Say It Isn’t So…

So, my life is basically over… my toothbrush ran out of batteries tonight and I had to power it with my hand!  What did I ever do before the invention of the battery-powered toothbrush?  I love that dagnabbed thing.  It feels like your teeth are getting a right good turbo clean… not that usual whimpy can’t go in a circular motion hand-powered toothbrush.  The HUMANITY!  Life as I know it will never be the same… EVER!!!!!  What’s that you say?  Go buy more batteries you yellow-bellied lizard?  That would be a novel idea, but sadly I’m not smart enough to get the bottom of the toothbrush open to change the batteries.  Who invented these childproof toothbrushes anyway?  I’d sue the company if it weren’t so much hassle to fill out the paperwork.  Carry on with your lives as usual.  Mine will just be on hold until I can figure out how to twist off my toothbrush bottom.  😛

In news that is actually  news… I was excited to read this article.  Apparently, school lunches are getting a revamp!  FINALLY!

The first major nutritional overhaul of school meals in more than 15 years means most offerings – including the always popular pizza – will come with less sodium, more whole grains, and a wider selection of fruits and vegetables on the side.

First lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the new guidelines during a visit Wednesday with elementary students. Michelle Obama, also joined by celebrity chef Rachael Ray, said youngsters would learn better if they don’t have growling stomachs at school.

“As parents, we try to prepare decent meals, limit how much junk food our kids eat, and ensure they have a reasonably balanced diet,” Obama said. “And when we’re putting in all that effort the last thing we want is for our hard work to be undone each day in the school cafeteria.”

After the announcement, the three went through the line with students and ate turkey tacos with brown rice, black bean and corn salad, and fruit – all Ray’s recipes – with the children in the Parklawn Elementary lunchroom.

Under the new rules, pizza won’t disappear from lunch lines, but will be made with healthier ingredients. Entire meals will have calorie caps for the first time and most trans fats will be banned. Sodium will gradually decrease over a 10-year period. Milk will have to be low in fat and flavored milks will have to be nonfat.

Although, I hate how they are villanizing pizza.  Pizza can be a part of a healthy lifestyle… it all depends what ingredients are put on it.  Though, as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I do think it’s ridiculous that they are calling it a vegetable due to the tomato paste.

My recollection of the school lunch back in my day, approximately 8 billion years ago when I walked uphill both ways to school and didn’t own a pair of shoes… is foggy at best.  I seem to remember “mystery” meat on salisbury steak day… and always wondered if the mashed potatoes were real.  I’m pretty sure they were watered down potato flakes slathered with butter.  When I got to high school level, I brought my lunch… except when they had ala cart salad day.  My mom would let me eat the salad because salad fit with my “die”t I was always on.  She didn’t get to see what I put on that sucker… 8 gallons of cheese… ham by the pig loin… enough croutons to supply a small 3rd world country… and enough ranch dressing to cover up the few pieces of green I had splayed across the plate.  Do you want some lettuce with that “salad”?  In other words, my “salad” should have been called a Hammy Cheesy Ranchy casserole or Clogged Artery Delight.  I’d venture to guess I had at least 1000 calories on that sucker… AT LEAST!!!!

It’s time that they changed the school lunch guidelines.  I don’t know how easy it will be to retrain kids to eat the healthy food instead of picking up a bag of chips and a candy bar in the vending machines, but it has to be tried.  For the sake of the Hammy Delight Casserole… it has to be tried!!

Question of the Day:  Do you remember anything about your school lunches?  What do you think of the new guidelines?  Will kids eat it?






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8 responses to “Say It Isn’t So…

  1. Julie

    Will kids eat it? I doubt it. The cafeterias already are forced to make meals on a shoestring budget. Doesn’t make a difference how many rules you place on them. They aren’t creative chefs, and they are trying to make the budget stretch out of 30% leftovers mixed with 70% low budget, long lasting (high preservatives) ingredients. To actually make a positive difference in the food quality… there needs to be free enterprise. Allow Wendy’s, Chick-fil-a, perhaps Moes or Taco Bell, bid for a spot and have them offer up healthy ideas. Two competitors, each offering one daily healthy meal option, let the kids decide which they prefer to buy. The chains have deeper pockets, a reason to want to make it tasty and the resources to make healthy options. Then, with our school budget, just offer a fresh fruit bar.

  2. cl2

    Maybe my memory isn’t that great and I have grand illusions about school lunches–because I took lunch from home. Threw away the “picklet and pimento” sandwiches–while my sister threw out her tuna sandwiches. Our school had wonderful rolls–as did the high school. I don’t remember Jr. High lunches–Jr. High is one of those repressed memories I hated it so much!

    In high school, they made the most wonderful “haystacks” I have ever eaten so I’d always eat school lunch that day. I’ve tried many different recipes and have yet to come up with the right one (don’t you hate that!). (Whitney, did you ever eat at Cabin Fever Cafe here in Logan when it was open–they had the BEST and I mean BEST oatmeal cake–do you know any oatmeal cake recipes?) Can you tell, I’m hungry?

    I really didn’t think school lunches were so bad back then (I’m 54)–but eating school lunch at my kids’ elementary school was pretty crappy (more in terms of amount and taste). We kept the calendar so that I’d know which days they took lunch from home as they wouldn’t eat their school lunch depending on what was served–they’d just toss it. Funny thing, they ALWAYS hated French dip–or so they though until they tried a REAL French dip sandwich (not made at the school cafeteria).

    I don’t know what the answers are for school lunches. (I could probably open up your toothbrush as I finally figured them out–but I went out and bought my kids and I the rechargeable ones before Christmas as they had a 2 for 1 thing at Costco–you might check Sam’s Club. We love them. They work better than the short-term ones. Definitely worth the extra money upfront.)

  3. Avster

    So… does this means that they’re going to get rid of the vending machines and pop machines?

  4. cl2

    Seems I saw some of these in one packs for about $40 at Wal-Mart just before Christmas also.

  5. Jen

    It does sound like school lunch has gotten worse over the years. Hopefully the Obamas can make it healthier. I remember my school district had some pretty gross things, but there was one thing I really liked. They made homemade cherry and apple turnovers. I thought they were pretty delish!

  6. Phil Berger

    I loved school lunch. My mom was the district school lunch supervisor. Two of my aunts were the cooks at Victor Elementary where I attended, after walking there with no shoes through the snow carrying my double set of Roy Rogers cap guns, fully loaded. Mom and both aunts were all famous cooks. We had home made rolls the size of a softball. The chipped beef tasted like filet minion. I even learned to like pickled beets. And, the potatoes and gravy were real. The best cafeteria food ever was a big glob of gooey sweet peanut butter and honey with the perfect proprtion of the only two ingrediants. I miss school lunch.

  7. Karen

    I remember school lunch cost .25. I remember creamed hamburger over mashed potatoes and I liked that. I remember homeny and I did not like that. I do remember them not tasting too bad and we got our money'[s worth. I went to a small country school with eight grades in it. Good memories.

  8. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: Do you remember anything about your school lunches? What do you think of the new guidelines? Will kids eat it?

    We went to private school and the lunches were really good. You didn’t have a bunch of choices either. You ate what they prepared that day. If you said you didn’t like it, they made you try it anyway. THEN if you still didn’t like it, you could get a PB & honey sandwich that was the best ever.
    There were only two meals I didn’t like and still will not eat to this day and that is ( out of the can ) ravioli and chicken / turkey and dumplings. ICK! Those were PB sandwich days for me.

    I went to the local public school my last yr of high school and I was really surprised by their lunches. It was like a fast food buffet of grease.
    I remember the huge pizza slices they would give us and the loaded Frito pies ( which was a cardboard boat of Frito chips piled high with chili and topped with lots of cheese).
    I escaped to the Dairy Queen down the road with friends quite a bit at lunchtime or went to the grocery store just across the street for their salad buffet ( which had a ton more than just salad – like fresh fruit etc ).
    Those were the days….

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