Falling Trousers and Broken Vases…

Madre’s side of the family are music lovers… lovers of all things music… at least the 3 youngest are.  I’m not sure about the 3 oldest but my grandma always used to tell me about all of the “operettas” she used to sing in… as the star.  I done never been to an operetta before.  Opera yes… operetta… not so much.  I think we call them musicals these days since we’re so much hipper in our colored skinny jeans and all.  My Uncle Phil got up a broadway music program and invited me and Madre along to sing at a few of the assisted living centers in Northern Utah.  That’s right… some people are wedding singers… some people are funeral singers… we prefer to sing at the in between place.  We’re totally like the Von Trapps, except with less Trapps and certainly less Vons.  Tonight we took the show up to the assisted living center in Brigham City where Padre works.

I’d say it was a success… we corralled all the people from the dining room area and had us a pretty good-sized crowd… it’s easier to get people to stay and listen when you block all of the exits in advance.  Note for future reference… trying pulling the fire alarm and/or flatting some wheelchair tires.  JOKES!!!!!  Laws… quit it… I am not that mean.

Uncle Phil is all dressed up to the nines kind of like James Bond.  He looked spiffy in his tux. Madre and I were underdressed but at least I changed out of my holey LOVES CHOCOLATE T-shirt before driving up.  You can thank me later for that, Uncle Phil.  Madre is pulling her supermodel pose… she learned that it makes you look better in pictures if you pose to the side… kind of like a twig… except with less leaves and a set of teeth.  I prefer standing like an ape.  Much more flattering.

We did songs from Les Miserables, Gigi, Showboat, and a bunch of other musicals.  At the end of the gig Uncle Phil revealed to the audience that he had forgotten his belt and that my dad had said if his pants fell down he would get extra tips… I then revealed that if his pants indeed fell down, I’d need to borrow the nearest vase to conk me unconscious… Dad revealed that if his pants fell down none of the residents would notice… and Mom was just happy to be posing like a twig.  Twas a successful gig and I hear we’re doing it all over again come Fridee night.  Thanks for setting it up, Uncle Phil!!

Question of the Day:  Are you a fan of musicals?  What’s your favorite one? 




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17 responses to “Falling Trousers and Broken Vases…

  1. Whitney- you are so quick with your jokes! I forgot how funny you are!

  2. Avster

    The hills are alive… Yup, I like musicals. 🙂

    You and the family are looking good! This photographer agrees with how the madré is standing. 🙂

  3. Natalie

    I go for the Ape look as well. Wow i’m so impressed! yeah, it’s a old folks home, but I couldn’t even sing in front of people in a coma! You are very pretty in that picture nevertheless

  4. Julie

    I have some great photo tips to share, but nothing on musicals… sorry:
    1) To avoid a double chin, have camera lens angling down on you, stick your neck a bit out (like a turtle) then tilt your chin down. I offer the photographer a stool to stand on, or I pick someone taller than me to take it… which is much more difficult since I’m pretty tall.
    2) To make bare arms look thinner: Hands on hips angle elbows backward, like pointing to back corners of the room… not too far back or it looks un-natural.
    3) To make hips look smaller: stand sideways, like your mom, but then turn at the waist and face the camera.
    4) Stand tall and straight, imagine your shoulder blades touching.
    5) Smile: okay, that’s an easy one… but I think to get a great smile you have to think of something that makes you happy… even if you are not happy at the time of the photo. So think happy, then smile.

  5. Karen

    Laughed out loud on this one! Great way to start my day. I really love “musical” or “musical theater” Still my favorite is Les Mis having seen it about 8 times. Wicked is close behind, but think a trip to NYC is in the works for the newest ones out there. (I do the model pose)

  6. dessawade

    Favorite musical has to be Les Miserables. Can’t get enough of the music and can’t get enough of musicals.

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Wow ! Your Uncle looks S N A Z Z Y!
    I bet the residents loved the performance and the snappy dressers too.
    You gave them a really special show…that means a whole lot to them.

    I spent my afternoon walking ( with the kids ) up to one of the nursing homes across town. Takes us a good 45 mins to walk there and that is really hoofin’ it. We have a 93 yr old lady we visit each Thursday. We send her a card early in the week and then we show up on Thurs. to see her. It really brightens her week. Many of them don’t know if it is day, night, Monday, or Saturday b/c it all looks the same day in and day out there. A break in the routine really brightens their day.

    I digress…
    Question of the Day: Are you a fan of musicals? What’s your favorite one?
    Yes, I love musicals.
    Oh gosh…a favorite…hmmm.
    I loved Cats, and Phantom of the Opera for sure.
    Loved the Lion King done on stage…wow! Dh & I took my MIL & the kids when the troupe came through St. Louis. The kids were transfixed and my mother-in-law looked like the kids ( on the edge of her seat and didn’t want to miss anything…it was her first seeing anything like that also ).
    Sound of Music is a classic.
    Noah – performed in Branson, MO at the Sight & Sound Theatre –
    Simply WOW! They are currently performing JOSEPH.
    Here is a link in case you wanted to see more – http://www.sight-sound.com/WebSiteSS/getshowdetails.do?type=B

    • That’s so sweet that you visit her, Louisa. I’m sure she appreciates it. I used to do that once a week to a couple of ladies for years. I should get back to doing it. But I do get to the place to sing on quite a few occasions!

      Love Phantom and Sound of Music too… I haven’t seen Lion King on stage, but I hear it’s great!

  8. Jen

    Wow Uncle Phil looked pretty sharp in his tux! I wish I could have heard you guys. How fun.

  9. Kale

    My grandpa (Uncle Gene) is a music lover, but his taste certainly isn’t popular with…well…anyone! Old western/country with a splash of MoTab makes for an interesting combo. The musical talent must have gone to his younger siblings because he can’t carry a tune, but we love him for trying. There is something endearing about your grandpa belting out “Home on the Range.”

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