National Chocolate and Sugar Binging Day…

That’s my new name for today’s holee-day.  We, as a human race are clueless.  Do we not understand that the invention of Valentine’s day was thought up by a sounding board made up of Hallmark people, chocolate people, and flower growers with a few Victoria Secret (what the helium balloon is Victoria’s secret anyway?  Is she really a man?  If any of you uncover the secret, let me know ASAP!) chicks thrown into the mix.  Seriously?!?!?!?  Why does there need to be a special day in which you stop off at the 7-11 on the way home from work because you forgot to get something for your loved one and if you don’t get something for your loved one, you’ll be living in the dog house for eternity!  And it’s too dagnabbed bad if you don’t have a dog or a house because then basically the garbage can is your next best option… right after sewer drain.  And then hygiene goes to pot and  you start being known as the dude who smells like moldy feet and then basically you wander the streets wearing a cardboard box with a rotted banana peel on top of your head because it’s raining and you live in Seattle!  THE HUMANITY!  See the psychological harm this day can cause!?  I just can’t live with it anymore!!!!!!

Deep breaths, Sybil… deep breaths!

I do love me some chocolate and some frosted sugar cookies from the Grist Mill the size of my liver, and the bane of my existence seems to be yelling FEED ME in it’s loudest fat multiplying voice… why yes my fat cells talk… don’t  yours?  So, basically, I’ll eat my sugar cookie and I’ll exercise to burn the sucker off.  The Hallmark Coalition went to all that work to make sure this was the best possible binging day and who am I to pooper up the par-tay?  So, anyway… all this to say… Happy Freaking Sewer Dwelling Valentine’s Day, friends!!


Meanwhile… my knitting addiction is hitting new highs… apparently I just bought enough yarn to make an afghan the size of Afghanistan… no joking around.  And now I’ve added my owl addiction to my knitting addiction and I went and made this:

Except, I don’t really know how to work with 2 different colors of yarn in the same row, so I had to do a LOT of additional doctoring to make it stick together and I wouldn’t be surprised if I walked out into the living room and find it in unraveled in a pile of yarn.  Do any of you knitters have any tips on how to do 2 colors in the same row so that there aren’t so many hanging stringers?  Obviously, it was wayyy above my skill level… but he makes me smile anyway!

Question of the Day:  Do you have an Valentine’s Day plans?  Which kind of sugary treat is your favorite?



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15 responses to “National Chocolate and Sugar Binging Day…

  1. Jen

    That little owl is so cute! You are just making all kinds of projects lately. I am way impressed. My romantic V-day plans include going to work tonight. Lots of babies are being born this week.

    • Did they all plan for their babies to be born near Valentine’s Day!? At least you planned for yours to be born around St. Patrick’s Day! 😛 Green is totes going to be his color!

  2. cl2

    The owl is cute. You are getting quite talented! How much yarn did you buy for yoru afghan? (I don’t even know how much I get anymore–I just go get more until I’m done. I actually made an afghan out of my leftover yarn a few years back–it turned out beautiful. I just crocheted with each leftover piece until it was gone and tied on a new leftover. I loved it! Gave it to my favorite sibling.)

    I like all kinds of sugar and, of course, it doesn’t like me. I like the sugar cookies at grsit mill, too–

    I don’t much like Valentine’s Day except getting my kids something. I have to go hunt down their cars today to put something in them.

    • I was surprised at how much yarn this pattern called for… I guess it’s going to be a big one… but there are like 5 or 6 different colors and it asked me to get three 150-gram skeins of each yarn color… so I had like 15 or so skeins! We’ll see if I actually finish it!

      I am sending my Padre on a mission to find those chocolates since I love chocolate and have never had any of theirs. I have eaten at the Idle Isle cafe at least once. It totally reminded me of the Bluebird here in town!

  3. sherikatielynn

    Adorable owl in my favorite color purple! I want one! 😉

    Hmmm favorite sweet? Not really a huge chocolate person, my love is cookies, pasteries and especially ice cream. I have a great frosted sugar cookie recipe, but was too lazy to make any this weekend!

    My mom made chocolate lava cakes a while back and my non-dessert husband loved them so I am attempting those tonight – fingers crossed!

    • I totally know about the lazy thing. I’ve had this recipe for no flour/no sugar cookies I’ve been wanting to try… bought the ingredients 3 weeks ago and haven’t made them yet! That cake sounds delish!! I’m sure they turned out heavenly!

  4. cl2

    OHHHHHHHHHH! Forgot–Love Idle Isle chocolates from Brigham (have you had any of their “nutballs” ever?) Since your dad works over there–you need to try them.

    AND I think I’ve said this before–Cabin Fever Cafe used ot have the best oatmeal cake I have ever eaten–best dessert I have ever eaten. I’ve tried to find a recipe that even comes close. Haven’t been able to yet.

  5. Avster

    He’s cute, Whit! Next time your owl visits you should put your creation there so that he has someone to visit!

    There’s a quote from WaMB… “There are more suicides on Valentines Day than any other day.”

    Sugary? hrm… can’t think of anything…

    • I plan on setting him on the roof to scare off the annoying woodpecker that comes in the SPring and stays through the fall to peck on the metal chimney stack. Seriously… makes me jump every time!

      That quote is probably pretty accurate! :p Meanwhile… I’ll help you with the sugar answer… your favorite is CHOCOLATE!

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    How cute is that owl?!?!!?

    Question of the Day: Do you have an Valentine’s Day plans? Which kind of sugary treat is your favorite?

    Well, my Dh took us all out on Saturday to celebrate our Valentines Day / 16th wedding anniversary because he didn’t know if his work would get in the way today.
    He took us out to lunch and shopping.
    He also bought me a massage – so naturally I can’t wait for that!!
    I gave him a card and am making him a special dinner tonight.
    We are having pork chops, hash brown casserole, a big salad, fresh fruit salad, and strawberry shortcake.

    Happy Valentines Day!!

    • Happy 16th wedding anniversary, Louisa!!! How nice that your Dh remembered and did something special. Enjoy your massage! You for sure deserve it!

      Also, the dinner sounds scrumptious! YUM!

    • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

      I notice I didn’t answer the favorite sweet question…lol
      Which kind of sugary treat is your favorite?
      Good quality C H O C O L A T E

  7. Oh, Whit you make me laugh! I LOVE the owl! I am so impressed!

  8. Deanna

    So cute! You’re doing great!

    No special plans. I asked my hubby to not buy chocolate this year, as I have splurged enough lately. Although, if I had to chose – it would be dark chocolate….or peanut butter. Or a good combination of both.

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