncture. Life has been coming at me too fast to work on everything. It seems that the older I get – the faster it keeps coming at me. Is that normal do you suppose?

    I have to comment on the pressure cooker too! I’ve had one for ages. I served a mission in Brazil – and every house you go in there has one. They eat rice and beans every day – and I do mean every single day! So – I am a wiz at making beans in my pressure cooker. I used to make a few other recipes out of my pressure cooker cookbook – but I seem to have misplaced the cookbook. Mitch is always a bit worried about it exploding though. They really do explode. I never saw one explode – but I think Mitch did – or at least he saw the aftermath of the explosion. (my hubby served a mission in Brazil too).

    • How cool is that that you both served a Brazilian mission!? That is my next thing to tackle… beans in the pressure cooker. I love me some chili but I don’t like all the sodium in the canned beans and it’s sometimes hard to find no sodium-added beans. Solution!

      I think it’s totally normal to have life come at you fast as you age… especially if you are ambitious like you are! 🙂

  3. Natalie

    Serial killer! LOL! i once got mad at my parents and bought 3 boxes of cookies. Drove out to the woods and ate them all one by one. That’ll show them! What it showed anyone I cant decide, even today! I can’t even blame that on a serial killer likeness!

    Okay, find one thing you think you can do this week. Just one that you want to get done. Now list the pros and cons of doing or not doing it. Look at that and maybe that will help you drift towards the pros and make up your mind to do the thing.

  4. Avster

    Aw, Whit, the taller you are means the cooler you are (so that means your mother is uber-cool and you’re just cool :b ).

    Change about myself… umm… it would be nice not to be such a dork. I’d also love it if my hair were as light as it was when I was growing up. I still haven’t grown used to this darker look that moved in about two years ago. Granted, it was slow, but still! I forget that it’s no longer definitely blonde!

    • I will make sure that I tell my mom that she isn’t as cool as me… the meaning of the word UBER means something different to me than it does to you because I just made up the definition right now! 😛

      I don’t think you are a dork… but if you still think you are, I’m one too… so join my dork club! The hair color can be changed… ask my sister Lindsay! 😛 I have been too whimpy to touch the hair dye yet, though!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Great post Whitney!
    For anyone that wanted a Bread Pudding & Lemon Sauce recipe – you will have to scroll back to yesterday’s post. Give it a try – it is good!
    Ok – back on topic – Attitude is everything. Really – it is!
    I think I really realized this when my daughter & I were doing the C25K program back in Oct & Nov.).
    My body was willing but the thoughts of “I can’t run that long” or “I would die if I even tried ” were just my “can’t do it” attitude. Those nasty negative thoughts keep us from trying things and being happy.
    Once we tried the running – we surprised ourselves, we were more willing to try it again ( thinking it must have been a fluke the first time ). We did it again and again and were just flabbergasted! Holy smoke – how did that happen – we were running!?
    I was just as ELATED the first day I ran 5 mins with out stopping as I was the day I ran 35 min without stopping.
    It’s so much more mental than physical, this journey we are on…

    Question of the Day: What are some things you want to change about yourself?

    1) I would like to have fewer carb & sweet cravings
    2) I would like to be more gung-ho about my fitness regime ( but I know its mostly b/c of the winter weather )
    3) I would like my hair to go back to being blonde again and less of this mousy-brown I have highlighted and a lot less of the gray ( thank you VERY much )
    4) I would like to be a lot closer to my goal weight of course but that is what I am working on every single day
    5) Oh yeh – and probably TMI for some but I would like less facial hair as well ( thank goodness I have blonde peach fuzz and not dark )

    • THank you so much for the pudding/lemon sauce recipe. My mom will love that fo’ sho’! She’s a huge lemon lover! That is too cool that you are a runner person now… it’s all in how you think about it!

  6. Julie

    I used to want to be 5’5″ or so. I’m tall, about the same height as my husband. I have always avoided high heels so that I don’t tower over people. However…. About a year ago I happened to be watching a show where they do make-overs on people’s wardrobes. This lady felt the same way and Stacey and Clinton (the hosts) both looked shocked when she said that. After their jaws dropped to the floor, Clinton laughed, shook his head and replied, “Too tall?!? That’s like saying you are too rich.” Stacey nodded. After that episode I went out and bought a pair of high heels. Now I only buy shoes with wedges or heels. I feel strong and empowered.

    • I love “What Not To Wear” Even if I could be a contestant on there! I never thought of being tall in that way, but you are right… especially being tall with extra weight… you hold it better than the shorter folk. I think I just have bad memories from my childhood… When they lined us up for pictures, I was always the only girl in the back with all boys… and I hated standing out for more reasons than just my weight. I need to learn to accept it better as an adult, though. Wear them high heels with pride, girl!

  7. Lindsay

    What I would change about myself . . . shoe size, metabolism, fears!

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