Decision-Making is My Forte… NOT!!!!!

Yo yo… 6-year-old up in this here joint with the making-up-of-blog-titles.  I’ve been racking/wracking (Google likes both versions, thus that means Whitney doesn’t care) my brain as to my goals for 2012.  Sometimes I think I’m being lazy about it… other times I legitimately think it’s my cursed decision-making phobia that has me waltzing along like it ain’t almost February in 2 days (by the way… HALLELUJAH for February!!!).  A 3rd part of me just wants to lie down and commiserate with the voices in my head… the wracking/racking is really doing a number on the amount of brain cells still remaining in my cranium holder.   The 4th part of me realizes that setting a goal is a daunting task… and there’s always the desire to pick something easy… because easy is easy to accomplish… obviously… it’s EASY!  So, all the goal ideas that cross my wracked/racked brain are quickly shot down by the Too-Difficult Police who live inside my hair follicles… no, it’s not lice… it’s the police!

In 2011 I had 4 goals… all of which I accomplished and all of which were “hard” for me to accomplish because they were out of my comfort zone of couch lounging.  The first was to hike more… hiking more for me meant more than once a decade… so I’d say going on 5 hikes in 2011 was more than once a decade… goal accomplished.  The 2nd goal was to get a bicycle and ride it for at least 500 miles this summer… goal accomplished… fat chic on a bike speeding around town.  Next summer I be charging admission.  Anyone want to rig up a contraption to have a tip jar jutting out from my bike handles?  That way I won’t have to even stop for tips… people can just throw them into my jutting jar.  That sounds nasty… moving on!

The 3rd goal was to sing more… I sang up a storm in 2011… mostly to myself but at least I was opening my mouth and letting sounds come out of it.  The 4th and final goal was to go on a trip via airplane for the first time in YEARS!!  Goal accomplished when I hit my New England fall leaf, lighthouse, and church history tour in October.  All of those goals were “hard” for me because I had to overcome some nagging fear that I let reside deep down in my toes.

This year I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot of my big huge fears… as far as facing them head on.  Hotel rooms and germy issues and airplanes, and people pointing and staring at me, and fear that I’d fall off a cliff and/or be murdered by a freaky baby owl who hates me.  So, what’s left?  Only more hard stuff… stuff that would require a huge upheaval in my life.  Stuff that I say I want to do but when it really comes down to it, I may be just too afraid to do it.  Stuff that would require me to have to sacrifice some of the things that I love… like my precious beloved free time and my nights and my weekends and my sanity.  What am I talking about?

Prison.  😛  JOKES… good heck family… off the ledge!  I’m talking about going back to school whilst still working full time plus meal planner and cook and exerciser and blogger and knitter and cross stitcher and life liver.  It makes me too tired to even want to think about it… but at the same time it’s something that will need to be done if I ever have any hope of actually moving out of this basement that I’m renting.   So, I guess I’ve just decided my biggest goal of the year.  Go back to school in the fall… even if it’s just 1 or 2 classes at a time.  If I’m not working towards something, I’m standing still… and I’ve been doing that for too many dagnabbed years… it’s time to move forward!  Look out uneven sidewalks… I’m a coming for you!

Question of the Day:  Do you have any 2012 goals? 



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20 responses to “Decision-Making is My Forte… NOT!!!!!

  1. cl2

    Nope. Survive? My life has been a bit crazy lately–so don’t want to bog myself down.

    For someone who hates winter–you take the best winter pictures!!!

  2. Avster

    2012 goals? Not really… mainly just stay caught up and get work done instead of just thinking about doing it… which all ties in to staying caught up. 😉

  3. Natalie

    You really have changed a lot of things with conscious effort. People talk about it, but you did it! I believe you can do this thing! How about I just live through you a while? You might have to re-label yourself a “go-getter”.

  4. Karen

    Great goal! What would you want to study? Lot’s of work but I promise that you would never regret it! I wore braces at 50 because I had chosen not to do it as a teenager and was self conscious about my teeth. Goal accomplished. You can do it.

    • I remember when you had braces!! Not many could pull it off, but I thought you looked good in them! As for what I want to study… probably something in the English area of things. That was my biggest challenge going to USU back in my 20s… I could never decide on a definitive major!

  5. dessawade

    That’s a great goal Whitney! I have no doubt that you’ll be able to do it and you might even enjoy it. You aren’t living up to your potential anyway. You are very talented!

  6. Faith

    Studying is a great goal!

    I listed some goals for the year on the forum. The only I’ve already started working on is eating less chocolate and candy. This goal I have failed to reach for years now, so this year, perhaps inspired by the goals you have already reached, I have made up some rules to work towards it.

    My other major challenging goal is to present a paper at a conference. This kind of freaks me out, but I have volunteered to do it despite always hating oral presentations.

    • I have you to look up to for my studying goal, Faith… you climbed a mountain in your education this past year! I love your goals… and I’m glad you said “less” chocolate and sweets rather than just cutting them out all together. We’re women… we need a treat sometimes!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    How exciting Whitney – going back to school! You can totally do it, no worries.
    Start out slow and take a class or two and you will be surprised at how well you do.

    Question of the Day: Do you have any 2012 goals?

    My main goals for 2012 are getting down into One-der-Land, learning to kayak, taking Dh & the kids to Worlds of Fun, and finding my joy.
    My Dh has decided, this Spring, we are going to BUILD our own barn to hold all our farm equipment & trailers.
    Uhhh….Yeh – I know !!

    Those things should keep me busy….

  8. Your blog always helps me forget how overwhelmed I am for just a few minutes. Thanks for that! And I’m sure you’ll do awesome with your goal for this year!

    I had a goal to better my racquetball game. I still do – although everything still seems to be taking a back seat to work. I have been reading a book I bought about Joseph (the technicolor dreamcoat Joseph). It’s been fairly humbling as I realize how much more I need to pray and look for inspiration and guidance with my life. The business has had a life of it’s own – and it controls mine. My humble life isn’t anything compared to what Joseph’s was – but I’m sure he felt super overwhelmed with what he had to do – and looked for help in the right place. So my goal is to pray and fast more (pardon the religious talk, but it’s who I am (-: ) and make a plan for where I want this business to go and take control. It’s got to stop controlling my life. I have a family that needs me too…

    So I guess I have 3 goals, 1) I’d like to lose about 15 lbs more, 2) improve my racquetball game so I can easily beat the best girl in the group (can you tell that it bugs me that we all lose to her all the time?) 3) and look for help with study and prayer as to what to do and how to manage this business I’ve got. Whew, I’m sure I should add more to the list, but those are pretty big ones for me. Thanks for actually getting me to write those down!

    • I love your goals, Taralee!! Finding that balance in life is such a delicate tight rope… probably the most difficult thing for you to do. I’m sending prayers and thoughts your way as well that you’ll be able to figure a way to find that. You can get it!

  9. Lindsay

    YOU CAN DO IT! Great goal I may make that for myself as well! Life is a learning process!

  10. jen

    What a great goal and a good idea to set a deadline too. Any ideas on what you want to study?

    • Jen… I am still leaning towards something in English… but that’s always been my biggest issues even when I was going to school back in the old days… what do I want to be?

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