No, Officer… My Strait Jacket Isn’t Too Tight…

Sister Lindsay and Madre discovered a new app on Friday… and by discovered a new app, I really mean moved into it’s house and took it’s name… all the while slowly turning into 5-year-old boys.  It’s times like these padding the walls seems like a splenderiful idea.  No joking around.  They played with that thing, laughing like hyenas for HOURS on Friday night… they then woke up on Saturday morning and did it all over again.  As for me, I’ve always been kind of a chick with a stick up her hindquarters, so after about 10 minutes, that dagnabbed app had overstayed it’s welcome.   What is this app that Madre downloaded onto her newish iPad?  It’s called Talking Tom… basically a cat who you can talk to and then he repeats back what you say in a higher more chipmunky voice… LOLOLOLOLOL… We ain’t rocket scientists over in this here household I tell you what!   I would like to publicly apologize to any neighbors who might have thought there was a Fran Drescher convention going on up in this here joint Friday night.  The cackling will be kept to a minimum at any future conventions.

Of course I had to get video proof.  Some people think I over exaggerate things coughcoughFAMILYcoughcough… and that may be true… but definitely not so in this instance.  Disclaimer:  For those of you who are not 5-year-old boys and/or boys going through puberty, fair warning on some of the word choices…  I am not related… I really am not!


Makes you want to eat graham crackers and then go to recess don’t it?  Did I mention I wasn’t related?  Because I’m not!!

Question of the Day:  What makes you laugh? 



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15 responses to “No, Officer… My Strait Jacket Isn’t Too Tight…

  1. Julie

    My daughter asks me the funniest questions and sometimes we end up laughing hysterically. A few days ago, she asked me why smiles turned “up” in the corners of your mouth instead of down. I responded that I wasn’t really sure, then she attempted to give back a hearty laugh maintaining a frown. This resembled how I assume a laughing trout might appear. Because I found it so funny, I wanted her to see what it looked like (we were in Taco Bell) and attempted the feat myself. She laughed so hard her eyes watered. Yes, we repeated it all day and evening, and still do it at times… and we still laugh.

  2. cl2

    Movies, TV, Jeff Foxworthy–I used to listen to his tapes in my car just after my husband left. It kept me from losing my mind to be able to laugh.

    My new itty bitty dog makes me laugh.

    What is it with apps? I have a smart phone just because everyone else in the family has one, but I only use it FOR CALLS and texting when my kids insist on texting. I’ve used the GPS once. I’m one of those addictive type personalities that if I started doing stuff like that, I’d be on the computer/phone more than I am. When my kids introduced me to solitaire on the computer, I played for 6 hours once. Now I don’t even have a facebook account or I’d never get off the computer.

    • Aw… I’m glad you are enjoying your new doggie! I’m with you in the addictive department. I finally had to get rid of Tetris and Solitaire from my computer a few years back because it was such a time sucker!

  3. Lindsay

    GOTTA LOVE Talking Tom! BOOYA~!

  4. jenny

    You do Whitt!!!!! Look forward to you every morning!

  5. dessawade

    Oh my heck! That made laugh all over again! Love that Talking Tom!

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    That video was funny – I had to laugh when your mom and your sis both laughed at the same time and then both went Ahhhh and then it repeated that.
    That cracked me up!
    I am like you though and after about 10 mins I would have been like, Ok – enough of that.
    Electronic gadgets and gizmos are so not my thing.
    I don’t even use my little cell phone for anything other than calls. My friends and my kid’s friends are always saying, “do you text??”
    “did you see the latest ( insert some techie saying here )??”

    No texting, no internet on my phone, no music or apps.
    I am dull to the extreme but I would rather get my laughs from my Dh & kids and real life.

    Question of the Day: What makes you laugh?
    My Dh has this crude-rude sense of humor that for some reason I have always found so funny. Totally opposite from the way I was raised and for some unknown reason it is hilarious to me. Not vulgar though.
    My kids …oh gosh – they can make me laugh and my son’s laugh is so contagious too!!
    The kids and our cats make me laugh.
    The kids and their friends make me laugh.
    The kids and the horses make me laugh.
    We found some old cassette tapes when we were hauling out some old stuff and one was Bill Cosby ( totally cracks me up ) and my son likes that one and kept it. My daughter has been listening to the Jeff Foxworthy cassette tape and that one is funny too.

    • Nothing wrong with that, I say. I do enjoy me some technology on occasion, but I also enjoy just being without it. I efinitely need time with both! I like Jeff Foxworthy too… he’s hilarious… and so is Bill cosby!

  7. kittywampus!

    what if you combined that with a farting or burping app!? That would be the most awesome feedback loop!

  8. Jen

    Yes I heard about this Talking Tom app Friday night too. They sent me a message via email. It was pretty funny, but I don’t think I would have played with it as long as they did. You guys will have to bring it up when you come to visit in March.

  9. I have never heard sis Wade say piece of poop! So funny- I’m getting that app as soon as I wake up in 3 hours!

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