Waiting To Get Run Over By A Bus…

If this day could get any worse I might fall through a hole in the earth and end up at a Toby Keith concert where they’re singing that dagblasted Red Solo Cup song on repeat for the rest of our lifetimes.  I hate that song!  HATE!!!  I’m sure it’s a fine and dandy song and all, but I hear it once and it doesn’t leave my noggin for the next 3 weeks… and then I usually hear it again at that point, so it’s like a neverending circle of padded wall head banging!  Also, while we’re talking frank, Toby Keith also can’t sing and he has the personality of a drooling tree person.  There… I said it and I’m not ashamed!  I may or may not be PMSing… proceed at your own risk!

So, my laptop is broken.  I keep getting the blue screen of death and then it automatically shuts me down… and then I usually end the session by throwing it against the wall (anger management… what’s that?) and then crying Oh Scarlett… Woe Is Me and my dogged patience.  After that I restart the laptop and then play the game all over again.  I’m actually waiting for it to shut down on me even as we speak.  My desktop computer I use for work is also having a freezing problem in the new program we’ve adopted and I have the paging system this week and am scheduled to work this weekend.  Good timing!  Goodbye summer vacations to places exotic… I foresee new computers purchasing in my immediate future.

Meanwhile… the kitty threw up in my shoe this morning and then followed that up by throwing up on the carpet… waking up to such nonsense really does put this germ-a-phobe in the best possible mood… LUCY-FUR… you got some ‘splaining to do!  I did laundry tonight only to find my 2 nice white shirts had been dyed a lovely shade of pink, which would be cool and all, except they’re supposed to be white.  Lesson of the day… please sort your clothing before you throw it in the washing machine.  I went grocery shopping at 9:00 tonight without having eaten dinner and managed to buy enough crap to feed a small Army of diabetics on death row… I also didn’t have a menu in place yet for this week, so felt out of control and PMSey.

This post was brought to you by the Blue Screen Of Death… wreaking havoc since Bill Gates Al Gore invented it.   Peace out!

Question of the Day:   Do you consider yourself computer literate?  Would you like to be?

PMS… if I disappear this week in the blog posting world, you know what happened.  Al Gore did it… and then he refused to allow the global warming epidemic to infiltrate my soul! 




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11 responses to “Waiting To Get Run Over By A Bus…

  1. Natalie

    But it’s the first day of Spring! Just teasers to the start of a great new day. And a new Laptop soon..

  2. Avster

    I like to think I do pretty well with the ol’ computer, but I’m sure my brother laughs at my efforts.

    Good grief, Whit, not only do we share a birthday we also have our wonderful aunty visit at the same time. Eh, if can’t lick ’em, join ’em.

    I’ve been trying to get into the habit of jogging each morning… my poor efforts make me admire your endurance!

    • Who can’t you lick and why would you want to join them if you can’t lick ’em? For serious! You get back to me on that! Go Avster with the jogging!! Try tying a rope to a cat’s tail and then around your waist. You won’t know what hit you… er… or they won’t!

  3. cl2

    computer literate? HA HA HA How do I do this job? I’m lucky this computer has lasted as long as it has–knock on wood. Mike bought it for me because he was weary of my computer problems. I used to burn out monitors every 6 months so when people started throwing them out (hospital where ex works), he gathered them up for me. I hate computer problems–ALMOST as bad as car problems (but not quite).

    When I buy a bunch of junk to eat–I usually get my fill and then open the packages and dump them in the big black garbage can so I won’t be tempted to retrieve them. Got some candy bunnies and chickies in my garbage right now. I sure wish Easter candy wasn’t so tempting.

    Oh–and, as you know, I went through the sick pet last week–but it wasn’t vomit. He is better now. THANK GOODNESS!

    Hang in there! This is my weekend off. I can’t wait. I will have worked 2-1/2 weeks without a day off by then (I worked my day off last week). With learning the new account, I’m exhausted.

    • I’m so glad to hear your doggie is doing better. He must have had the flu that’s going around or something. And go you for a weekend off! Enjoy yourself!!

      I’m going to have to adopt your dump the crap after you get your fill mantra. I somehow manage to eat it all fast so that it won’t be in the house, which makes no sense at all!

  4. Computers can be so frustrating! You remember me and computers–I probably owe you $5, for some bet made in middle school that I would NOT own a computer when I grew up. Sorry about the cat puke. I hate cleaning up any kind of puke!

    • Bwahaha… Yes… I do remember you betting me 5 buckaroos about a computer/email thing. But, I think we had a bet that Lindsay would never get married and now it’s been twice, so I think I actually owe you 10 bucks… we’ll call it even!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Well your day sounds like it has been a lesson in frustration.

    Ick – cat IRP is nasty. My Dad’s old cat is an “IRP-er” when she eats too fast.

    Mine has been full of way to much drama ( my mother & sister ) today and I am really trying to NOT take refuge in food.
    On a good note – I did get my son registered for Youth Boys Baseball and I did get outside for some fresh air, grooming my horses, mucking out stalls, and taking the kids by the ball fields so they could run the bases and through the freshly mowed grass.

    By the way, gorgeous picture!!

    Here is the recipe you wanted, Whitney.
    Clean Eating Fajitas

    Clean Eating Fajitas
    (Makes approximately 6 cups of filling)

    1 large red bell pepper, sliced thin lengthwise
    1 large yellow bell pepper, sliced thin lengthwise
    1 large orange bell pepper, sliced thin lengthwise
    5 raw, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sliced thin lengthwise (about 7 oz. each)
    1 large red onion, slice thin
    1 tbsp. garlic powder
    1 tbsp. onion powder
    1 tbsp. chili powder
    1 tbsp. ground cumin
    1 tbsp. olive oil

    2 packages of small corn tortillas, no sugar added (24 total)


    Step 1 – Saute’ everything in a large pan, adding the spices about half way through.

    Step 2 – Fill your tortillas and serve topped with salsa and guacamole.

    Eat and Enjoy!

    Nutritional Content
    1 serving = 1/2 cup filling.

    Note: Data does not include tortilla

    Calories: 149
    Total Fat: 5 gm
    Saturated Fats: 1 gm
    Trans Fats: 0 gm
    Cholesterol: 38 mg
    Sodium: 46 mg
    Carbohydrates: 6 gm
    Dietary fiber: 1 gm
    Sugars: 2 gm
    Protein: 20 gm
    Estimated Glycemic Load: 2

    Here are a couple that made me think of you. I hope you add them to your cooking adventures in the future. Maybe some of them will be a new favorite.
    These are from the Clean Eating Magazing site.

    Chicken Spinach Ricotta Quesadillas

    Kimchi Quesadilla with Salsa Roja

    I don’t remember if you eat any fish…but this is one I want to try.
    Salmon Corn Chowder with Quick Healthy Corn Bread

    Veggie Satay with Cucumber Quinoa Salad

    • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

      I have to tell you Whitney that I too HATE that “Red Solo Cup” song.
      It drives me BATTY!!
      If it is just me and the kids – the channel gets changed within the first few bars.
      If we are with my husband though…it gets TURNED UP!
      The worst thing is…my husband thinks it is hilarious and sings it word for word and laughs his head off.
      ( blank look ) — I don’t get it.
      Then he doesn’t stop singing it after it finally goes off the radio ( longest 3 minutes EVER!!! ) and before long it is stuck in all our heads and we can’t help but sing or hum it for the rest of the day.

    • Oooo… thanks for the recipes, Louisa!! I’ll check out those links! I’m a HUGE fan of vegetarian fajitas, but the stupid fajita seasoning has so much sodium in it it isn’t even worth it, so I will have to give these ones a go! I’ll just leave out the chicken and add more veggies! Sending your mom and sis chill out vibes… for serious!

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with an aversion to that song! I’m with youo and the kids… turn it as soon as it comes on… but by that time I’ve remembered the tune and have it in my head anyway! You can’t win for losing!

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