The Craving A Life Blogscars: Readers’ Edition


It was an honor to be nominated.  Four score and 365 minutes ago, give or take 79 years, I started this blog.  February 25, 2011, to be exact, making it my 1-year blogiversary.  I began this blog for a few reasons… 1.) To keep me accountable… 2.) free therapy without a couch… and c.) to maybe one day help others who may be in my same shoes… give someone somewhere some hope which I so desparately needed for many years of my life.  Feeling hopeless is pretty much the lowest of the low… without hope what is there to live for?  Even if I stay 2 hundred and some odd pounds for the rest of my lifetime, I have hope that I’ll eventually see the ones… and that truly makes all the difference.

HOPE = Hard Work, Optimism, Prayer, and Excitement for the future

Suck it, Webster’s!  So, today I’m honoring you readers.  I have to admit.  I’ve never been a big blog reader… not because I don’t think it’s a worthwhile thing to do but because I have the attention span of a gnat, so those of you faithful readers who come back despite how many times I use the word totes or dagnabbed or calorizing or any number of the lame made up words I incorporate into the English language are truly my angels.  It’s because of you that I’ve kept it up this long… for serious.  I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve commented to Madre that I think I’ll quit blogging.  It takes up a lot of time to think of topics, to type out my blathering thoughts, to take pictures and upload them and edit them… so, there have been many times when I’ve wanted to quit… but then I get to thinking about my faithful readers and so I push that thought near the back of my noggin where the cobwebs reside.  I know the majority would not know the difference if I up and quit one day… but I also know there may be that one person in the audience who needs that daily hope…  so here I still type 245 posts and 1 year later.

To you who take that extra few minutes to comment… you make my day… truly you do.  I hoard the comments to read at night right before I type the next day’s post… and I always find myself laughing and nodding in agreement and high fiving and picking my nostrils and just wanting to hang out with each and every one of you.  So, thank you to my commenters… the top 6 of which are Louisa, Avster, Alena, Natalie, Jen-Jen, and Colleen who have commented the most over the last year.  Thank you to all of you and to anyone else who has read or left a comment over the past year.

So, to celebrate the first day of the CAL Blogscars (yes, I purposely named my blog so that the abbreviation would spell CAL for calorizing!  😛 ), we’re starting it out with a giveaway.  Whoop whoop… what will the winner of said giveaway win?  A virtual high five from the Whitmeister AND… and here’s the most important part… the following:

The Ultimate Total-Body Kit from Jillian Michaels!  Firstly, Jillian will not be coming into your home in this box.  It’s VERY deceptive that way.  She is not 3D.  This unopened and brand new box includes:  Speed Jump Rope, 1 Level 1 Resistance Ring, 2 Level 1 Resistance Tubes, 2 Level 2 Resistance Tubes, Medium Resistance Stretch Band, 2 Removable Handles, Door Strap Attachment, Mesh Carry Bag, Instructional DVD Featuring Jillian Michales, and an Exercise Chart.   This kit is totes supposed to help you burn fat and shed weight, tone long and lean muscles, and increase cardio endurance.  HALLELUJAH FRED!!  What is not included in this box… cookies… and a stomach like Jillians.  Sorry…

But Whitney… how do I win?  There are 2 ways to win this giveaway… the first being to leave a comment on this post saying why you think you should win and the second would be to share my blog with your FB page and then leave a comment on my FB page (link to the right) saying that you shared it.  Easy peasy, right?  I will pick the winner by random draw on Friday… Friday, MARCH 2nd.  So, until then… thank  you all again for rocking your bad selves and being my inspiration to keep trucking it.

Hugs and chocolate Brownies…



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26 responses to “The Craving A Life Blogscars: Readers’ Edition

  1. Misty

    I deserve to win because, well I don’t know really ! I’d like to “win” something besides a eating contest. There that’s a good reason why 😉

    I truly enjoy reading your blogs, I don’t always comment but I do love your awesome attitude .


    Though I don’t comment everyday–I do read it everyday!! You are an inspiration to me and I just like the way to write. You make me laugh. I deserve to win because I’m a sucker for a contest. Have a good day Whitney and “keep on blogging.”

  3. Avster

    I don’t think I deserve to win because there are people out there who would get a whole lot more use out of it than I will.

    I’ll give you a high five, Whit. Wow! One year! Doesn’t seem as though you’ve been writing the blog for that long, though I suppose it feels as though it’s been a year to you!
    Though you did take a couple of breaks that rather ruined my mornings… how can one’s day start well without the morning’s first ray of light? Though I won’t really complain about the break in October. You had much more important things to do than blog. 😉

    Oh, and I went back and counted and you’ve used “Totes” 285 times, “Dagnabbed” 143 times, and “Carolizing” 499 times.

  4. Julie

    Why do I deserve to win? Frankly, none of us deserve to win anything. It’s “you” who deserve to win a prize. You are the one who gives inspiration and a chuckle each day that you write. However, since you are the one offering a prize… Here goes… Do I deserve it because I really, really want it? Would that do? I was actually looking at purchasing a jump rope and resistance bands. So it would save me money to win it! Also, it will be sure to get use. I went to the gym this morning and used their jump rope. Boy, it’s embarrassing to look uncoordinated in front of others. I would love to have the opportunity to practice at home. Hope those are good enough reasons. Judging by the others who respond daily to your blogs, I really can’t imagine that I deserve anything more than any of them. They seem like very nice people and we all have the same struggles. I’ll be happy for whomever wins. 🙂

  5. Katie Berger

    Whitney, like your Mom, I don’t comment every day, but I read your blog every day. I look forward to it. I have a darling granddaughter (11) who is very overweight. I read the blog because I enjoy your writing and wit; but I also read it with HOPE that I’ll learn so I’ll be able to help and support her in positive ways. Like you, my granddaughter is so bright and such fun, yet I hurt for her because of the bullying, etc. Keep bloggin, Whitney. We need you!!

    • I just want to give your cute granddaughter a hug, take her under my wing, and tell her everything will turn out okay. Ignore those bullies! Thank you for reading, Katie. One day I’d like to send your granddaughter a happy card or something!

  6. Karen

    Have to have Bruce read the first part of today’s blog about HOPE. That is what he is living on these days. You expressed it very well and loved the letter connections. I do enjoy starting my day with your blog and miss it even on the weekends. Have to admit I have no idea how you come up with subject matter and pictures for our enjoyment, but thank you for brightening our day. You are a sweetheart.

    • Bruce is an inspiration… both of you are… having faced so much and yet being so strong as to not crumble under the bad times. I hope he knows so many people are rooting him on and praying for him… I know I am.

  7. Dena

    Hello Whitney! I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and just assumed you’d been doing it forever. I was really surprised to find out this morning that you’ve been doing it for just a year….congratulations and THANK YOU! 🙂 I’m so glad you didn’t quit writing and I appreciate the time you take to to share your thoughts. Sometimes I’ll log in on a Saturday and click to check out your blog and then I have to remind myself, “Oh shoot, it’s Saturday. No Whitney on the weekends.” I’ve wanted to comment several times to tell you that you’ve made me laugh or that you’re just too adorable for words or that I loved one of your pictures. Now that I know how important comments are to you, I’ll make sure I actually leave some! 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about why I “deserve” to win your give-away. I’m not sure that I actually DO, but I’d really, really LIKE to win it! 😛 A few months ago, my daughter convinced me to train for a triathlon with her. We’ve been running, biking and swimming for several months and I think it’s a good time for me to shake it up a little and try something different. I’m finding that with exercise, if you do the same thing ALL the time, it gets really boring! 🙂

    Keep up the great work Whitney! You’re an inspiration and you always make me smile!

    • Dena! It’s so nice to meet you and I so appreciate your kind words and for having the patience to stick with this blog. Thank you for saying hi… and go you training for that triathalon! That will be such an amazing accomplishment.

  8. Kale

    Like many others, I read your blog every day. It is part of my morning ritual. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your humor, struggles, and triumphs with us!

  9. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    HAPPY Blogiversary Whitney!!!!

    My one year anniversary is almost here – March 1rst for my weight loss / exercise journey. Whoohoo!
    Hard to believe I have been doing this almost a whole year but I do feel SO much better. More to come – that is for sure.

    I know I have enjoyed your blog tremendously. Yours is the first I have ever stopped to read and then keep coming back to, and yours is the first blog I ever commented on as well. Thanks for the mention above – I made the list…yippee!
    I do not know how you come up with so many topics but I am grateful for them.
    I miss them on the weekends. I will peek in and then realize “Oh shoot – I have to wait until Monday”
    Each one of your gorgeous pictures brings a smile to my face. I usually call the kids over to see how gorgeous they are too. No mountains in Missouri …lol.

    Your sense of humor has really helped me with my weight loss journey.
    Your humor, sillyness, touching times, love for your family, struggles, and set backs are REAL and I can appreciate that.
    Since losing my Dad, I struggle with finding my joy but I am doing better and better.
    I don’t feel quite so lost anymore.
    I really believe that staying with my exercising has really helped me a lot.

    By the way – this is a stellar give-away!
    I deserve it because I have just recently started a strength program and I could really use this.
    Also because it is almost my one year anniversary on this journey!!!
    March 1 = ONE YEAR!

    Keep pushing forward…

  10. Way to go Whit–Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for your continued writing. It really gives me something to look forward to every day! You are so inspiring and always make me laugh! Thanks for being such a great friend and charming individual!

  11. Jacque

    Congrats on such an accomplishment. I also don’t comment every day but I enjoy reading each day, or should I say night. I work nights so I log on while at work and love being one of the first to read your blog each day. You sure keep some crazy hours. You are my inspiration. I appreciate your humor, your vocabulary and insite. Thank you for everything.

    • Cuzzin Jacque… I learn all of my late night hours from you… Seriously. I do not know how you late night nurses do it… and then go home in the day and become a mom and a wife! Makes me tired just thinking about it!

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  13. Deanna

    OH!!! OH!!!! OH!!!!!

    This is PERFECT! Well, not for me but for someone near and dear to my heart. It’s not to say that I wouldn’t LOVE the giveaway myself, but I have a gym membership and that is going well. However, I have a dear friend that I have regularily shared your blog with who is really struggling right now but has the burning desire to lose 100+ pounds. I have been working with her for months now and THIS would be PERFECT. She’s a huge Jillian fan besides. 🙂

    Okay, so enough as to why it would be great to win the giveaway.

    More importantly – thank you SO much for this blog! You inspire me with every post. I have a few friends that I share this blog with and I know they love it too. Congrats on your blogiversary!

  14. Pat Mackay

    You are a total inspiration to me. A very talented writer, photographer, singer and comedian!! So glad you you have shared your life with us this past year. We’re all so proud of you! Keep up the good work.

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