You all know Paula Deen?  She of the butter queenliness?  Honey Chile’ add you 4 sticks of butter to that there piece of toast!  That’s exactly the way she talks… except probably minus 1 stick of butter.  Some of you may have heard/read that she recently announced that she has type 2 diabetes… and has had the diagnosis for 3 years now… which she kept from her Food Network audience and her best friend, Whitney… and probably the butter factory for those 3 years.  Type 2 diabetes isn’t an uncommon disease.  Something like 8 bajillion million people currently have it and probably 60% of those don’t know they have it (LOL… I just pulled those numbers out of my rear… but it’s some big number and some big percentage!)  It’s a known fact… you gain weight, you’re in danger of the dreaded type 2 diabetes.

Some of you may remember that I was diagnosed with type 1.5 diabetes at the age of 16… which really should have been rounded up to type 2, but my doctor said I was a child and children do not get type 2… so 1.5 it was.  I was on insulin shots for years… and then insulin with oral pills… and then more oral pills.  I took so many dagnabbed pills for my diabetes that I could have run a drug factory out of the basement.  Can you make methamphetamines out of Glucophage?  I’ll check.  It wasn’t until I got down and serious with my weight loss efforts that I got rid of all the medications and the insulin and the pills… and now I’m currently pill- and insulin-free with a normal hemoglobin A1c… not bad for a jiggly chick!

The point of this post… some have been saying that now that Paula Deen has gone public with her diabetes diagnosis, she should rethink her recipes… cut down on the fat and the sugar and the lard sauce that she has going on in those suckers and opt for a more nutritious look.  The thing about that is… if Paula Deen did that, she’d no longer be Paula Deen.  Paula Deen ISfattening, indulgent food… her name is synonymous with butter (pretty sure her picture is next to that word in the dictionary… go look!)  I do agree with her “all things in moderation” outlook… it’s my own outlook on this weight loss journey of mine… and I’ve managed to lose 237 pounds with moderation… but at the same time… is it really necessary to have 4 sticks of butter in a recipe when you can cut it down to 1 stick and some applesauce and get the same flavor?  Should we never, no matter what, not even on special occasions be able to have the full fat/sugar version of a recipe?

Ironically, Paula’s sons have a new show starting on one of the food/cooking channels.  They are supposedly taking their mother’s recipes and making them the “lighter” version.  I made a pasta bake I found in the Food Network Magazine, that her son, Bobby had lightened.  I’d never had the original version so I couldn’t compare, but I wasn’t missing any flavor in the new and improved version.  So, all things in moderation… with a bit of tweaking?  Go for it, Paula!!

Question of the Day:  Do you think Paula should rehaul all of her recipes from now on?  Why or why not?



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14 responses to ““Die-A-Beeties”…

  1. mkultra76

    I saw that recipe for the pasta bake that you talked about. I am looking forward to trying it. Congrats on making yourself healthier!! 🙂

  2. Julie

    People can’t try the current recipes without having “diabetes” run across their thoughts. She has a rare opportunity to share with the public the impact of how choices affect real life. Let the public in on her struggle and share with them that she’s not willing to give up what she loves. Paula’s fans love “her” as much as her recipes and want her to live a full life, which she can’t do as easily blind, missing appendages,etc.. I hope she recognizes that she is loved and inspires thousands of people to start tweaking recipes and making choices to become healthier each day. Why not host an entire network! There is no way, when I was obese that I could keep up with the 30 Day Shred. And I find the Biggest Loser somewhat degrading… parading a scantily clad 285 lbs female on a scale in front of national tv, only to be ashamed, her trainer shaking his head, over her measly 3 pound loss for the week. What?!? Tell ’em Paula! We need respect! Start a network, with respectful shows geared toward helping obese, not parading us around for people to gawk at in disgust. I’d love to see a helpful, respectful, network with a therapy show to talk about how the mind works, and resetting it… how to keep on track… etc… Exercise shows that are sustainable, geared toward different abilities, some for the elderly too! Recipe gathering shows to help with insulin spiking, lowering calories, etc. How to entertain without blowing the calories for the day, etc… She has a rare opportunity if she takes it. She’s not “over” if she doesn’t give up… it could be just the beginning of something great.

    • See… I already want to sign up for that network… when will it be coming out? 😛 I’d even be willing to pay EXTRA to get it… even minus Paula. A healthy living network would be awesome!

  3. Avster

    No, not necessarily, she’ll make the dairy industry unhappy if she begins modifying her recipes! :b

    I don’t see why she couldn’t give recipes both ways whenever possible.

  4. Natalie

    I have Southern relatives and my Dad was from South Carolina. Thats exactly how he ate and insisted my Mom cook that way. All the way up until he died of 12 years of heart failure! It’s not called the “stroke belt” on that end of the country for nothing! If my Mom baked something he’d take it and made a show of frying it. Unfortunately Paula is not unusual! I hope they do lighten it up.

    • Wow… that sounds like a miserable existence for the last years of one’s life… I will never understand the fascination to fry everything… fried butter even made it’s debut last year! That’s just insane!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    No, I didn’t know this.
    Of course it is her body and her show and her recipes and she will have to make some big decisions on how to go about this.

    I have to say I don’t have any of her shows, books, or products.
    I, for the first time, used a video tip from her website when I was looking to make Divinity Candy over the holidays to surprise my 80yo mother ( it is a favorite of hers from her childhood ). After four tries, I finally got it right so THANKS PAULA!!
    I really don’t know much more about Paula Deen except that her son’s are VERY handsome and from what I have seen, very sweet to their mama.

    As far as her cooking, I don’t see her changing very much because her cooking is WHO she is and it is her history that she brings forward. I think she could do a lot for people that also have Diabetes and for those that like rich food but want to lose wt by eating in moderation.
    I am sure her ‘people’ are giving her all the angles and she will make the best decision for herself and her devoted fans.

  6. Jen

    I love Paula, and I think sometimes you need a little butter and heavy cream to make something taste good. Especially if you are cooking for a special occasion. So no she shouldn’t try to change the way she cooks completely. But maybe she could add a few healthier foods into her cooking shows too. It is okay to have those special indulgences occasionally, as long as it is not a regular part of our lifestyle. If I want to have a bowl of ice cream or something indulgent, I force myself to eat something healthy too like some fresh fruit or vegetables first. Then I feel justified in allowing myself a treat.

  7. Susan

    I don’t think she owes anyone anything. She became famous promoting Southern cooking – with all the fat and sugar. She has preached for years “I’m your cook, not your doctor.” I have several of her cookbooks but I don’t cook that way (I got this fat all on my own thankyouverymuch!) because I know that it can’t be a way of life. Just like I know that I can’t cook everything in my cookbook by Chef Messnier because it would certainly give me diabetes. We are all responsible for our own bodies and what we put in them. I hope that she takes better care of herself if for no other reason than to be good to herself.

    • Yes!! It’s high time we take responsibility for our weight gain. It’s not McDonalds… it’s not Paula Deen… it’s not processed foods… We have freedom in this country to make our own decisions… time to own up to them, people!

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