Using My Brain For Something Other Than Keeping My Cranium From Caving In…

I blogged recently (within the past 18 years) about having issues with low blood sugar, despite being cured of Die-A-Beeties.  I couldn’t figure out why I’d get extremely low blood sugar in the evening/night after exercising.  It was baffling my doctor and physician’s assistant as well… and it was also baffling the psychic and witch doctor I consulted… and the Jerry Spring show producers… and my cat… and the neighbor’s husband’s dog’s brother’s cuzzin’s parakeet.  So, basically everyone except for maybe Oprah… but she wouldn’t return any of my 245 calls.  THE NERVE!  So, I got to taking things into my own hands… and started experimenting and using my brain for things other than humming Barney the purple dinosaur’s greatest hits on a neverending loop of insane asylum.

Before I hadn’t been too regimented with my eating times.  I’d eat my calories, but I’d hoard them and try to squish them into 2 to 3 meals in a day… leaving a HUGE-MONGOUS chunk of day where my blood sugar had time to hang around and annoy it’s kid sister.  I really think that’s what caused such a huge drop at night.  I hadn’t eaten anything all day and even though I just ate dinner, the blood sugar had time to drop throughout the day.  So, about mid January, I adopted the eat 5 to 6 small meals a day mantra.  I’ve heard this mantra before and I kind of hated the idea of it.  Firstly, it requires planning and totally cuts into my drooling time.  Secondly, it requires me to look like a dagnabbed pig who is eating all frig frabbed day long.  Thirdly, eating small meals has never been in my vocabulary… small equals me being hungry which equals an inevitable binge in the middle of the night.

Approximately 1-1/2 months in, I am pleasantly surprised.  I kind of like eating 6 small meals a day… and if I truly plan it in advance, it feels like a lot of food for so few calories… even more than the time I was eating 2 to 3 larger meals.  I’m also finding if I stick to the scheduled small meal times, I haven’t experienced blood sugar drops.  Of course, I’m not perfect at this scheduled eating thing.  There are many times when I get caught up in other things and miss meals… but this perfection thing takes practice… and will still not result in perfection because I happen to be a human mammal.  I usually schedule eating about 3 hours apart and then have each snack/meal prepared the night before so that I can just grab and go… it’s like eating a pre-breakfast snack, breakfast, a pre-lunch snack, lunch, a pre-dinner snack, and dinner… all in the space of 24 hours.  And then it’s key that I always include a protein in my snacks… so if my pre-dinner snack is vegetable sticks and low-cal dip, I also include a string cheese or a hand full of almonds.  It’s taken some magician moves to maximize my 1500 calories per day, but on the days I follow it to a T, I find I’m less likely to want to binge at night.  Now, just getting rid of that lazy bone I had pre-installed at birth so that I will do it regularly.  Call the witch doctor… she will remove it at a discount!

Question of the Day:  How many meals a day do you eat?  Do you plan your meals in advance or just wing it?

PS… Giveaway is still open for 2 more days!  I will draw the weiner winner on Friday!



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16 responses to “Using My Brain For Something Other Than Keeping My Cranium From Caving In…

  1. Natalie

    It works! Whattya know, the diabetic prone body does not like fasting! And neither did you! I know when I stall I get ugly. Like the hulk, I turn green and rip my clothes turning into a monster, and everything. I probably even growl. I certainly can’t think right and talk to other humans in a normal way. When I started trying to cut back I thought I wasn’t a snacker. Like it was a sin or something. I found out wrong. If I don’t eat a mid-morning snack I crumple. I just about snack between every mean, most days. That makes my meals saner, actually, when i’m not famished.

    • Haha… I could never see Nammy as the green hulk, but I hear you on the crankiness when one is hungry. Totally! Hopefully this will be the resolution to my issue… I’ll have to whap myself in the head to keep it up.

  2. Avster

    Now you know what song is stuck in me head. Thanks, Whit, I’ll send a bill in the mail.

    Way to go on your mini-meals! I generally have a small breakfast, a small lunch, and a medium sized supper… with too much snacking in the afternoon.
    One would think that eating lunch at two I wouldn’t be hungry at four. WRONG!

    • That Lamb Chop song? This is the song that never ends… it just goes on and on my friend… do you want me to continue? 😛

      Sometimes it’s hard to go 2 hours without eating! Especially when the 2:00 meal is a Peep! 😛

  3. cl2

    Who knows how many meals I eat a day. It varies. I know I need to do the 5 or 6 meals a day, but I don’t. If I plan meals–I eat something else. I feel controlled–so I always wing it. It is nice not to have kids around anymore so I can wing it. If I buy food in advance–it either goes to waste or I eat all the good stuff in a day.

    • I hear you on the control issue, Colleen. I have that issue too, but I’ve had to try to put food on my menus that I look forward to. Otherwise, I don’t follow my eating plan and it was a lot of work for nothing!

  4. Randy

    6 for me! Like a Hobbit, I have to have my “elevenses!”

  5. Deanna

    Yep, 6 meals here for me! Eating more often is supposed to helpd drive your metabolism as well, so just one more advantage to eating more often.

    I definitely plan my meals out. I am almost nerotic about it actually. I am pretty sure my diary is already done for tomorrow. Sure, I tweak it as what I ACTUALLY eat sometimes is slightly different. However, with planning a good 24 hours ahead of time it ensures that I have time to prepare food, hit up the grocery store and allocate calories appropriately for success.

    Good for you Whitney! I think you’ll like the change!

    • We have a lot in common, Deanna. I’m been a neurotic meal planner too down to the most minute details! I have to have food I’ll look forward to though, or I won’t follow the meal plan. That’s been a learning curve right there!

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: How many meals a day do you eat?
    Do you plan your meals in advance or just wing it?

    I remember when you had that problem and the Dr’s were stumped, Whitney!
    MFP pals to the rescue!!! LOL

    I eat 5-6 meals a day:
    AM snack
    PM snack
    ~sometimes a snack ( a cup of yogurt, a hand full of almonds & yogurt covered raisins, or popcorn ) in the evening.

    I am not a neurotic planner or anything but I do plan enough not to fail.
    I keep my healthy snacks available.
    I keep my Four Bean Salad made up b/c it is good on top of most anything, by itself, or as a side. Sometimes I just like it on a Saltine cracker.
    I keep fresh fruit on the table in a pretty bowl & I make a fresh fruit & yogurt smoothie most days as one of my snacks. My kids also love my fresh fruit & yogurt smoothies and ask for them daily. This is great b/c 1) it gives them their fruit servings, and 2) it is the only way I can get yogurt into their bodies.
    I keep dry roasted ( un-salted ) almonds on hand & dried mixed berries for a quick trailmix type snack for when I want something crunchy ( i am not a chip person ).
    My kids love this as well so they make it hard to keep stocked. Sometimes I will add mini pretzel twists to it or even some semi-sweet chocolate chips, just to mix it up a bit. Always a hit!
    I keep popcorn stocked as well for those nights after dinner when I still want something.
    Carrots are another favorite and celery has increased in popularity with me and my kids.
    I keep peanut butter ( Skippy Natural Creamy ) stocked also b/c a sliced apple and some PB is one of my favorite go- to snacks ANYTIME.

    • Yum… some great ideas, Louisa. I’ve been really enjoying the Emerald natural almonds (unsalted) they come in a 100-calorie pack… now I’m going to have to try the trail mix with them!

  7. That sounds like a really good idea. I have such a hard time planning ahead–i am always wingin’ it.

  8. Jen

    I bet this new eating strategy has jump started your metabolism. I have been doing the several small meal thing since I’ve been pregnant. I like it because I never feel overly full. So has it really cured your hypoglycemia? My coworkers probably think the only thing I do is eat, but I guess I have an excuse for taking frequent snack breaks.

    • You are always a good example of when to eat, Jen… we always made fun of you for eating all day when you stayed here, but you had it down to a science. I guess I”ll have to shut up from now on!

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