Cruz-ing For Cuteness!

**** Warning*** Pictures of cuteness overload are to follow… proceed at your own risk!!!

Wayyyyyyy back in the olden days, circa 1905 according to one woman I met this weekend who thought I could possibly be the mother of a 28-year-old woman… Yes… I gave birth at the age of 5!!!!  Anyhow… that’s beside the point.  I’ve mentioned several times that I have a bajillion awesome relations… cuzzins of brilliance galore… but there is one that I am closest to and that’s because we grew up together from little tikes.  Jen-Jen, Lindsay, and I used to be the 3 Amigas… except I’d mostly boss them around since I was the oldest and obvs wisest… durrrrr bacon.

Here we are as young’uns… Lindsay and I were auditioning for the spinoff Beatles’ offspring band judging by our haircuts.  Jen-Jen obviously does not like the feel of 6-year-old bossy pants’ Whitney’s sandpaper hand on her arm. Get it off, chump… or else!

Here we are a little bit older having a sleepover on Gram’s hide-a-bed.  This was the night Jen-Jen cried all night after the lights were turned out and we had to call her dad to come and pick her up!  CoughcoughWHIMPcoughcough… no excuse that you were 4 years old… NONE!   Judging by our haircuts here, I was auditioning for Little Orphan Annie and Lindsay was auditioning for Mullets Across Broadway!

Wow… I’m saying a lot and I haven’t even got to the point of this post yet!  Sometimes someone just needs to yell SHUT UP…and then I usually move on.  Our little Jen-Jen is now 28 and married and she and her husband, Seth, had their first baby 6 days ago.  Of course that meant we’d need to go up to the hometown of Rexburg, Idaho… no Udaho to check the little piker out!  Madre and I drove up on Friday and stayed through Sunday… Lindsay was going to go but at the last minute decided against it since she was sick with the cruditis… good call, Lindzer… good call!

The sweet little dude’s name?  Cruz Brecken… I’d give out the last name but then I’d have to automatically also give out their Social Security numbers and any relevant credit card information.  My parole officer would NOT be happy!   I’ve always thought most newborn babies are ugly.  Nothing against newborn babies, but they’re usually all scrawny and weird-shaped and ugly.  It takes them a few weeks to grow into their looks.  Of course you NEVER tell the parents that… EVER!  Blow the smoke up their rears… preserve the friendship!  Cruz, however, did not have the ugly newborn look.  He was a cutie pie times 24,000.  No joking around.  In fact, Madre went as far as to say that he was cuter than both of her babies.  I’d have been offended since I was one of those babies but I’ve seen me as a baby (and as a child and a teenager and an adult) and I’d tend to agree!   😛

As soon as Madre entered the room, no one was allowed to hold the baby besides her.  She was a SERIOUS baby hog!  I had to check her purse and suitcase on our way out of their home today to make sure she hadn’t stowed the baby in a pocket somewhere.

You take one more picture of me, psychotic lady, and I’ll call the cops!

Surprise, surprise… look who’s holding him again!   Wink, wink, nudge, nudge… you think they’ll notice if I just walk out the door with you? 


The cute lil’ fam-damly… I may or may not have highjacked this picture from Seth and Jen seeing as I was too busy taking pictures of everything else that wasn’t people!  I’m such a lame wad sometimes… hey… that’s a cool-looking leaf… get out of the shot, you person!!

Seth and Jen were already pro parents and didn’t even need any of my non-parenting tutelage.  I’m a fountain… a fountain of crap but a fountain nonetheless!  Y’all 2 best be sending me pictures… and I’m dead serious I’ll hunt your butts down if you decide against it.  Welcome to the world, little Cruz!  You’re a lucky lil’ dude!

This video is for the people who have cruditis coughcoughLINDSAYcoughcough… he’s already mastered the art of Jazz hands… oh, and also, I sound like I swallowed a ball of lame for breakfast!



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10 responses to “Cruz-ing For Cuteness!


    How sweet. There is nothing so special as a newborn baby. As my mom would say, “He’s a keeper!” Congratulations to the parents.

  2. Natalie

    aww, I love family pictures, even if they aren’t my family! (seriously, it’s stalkerish and it’s true). Very cute! And that’s from a non related person, so you can take that to the bank!

  3. Avster

    “hey… that’s a cool-looking leaf… get out of the shot, you person!!”
    You learned that one from me!

    Have a wonderful birthday, Jen!

  4. Lindsay

    So precious! Wish I could’ve been there but my turn soon will come and I will become the baby hog! You better believe it!

  5. Katie Berger

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us, Whitney!

  6. dessawade

    It’s not a lie that Cruz is the most beautiful little baby on the planet. I am having withdrawal symptoms – I NEED TO HOLD HIM! He is a lucky little person to have so much love from his parents and family. He will probably be spoiled rotten.

  7. cl2

    Very cute! Congratulations to Jen!

  8. Darling!!!! Congrats Jen! So happy for you!

  9. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Awww! What a cutie!
    Congrats on a healthy new addition to the family.
    He is adorable.

  10. jen

    You got some cute pictures! Thanks so much for sacrificing your sleep and putting up with Joey to come visit us. I definitely agree he’s the cutest newborn ever!

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