Dude… His Boobs Fell Off!!!!

Y’all… this is serious news and I don’t appreciate those smirks in the back row… and/or the people who are about to call in the vulgar po-leese to reprimand my vulgarity in title.  It’s not proper!  Like I said… this is some seriously horrific news.

At weekly/bi-weekly Sunday dinner tonight we had a little birthday par-tay for Makayla who will turn 6 on Thursday.  As usual… I got no presents on my non-birthday.  THE NERVE!  Though, I did manage to eat my weight in birthday cupcakes and that was present (and past and future) enough for me… stupid free-for-all day.  Back at it Mondee!  As I was saying, we had birthday royalty present and her favorite color is pink.

Do NOT adjust your screens.  Yes, it does look like a case of Pepto-Bismol exploded all over the place… don’t get naseous… get Pepto!



Why yes that’s a TV from the 1980s…

Corbin had a serious skin disorder… pink frostingitis.  It starts with some foaming at the mouth and then eventually spreads.  It’s brutally delicious!

The line of the night came with Corbin and Kayla playing in the next room when all of a sudden we hear… Wait, Kayla… My boobs fell off!  Pretty sure pink frostingitis had something to do with a 4-year-old boy sprouting boobs.  Stay away, my friends… stay away!

The “boobs” were this Christmas ball used as a sort of coconut bra.  We’re still blaming it on the frostingitis.  Guarantee it!  The only present that Kayla’s mom and dad would not allow her to take home… a live, breathing cat in a bag…  click for video proof!  Lucy was offended.

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite color?



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15 responses to “Dude… His Boobs Fell Off!!!!

  1. Julie

    A vibrant ocean “Blue-Green” is my favorite color. The water mid-day, in the British Virgin Islands, took my breath away.

    That kitten is precious!

  2. Avster

    Your tv from the eighties looks a lot more techy than our tv from the eighties!

    And no, you didn’t eat too many cupcakes, Whit. You ate some for me!

    Oh, and lavender.

  3. jen

    Those cupcakes look so good right. Now I am craving them. I like pink and purple to answer your question. Yes I know those are typical girl colors to like.

  4. dessawade

    Thanks Kayla and Corbin for bringing some happiness into our home every other sunday. Favorite color? I can’t decide!

  5. What a cute birthday party and darling kids! My favorite color is blue, but if I was going to pick a color for cupcakes it would not be blue–definitely dark brown 😉

  6. Lindsay

    TURQUOISE for sure! That has to be the cutest post ever! They are such sweet kids! Looks like fun! Lots of fun Hello Kitty stuff that I LOVE!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Cute kids!
    Cute kitty in a bag video!
    (Our cat loves any kind of box or bag too)

    Question of the Day: What’s your favorite color?
    Favorite colors have to be a dark fuchsia or periwinkle ( both in the purple family as my 14 yo daughter pointed out ).

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