And the Winner Is… and Bow-legged Cowgirls…

We have a winner!  I was as fair as humanly possible… took all you who entered, numbered your names (the ones who also entered on my FB page had 2 numbers) and then I went to and had them pick me a grand ole’ number.  What was the number?  THREE!  The winner?


A VERY deserving winner!  I wish I had 10 more of them, but no worries… I already have at least 2 more giveaways ready to go in the near future… so your time will come.  Julie… I will email you to get your address and ship it out to you next week sometime!


Meanwhile… Wednesday night I killed myself off.  I got this wild hare wherein I decided to go bat crap crazy doing step ups and squats.  Who named a squat?  That’s such a horrible word.  It makes me cringe to say it and it makes me vomit to do them.  Back on topic, Whitney… laws almighty!  So, instead of gradually working up by doing 10 squats and 20 step ups, I went and did 300 step ups (150 on each leg) and 150 squats.  INSANITY!!!!!!!!  I didn’t do them all together.  I’d ride the recumbent bike for 10 minutes, get up and do 50 squats and 50 step ups… ride the bike for 10 more minutes… do the squats and step ups… and so on and so forth until I conked my head on the stair railing whilst on the 299th step up…  My legs felt wobbly when I finished that night, but that was nothing compared to how they felt when I got up this morning.  HOLY LAWS IN A PURPLE PANTSUIT, GERTRUDE!  I could barely stand the crap up… and then I’m walking around like I’m auditioning for John Wayne’s fat female sidekick… all bow-legged and waddley.  I still waddle when I walk, but add stupid to the mix and picture an elephant and a duck hybrid… cross pollination.  My Biology teacher would not be proud!  He was fond of squirrels, though… and Tic Tacs.  800 doll-hairs to any of you Sky View grads who can name the teacher!

Stupid hurts, y’all.  I never learn that for more than 2 hours at a time.  Guarantee you I’ll be up and doing something equally as stupid come tomorrow night.  Peace out, friends.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Question of the Day:  What’s your go-to leg exercise?




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11 responses to “And the Winner Is… and Bow-legged Cowgirls…

  1. Natalie

    Biggest Loser Cardio Max is about 80% squats!!

  2. Avster

    See, you’re calling yourself stupid again… ~shakes head~

    Yay! Way to go, Julie! Have fun with it, but don’t do the Whit and do three hundred jumps the first time!

  3. Julie

    Thank you, Whitney! (And thank you too Avster… I won’t jump 300 times off the bat) I’m so excited! What a way to start the day! Yay!

    My go-to leg exercise… I’s have to say the elliptical. I can do that and almost forget I’m on it… kind of zone out and watch TV.

  4. cl2

    First of all, just an idea–my daughter gets little journals–the type that fit in your purse–and they are her “quote books”–she also writes down what others say that are strange, funny, inspiring. She has quite a few of them now. They are so much fun to read!

    Tomorrow will be worse for the pain from overdoing it. I’m a great one for doing that. No buildup. I’m going to make myself in shape in a day or a week. I was thinking of starting again today with exercise, etc. Not like walking is a good idea today. Keep us informed of how it goes tomorrow!!

    (I finally signed up for receiving comments–I didn’t realize I could do that–now I won’t miss out!) Love your blog. You are very inspiring to me, Tina!

  5. Deanna

    Congrats to Julie!

    HAHA! You’re hilarious, Whitney! Squats are tough, but they sure are effective. You sure did a lot of them though. That is one killer workout you had the other night. Good for you, girl! Keep it up!

  6. Lindsay

    Love squats! Way to rock it and shake things up!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    WOW – congratulations JULIE!!

    Question of the Day: What’s your go-to leg exercise?

    Well, if the weather is cooperating I would rather be outside doing most anything and I feel like I get a lot out of my long walks with my kids.
    I don’t like treadmills etc…

    I, of course, love to groom, feed, and ride my horses with my kids also. This inevitably leads to me raking, shoveling, hauling manure, and digging out the water hole which is a good workout.

    TaeBo is always a good leg and core workout and I do this on the days when the weather is not cooperating.

    Zumba is my latest fun workout and it can be easy on my legs or hard on my legs. There are times in the workout when they have you do the exercised “bigger” or “go deeper” and those work the legs a lot more.

  8. Dena

    Congrats, Julie!! I’m jealous. 🙂

    I feel your pain, Whitney! I have been known to overdo on occasion….you know, trying to get completely in shape and toned in one workout. Now why doesn’t that work?? I have another word for you: burbee. Now there’s an exercise born in the pit of someplace really hot. :/

  9. Jen

    That sounds like a tough workout. Maybe you overdid it a little, but you should be super proud! What an accomplishment to be able to do all of that!

  10. Um, It wasn’t Mr. Summers was it? I don’t really remember him loving squirrels, but he definitely left an impression. I will never forget that armadillos have identical twins or septuplets or whatever, every time. And of course the immortal poem that he made us memorize, hhhhh, hemmm (throat clearing):
    “To kiss a miss is quite unlawful, but to miss a kiss is simply awful
    Kissing spreads disease, so it is hated
    But go ahead and kiss me baby, I’ve been vaccinated”
    Wow, those were the days, weren’t they?
    (If the above mentioned biology teacher was not Mr. Summers, please forgive the tangent–but, believe me I went easy on you, I could go on for quite a while)

    • Bwahahahahaha… ding, ding, ding, ding… we have a winner!! Mr. Summers is the correct answer, and I definitely did not remember that enlightened poem. Go Alena! Coming from the Tic Tac King that is pretty creepy!!! I remember him pausing filmstrips on squirrels on occasion… that’s where I got my assumption that he loved those suckers.

      Between him and the Spanish teacher… what was his name? The dude with the station wagon whose horn played La Cucaracha… and Mr. Roskelly, Sky View was quite the entertaining place…

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