Last night, my Internet was just hijacked by the people who brought you Spam… and pink hamburger slime.  The people of planet Volderhorn have been notified and they plan on doing something about it… right after they finish watching the documentary:  Hot Dogs… Are They Really Dogs?

Translation:  My Internet was down last night as I was trying to get on to type my blog post, thus the lamest blog post in the history of all things blogs.  I may or may not have fallen asleep waiting for the Internet to turn back on.  It must have been busy… what with all the political scandals it has to keep up with.

Happy Thursdee, Gremlins… you deserve to smile today… so how about doing it!

PS – FYI… it’s possible to burn the roof of your mouth, insides of your cheeks and tongue on a microwaved egg white.  I’m not saying it happened to me, I’m just saying it’s possible.  Just like it’s possible to spend the rest of your life in prison after removing a mattress tag.  I’m not saying that happened to me either, officer.  Nothing to see here folks… moving on.

PPS… Any tips on how to soothe the inside of a burned mouth?  I’m not saying I, myself, need the tips… I’m asking in advance of the next political scandal involving an egg white.

PPPS… Gadfrey, my mouth hurts… unrelated to any of the above-mentioned egg white hoopla.

PPPPPSSSSSS… Did I mention I had an egg white for breakfast the other day?




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9 responses to “Hijacked!

  1. Avster

    Only you, Whit, only you.

  2. cl2

    Okay–just an egg white? I don’t think I could gag that down! If it was mixed with something, maybe? Why is it the white that is good for you and the yellow that is not? Isn’t that how it always goes?

    I have no advice on helping the pain in your mouth. Mouth pain is one of those things you just can’t ignore or try to ignore either!

    • Haha, Colleen!! I can’t eat an egg white plain. I have to put cheese and salsa on top of it and eat it in an English muffin. Otherwise… no go! I’m with you, though… why does the best part always have to be the worst for you!

  3. jen

    Funny post today! Ice chips might be good for your mouth. Good luck with the internet tonight.

  4. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Oh I just hate it when my internet isn’t working or my computer is on the fritz!
    Speaking of my computer being on the fritz…I have had my new computer for a few months now and it’s still in the box. I am too chicken to learn to save the stuff I want to keep from this computer to my ( still new in the box ) portable hard drive. Freaks me out – I am so NOT techie.
    Then the new one is outfitted with Vista and I no less than nothing about Vista. I am totally freaked out by it all.
    I don’t really know what I am most afraid of…maybe losing something important.

    I think a burnt inside of your mouth has to rank right up there with gouging it with a Doritos chip. OUCH!!
    I admit it, I have done both.
    Along the same lines as ice chips….my preference would be getting some orange/lime/raspberry sherbert to suck on. Yummy and soothing.

    • Haha… I hear you on being nervous about the “newness” of things. Lazy is usually my problem, though… I don’t want to have to read the instructions and learn the new thing! Much easier to stick with the old one! I think I had my external hard drive in the box for a good year before I finally got it out and backed up the things on my computer!

      Thanks for the sherbet tip! Mmmm… that actually does sound yummy to me!

  5. Deanna

    Hilarious! Sorry to hear about your egg white situation. I mean, burnt mouth situation. Wait, I mean…that didn’t happen to you anyways. HA!

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