Knit Whit…

Operation Get Through Winter With A Smile On My Face is still in full force!  I said I was going to sign up for classes to have something to look forward to and so far  I’ve kept my word.  It’s also to avoid the winter eat-everything-in-sight-because-I’m-having-feelings syndrome I seem to adopt every winter.   I’ve already talked about my first class, the Beginning Digital Photography class I took back in November/December for 6 weeks.  The new class I signed up for… wait for it… Beginning Knitting.  That was the only one in the Logan School District brochure that stood out to me… there was something about Beginning Welding, but let’s just say I’d rather have 2 feet without any holes bored through them.   Craftiness has never been my forte… time to take over the knitting world!  😛

I’ve actually been cross stitching and embroidering for a few years now.  I find it beneficial to have something keeping my hands and my brain busy at all times… avoids the boredom munchies and my favorite numbdumb eating disease… I also have ADD, so changing up the skillz every once in a while is a must.  Man, now that I think about it, I may actually have the most pathetic reasons to eat excuses on the planet, Voldemar!

The class started 3 weeks ago… each week we meet in the Logan High “Media Center” aka the LIBRARY… seriously, get the fancy made-up name things out of here… let’s call a duck what it is… a weasel!!!  So, we meet in there and we learn how to knit for 2+ geezerly hours every Tuesday night.  The instructor is super patient and hallelujah for that because you have Knit Whit asking some pathetic question every 30 seconds…

Knit Whit:  So, what’s this fibery stuff called?
Instructor of Knit Whit:  Yarn.
Knit Whit:  Oh, is that what it looks like?

Needless to say, I’m definitely the most challenged of the class… though I take comfort in the fact that there are only 4 of us.  The first week our project was to make a “nested pin cushion”… Mine started out looking like a holey pile of fibery stuff:

Purty sure I’m not supposed to have holes in the thing big enough to stick my nose through… in fact I think that may be a fact.  I actually ended up undoing this one as it was my first knitting experience and doing it over again.

That’s a little better… the finished product?

I guess now I have to buy me some pins to put in my new cushion… Last week’s project was “family slippers,” which was all fine and dandy, except I found out when I was about 2/3 of the way done with my 2nd slipper that my family’s feet are too dagnabbed long and and that the instructor provided me with yarn the color of which went out of production last year… WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  So, now I have one periwinkle slipper and one periwinkle/red slipper.  I tried to hide that fact by making red pom poms for both of them, but it ain’t done a dagnabbed thing but draw attention to the red splotch!

Stupid clown feet clodhoppers anyway… I blame my mother!  This week’s project is dish cloths… at least I know the difference between a yarn and a thread now… I’m well on my way to knitting savantness!  😛

Question of the Day:  Have you ever knitted/crocheted?  What do you make? 




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24 responses to “Knit Whit…

  1. Jen

    I had no idea you were learning to knit. That is so awesome. A lady at work just taught me how to crochet last week. She also knows how to knit, but that is definitely too advanced for me. It really takes a lot of coordination in your fingers doesn’t it? As soon as I practice enough, I am going to crochet along the edges of a flannel blanket and burp cloth that matches my diaper bag. I am finding my fingers are very clumsy and uncoordinated. Your projects so far are way cool. Keep it up!

    • Jen… I thought the same thing about knitting. My fingers are definitely not nimble or coordinated, but I find I prefer knitting to crocheting because I can get a more even stitch with knitting. My crocheting is pretty pathetic. I’ll teach you knitting sometime!

  2. Avster

    I’m not much of a knitter… maybe that’s because I taught myself! My s-i-l can knit up a storm though. If you like I can send you her blog so you can see all the amazing things she’s created.

    I’m better at crocheting, though I can’t say I’ve ever made much of anything. The patterns give me headaches. Mostly I’ve just crocheted small blankets for the cats. I’ve also made quite a number of hats.

    • Oooo… I’d love to see your SIL’s projects… especially if she has patterns!! It’s funny how everyone is different. I’m not a great crocheter because my chains are never even… but knitting it seems to turn out a more even product for me!

  3. cl2

    You mean you didn’t learn to crochet and knit in primary? I gave up knitting after I learned. I’ve been crocheting most of my life–but I crochet really loose, so I can’t make things like sweaters. I’ve made possibly 50 of the exact same afghan pattern over the years because it is the easiest stitch I ever learned (shell) and I don’t have to think when I do it. I’ve made a few other patterns, too, but I didn’t like doing them so never went back.

    You definitely must have ADD–I can’t believe ALL the stuff you do! Keep it up. January is almost over.

    • They taught you how to knit and crocchet in primary? That would have been a great beneficial thing to teach. We didn’t learn, but I do remember learning to crochet in Young Women’s. That’s a big task, those afghans… good for you!

  4. Natalie

    Well neato! Knitting is great for OCD. You get to do the same thing over and over. Then you count and count and count! LOL! Pin cushion? How boring! But your boring pincushion looks great! You could make a scarf that you could actually wear and it’d fit. It’s just a longer piece of rectangle. Hats are rectangles, too, tall and wide enough and sewn up the side. You can make a rectangle long enough to wrap around your ipod, then it’s an isock. How’s about a placemat? Knit something you actually want this time! When you want I have a pattern I made up for a purse. Secret: the purse is actually made up of 2 slippers knitted together.

    • Nammy is a knitting genius!!! I’d love to get the purse pattern and any other patterns that you’ve enjoyed over the years! I love the isock idea. My ipod could use some padding!

  5. Brittney

    I taught myself how to knit and I love it! I am like you, I have embroider to keep my hands busy and needed something new to do. I do it mainly to keep myself from falling asleep, but it’s fun. I have knit scarfs, booties, and hats. I want to work my way up to a sweater, but I’m still far from being good enough. Keep it up!

    • You sound like a knitting pro, Brittney! That’s awesome… especially when you can make things that you or your kids can use… like the scarves, hats, and booties… I have to work my way up to that!

  6. dessawade

    I knitted in my younger years and have a really ugly afghan to show for it. It is brown and orange and very uneven. I started out with tight stiches and by the end of the afghan they were loose. This class has been fun though. I also have crocheted but have a limited knowledge and so when the stitches get tricky I get lost and then I quit. QUITTER!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Good for you learning to knit.
    My kids signed up for knitting class at the local Library also back in the summer.
    When we had to move in with my parents to help with Dad in July though …well they obviously couldn’t go any longer from 100 miles away.
    The problem we saw was they only met once a month so the kids would get bored just practicing their stitch thingys and not actually MAKING anything. What is it called? Casting on or something…
    They wanted to go back when we got moved back home after Dad passed, in late October. The first class was the first Thurs. of November and the teacher still wanting them to work on casting on still no project to do. They got it already!!
    They haven’t been back since with the holidays and school…

    Question of the Day: Have you ever knitted/crocheted? What do you make?
    The kids taught me the basic stitch and I was able to do a few rows ( I had a pretty pale yellow colored yarn). I find it very frustrating so I must be doing something wrong. The kids just cook along like nothing but she won’t teach them the next step to actually MAKE something.


    • That seems like a not-so-beneficial way to learn. We learned all 3 necessary stitches in the space of 2 hours… and once you have those down you can knit a bunch of different things! Start with the knitting needles and find a detailed instruction online on how to do the cast on, purl stitch, and knit stitch and you are set. Simple after you get that down. All it takes is practice.

  8. Karen

    I am impressed! I can provide pins for the pincushion. Everyone has to have a hobby! Keep up the good work. Have tried knitting and maybe would pursue if I wasn’t so composive about quilt piecing. Enjoy!

  9. Lindsay

    WHIT!!! I am so dang impressed with your skills! You didn’t mention that you have had to help mom finish hers to keep her on track.

    SO I have tell you those slippers are exactly the ones that this cute little senior made for my entire family. She doesn’t even know Christian, Ethan or Shayne but she knew their ages and made them their own slippers and she has restocked them every year for me! I LOVE THEM! There is no slipper like them! So could you make me some?


  10. Um, I’ve kind of fallen off the face of the earth–sick kids, need I say more. My 4 yr old ended up with pneumonia. But I have greatly enjoyed all of your blog entries (as always).
    I can’t believe you are taking a knitting class! That is awesome! We must have been kind of on the same wave length or something, because I just picked up crocheting. (I have a somewhat vague past with crocheting– a half-finished hot pad somewhere, a doilie or two done 15-20 yrs ago). I decided to teach myself, so that I could teach my daughter, because she really wants to learn. My first (and so far only) finished products are a flowered headband for my girl and a flowered pony tail thing. I was pretty much ecstatic that they turned out at all, because I am super not crafty 🙂 I also thought it was great to have something to do with my hands besides put food in my mouth.
    Your projects look awesome! Those slippers look really comfy and I love the red pom-poms (I actually didn’t notice that the toe part of the slipper was red, until I read it)
    You rock, Miss Homemaker of the Year!

    • Oh no!!! Spencer had the dreaded pneumonia? That is just miserable. For the little guy and especially for mom. I hope he’s on the mend. I’ll send him mental healing vibes.

      As for the same wave length… that’s hilarious. I tell you, teaching yourself is very impressive! I remember learning to crochet at Nedra Anderson’s house in young women’s… do you remember that? We made flowers and something else. Of course, I never got the crocheting knack… my fingers are too tense and none of my stitches turned out even!

      I totes want pictures of your cute flower headband and pony tail projects… those sound adorbs.

  11. I’m pretty sure that my half-finished hot pad is one that I started with the help of Nedra. I had forgotten about the flowers, but now that you mention it, it sounds vaguely familiar. I get those tense crocheting fingers as well, maybe I need to try knitting.
    Thanks for the mental healing vibes–they seem to be working; could you send some positive attitude/ be-nice-to-your-tired-mom vibes now? 🙂 Thanks–you’re the best!

  12. I am a through and through crochet-er. I did teach myself to knit a few years back. I checked out some books from the library and watched youtube videos. I have two scarves that I knitted – which took entirely too long! I could have had them crocheted in about 1/10th of the time it took to knit them, but they are my favorite scarves 🙂

    There are a lot of nice free patterns on the internet. I think the site I’ve been to is . I currently have an afghan that I’m working on here and there. I mostly do stuff for work, but I do try to have a personal project that I work on here and there going most of the time.

    I use a lot of knitting machines with my work. You would be amazed at how fast it goes with one of those! It’s perfect for those impatient gals like me that have to have it done quick! And have to have it looking perfect too – it’s pretty easy to get an even stitch all the time with a machine! So – if you decide you want to try machine knitting, let me know! I can sure help you out there!

    Thanks for your awesome posts!


    • You are the crocheting master! I’m not a great crocheter… my fingers don’t want to work that way, but the knitting somehow seems easier for me to get down. I’m not sure what the deal is. If I ever graduate to machine knitting, I’ll for sure give you a holler… that sounds pretty spiffy!

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