For some reason I seem to be blanking tonight.  I’ve been sitting here for the past hour trying to write something and I just end up erasing it after 3 words.  ANNOYING!!!!  I think it’s the jumbled brain disease rearing it’s ugly head… a brain rearing it’s head… bwahahahaha… get it?  That’s the first sign of insanity… when you start laughing at things that aren’t funny on any planet, let alone the non-planet, Pluto.  It’s probably a sign that I should turn this computing system off and go to sleep… novel how that works.  I must be getting old… it’s not even 4 in the morning yet.  In the meantime… snow pictures!!

Talk amongst yourselves… I’m going to bed!  G’night y’all… and to all a Merry Christmas!!  😛



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16 responses to “Blanking….

  1. Avster

    ha ha! Yup! You know that Whitney is in a bind when all she can think of to do is to post photos of snow. 😀

  2. Natalie

    My brain is being erased by the snow!!

  3. dessawade

    We all have brain freezes every once in a while. Maybe you should try starting before 4 in the morning! HaHa

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one with blank-brain syndrome. Aren’t we supposed to be a little older before that hits? (Truth is I have had it for quite a while now)

  5. Karen

    You made me smile and the pictures are wonderful. When do you go to bed, if you are still up at 4:00 a.m.?

  6. cl2

    After staring at a computer screen all day and proofreading–I’m surprised your mind isn’t blank more often! I love the snow picture with the dark sky and stars. You take wonderful pictures.

  7. Jen

    Finally “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” I need to break out my new Michael Buble CD again. We got a ton of heavy snow today.

  8. Julie

    So when I read the title… I thought blanking was a new way of planking…. Blanking, perhaps is when you plank on a blanket, or maybe plank and forget why you are doing it.

  9. Lindsay

    I miss pics of green canyon….so pretty!

  10. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Just passing through getting caught up and enjoying the pics.
    Still no snow here in MO.
    We usually get HIT HARD in February so…there is still time.

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