There’s a Hole In My Head!!!

So, I finished my knitted hat project… booya… and much to my delight it fits over the monstrous noggin I’ve got going on up in this here joint.  I’d like to say that the bigger the noggin, the more brains… but come on… we ALL know that ain’t the truth.  Pea-sized is pretty smallish.

You will notice that I haven’t dared to trim the hangy strings yet… I’m afraid I will somehow unravel the sucker. So, I’ll just tell people they are the rip cords for the built-in parachute I done knitted into my hat project.  Because I refused to have a pom pom hanging out on my head, there’s also a hole in the top of the hat… most likely a representation of my leaking brain cells!

It’s a miracle I finished it alive and well.  I was getting nervous as I was knitting along and my hands were turning blue.  I was sure it was poor circulation and I almost drove myself to the emergency room.  Thank goodness I washed my hands before I left and it washed the blueness off.  False alarm… just a Smurfing episode.  Come to find out blue/purple yarn dye is the bleediest of the bunch!  None of the other class had my same problem, so I consider myself extra special… it was a dagnabbed Smurfey Blessing!  I can’t wait until I wear it outside, take it off and my whole head is dyed blue!!!!!  I’ve always wanted to look like a blueberry!  Bring it on, Smurfette!!!

Have a splendiferous weekend, my friends.  Thanks for reading my ramblings… even if most of the time I make as much sense as a parachute sewed into a knitted hat!



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15 responses to “There’s a Hole In My Head!!!

  1. jen

    What a fun hat. That’s so neat you can make things to wear. Have a good weekend

  2. Natalie

    Thats the best first hat I’ve ever seen. A lady bought one of my patterns, in which I spell out every stinking thing. Even the unnecessary things. She wrote me a month later (last night) and asked me if I had a video to go with it. You got through that, you can make anything you want! Get someone near you that knows, to get you through the parts you don’t know.

  3. Lindsay

    Impressive work my dear!

  4. cl2

    Like I said before–for someone who hates winter–your pictures are fabulous!

    When i was reading about your “big noggin”–i realized my daughter has a big noggin, too–and I don’t think about it much as her dad is kind of a pinhead (not to be rude) and when I’m thin, my head isn’t very big and neither is my son’s–but my daughter–try finding her a hat! Especially as a baby!

    I think your hat looks good on you–and I don’t blame you for not trimming the ends. I have an afghan I made in my 20s that I still hvaen’t trimmed the ends and I never use it, but I won’t ever give it away–it took too much work!

  5. Avster

    We all know that deep down you want to be a live Strawberry Shortcake character. 😉

  6. Julie

    Great job on the hat!

  7. Karen

    Want you to know that you have motivated me and Audrey to call about a knitting class. Maybe in March, your class made more exciting items. The yarn shop does three dish cloths. Boring. What class are you taking? You did great!

    • It was fun!! I think you ladies would enjoy it… The one I took was out of the Logan School District classes. Did you ever know Glenna and Carroll Draper? They lived in North Logan for years… they’ve both passed on now, but the teacher of this class was their daughter! Small world! She has told me that she will not be teaching any knitting classes until fall after this one is over… she is taking a break! But I think I might take the intermediate knitting class when she starts up again. Are you looking at Knit Unique on Main Street? She works there also!

  8. Your hat looks awesome! Way to go!

  9. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Great job on your first hat!

    Love the pic too – stunning.

    Speaking of big heads…lol…we all have fairly normal heads except for my son.
    I don’t know what the deal is but his in huge. He is 10 and hasn’t been able to wear a kids size hat since he was bout 6 yrs old. We started giving him my husband’s caps to wear. Even my husband’s John Deere straw hat I bought for him for summer time tractor shows so he wouldn’t get so sunburned has been passed along to him.
    It is my son’s favorite hat now to wear ( looks like a straw cowboy hat with a green JD band ). It looks so cute on him too.
    Also, the size of his head has a direct correlation to why he is my last child.
    ( totally not kidding! )

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