One of my biggest issues on this journey of mine… and I really mean the single most huge-mongous… is figuring out how to feel and listen to my hunger pangs.  A naturally thin person knows it’s time to eat when they’re hungry.  A not-naturally-thing person knows it’s time to eat when the second hand on the clock is moving… basically all the dagnabbed day long.  No joking around.  I could literally probably eat all day… hungry or not.  It’s easy for these hands of mine to stuff things into my pie hole like it be going-out-of-business day at the bankrupt Twinkie factory.  Of course I’ve had to work on that over the last few years… and by work on it I really mean sitting on my hands with a piece of duct tape strapped over my pie hole.  You don’t lose nearly 240 pounds by not working on that.  But, I can legitimately say I still don’t pay attention to my hunger pangs to tell me when it’s time to eat.  I use the clock… and my emotions… and I find myself wondering if the hunger thing can ever be relearned.

And then I seem to have really bad short term memory when it comes to eating.  I hate the feeling I have when I’ve eaten too much.  I feel bloated and nasty and I want to upchuck in the Chuck-up-A-Rama parking lot.  And I always vow to myself… NEVER AGAIN!!!!!  Never again will you eat so much in one sitting that they have to roll you out the door on a hand truck.  NEVER!!!  But I always do it again.  I forget that awful feeling until I’m once again being rolled out on a hand truck vowing to never eat that much at one sitting ever again… again!!  I call it Stuffed-Mentia… you’re stuffed but you’ll have dementia when dinner rolls around and stuff yourself again.  It’s like an ongoing battle of idiocy to the millionth degree.  Sometimes I just have to say things like… Well, Whitney… at least you don’t have 3-feet piles of animal feces in your house like that one chic on the Hoarder’s show.  That usually makes me feel better for 10 minutes… and then I go eat because the second hand just moved 10 seconds.

Question of the Day:  Do you feel like you eat only when you’re hungry?  What’s your biggest eating trigger?




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16 responses to “Stuffed-Mentia…

  1. Natalie

    You lost a great deal, so you can use yourself as a motivator. You got that far, of course you can do it. Knowing and doing are different, I know! I think the hunger will come back once you reach a point. I think the stupid fat cells get in the way when you have too many and give the wrong signals. They are greedy goomers only worried about themselves.

  2. Jen

    I hate that overstuffed feeling from eating too much too. When going to a buffet or a social gathering where there is a lot of food, I usually just want to have a taste of everything, rather than eat large quantities of everything. That helps me not get too full. But if there is something really good, then I am in trouble because I go back for more and more.

  3. Avster

    I generally eat when I feel hungry, but not always. I have to really watch the afternoons when I get home from work- especially in the winter. I usually eat lunch about half an hour before I come home (lunch being in the two o’clock hour), but often when I come home I feel as though I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.
    Some days I’m bad and I eat way too much and then I’m not even hungry when supper comes around… and then once it hits eight I’m hungry again and I get myself a bowl of ice cream… doh!
    Most days I’m smarter than that, but not all days. Most times I try to remind myself to drink a large glass of water, and that usually works pretty well!

  4. cl2

    No–I don’t only eat when I’m hungry. I also tend to eat more the more I eat–in terms of I feel so rotten, I think maybe if I just eat one more thing, I’ll feel better. I’ll never be able to only eat when I’m hungry.

    Hate to put it this way, but maybe others can relate. I was watching Intervention one night and the girl was a cutter. When she cut, she felt relief. I could identify completely. Our wounds just don’t ‘bleed.’

    My therapist has also had a problem with weight. He was large child–and he told me the trick is to learn to savor every bite. He said most of it is just mindless eating. Yep.

    I eat almost entirely over emotions.

    • Savoring every bite is a hard thing to practice… especially when your mind is on 25 different things… but I too think that’s the key to solving the mindless eating stuffed-mentia disease!

      I agree re: the “relief” from eating… though, I consider my mindless eating more a numbing thing than relief. I don’t have to feel if I stuff it down.

  5. dessawade

    I have a problem with mindless eating too. I think we have to talk to ourselves every once in a while and just say NO!, you don’t need anything else to eat! and then find something else to do to keep your mind and hands busy. That’s why the knitting has been good.

  6. SwtKittN

    I wish I only ate when I was hungry. A lot of time it’s just cuz I’m bored or whatever. But on days when I’m on the go like shop shop all day long and don’t eat until my stomach is screaming OMG ITS 3PM WHY HAVENT YOU EATEN YET and then I eat again at dinner and I look and I don’t break 1200 after inputting lunch and dinner. Times like that make me realize I do eat a lot when I probably shouldn’t be. Mind you I should be eating more than that but 😀 Just bleh 😛

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: Do you feel like you eat only when you’re hungry? What’s your biggest eating trigger?

    I only within the past year identified that I am an emotional eater and a boredom eater. I wasn’t only eating when I was hungry and I never seemed to get full even though my stomach felt full. I ate until I couldn’t hardly move on a regular basis.

    When I started realizing I needed to change my eating habits and get back to exercising to lose the weight and get my life back…I started ‘seeing’ these things realistically. I was just in denial for a long time.

    Yes, I still catch myself staring into the pantry or the refrigerator. Looking for that thing that will make me feel better. I can’t count the number of times I have stopped myself and said out loud – “you are not hungry – you are bored/ mad at something/ thirsty / just SAD. It will pass. Refill your water bottle.”

    I find my biggest trigger is a fight with my husband or when I feel unappreciated.
    When I feel this way, I go outside for a long walk or a B210K run.

    Right here with ya, Whitney.

    Keep on pushing forward.

    • Yes… it is really the self talk that gets you through the emotional eating phase… but then there are those days I don’t have the patience to use that method. It’s a learning experience for sure!

  8. I am a slightly naturally thin person and I STILL find myself eating when I am not hungry. I’m not so sure it’s as easy as a definition as thin person vs not thin.

    I eat when I’m tired. Weird huh? Not really. I have 4 kiddos so I can’t just nap when I am tired, but I’m too tired to do anything but sit and shovel food into the mouth.

    Then the guilt.

    I think it’s an uphill battle even for those of us who may not show it on the outside.

    I personally try and keep a LOT of gum in the house to keep the old mouth busy. That and green smoothies save me!

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