Heavenly Fruitness…

I’m a thief.  A stealer of joy and brain cells.  Last week I was sitting in a waiting room reading a magazine… as one does… when I came across some recipes that were must haves.  A must have in my brain is pretty much every recipe with meatlessness… and tofulessness… and soylessness…  If it comes with slime… fuh-get about it!  Anyway… I was sitting there determining the best way to get these recipes in my limited amount of time.  Writing them down would not do… there were like 5 of them on 5 different pages.  My hand was cramping just thinking about it.  The magazine also wouldn’t fit into my new tangerine (tangerine is the new pink) purse either… like I’m going to steal a whole dagnabbed magazine… my parole officer is on speed dial.  So, I had to resort to plan C… ripping out the pages.  You try to rip quietly… it doesn’t work… add in the cursing I was doing because it kept tearing down the middle of the recipe and you have a full on circus of idiot.

I stole… but I got my dagblasted recipes… so take that and shove it up the heat vent.  I made a couple of them this week too… and they were… for the most part… GLORIOUS!!  They weren’t meal recipes, but fruit/breakfast related.  The first one was a cranberry poppy seed dressing to put over fruit!  Um… YUM!!!!  Just because I’m a generous thief… here would be the recipe:

Cranberry Poppy Seed Dressing

3/4 cup 100% Cranberry Juice
1 teaspoon CornStarch
1 Tablespoon sugar (or a sugar substitute)
1 teaspoon grated peeled gingerroot (optional)
1/2 teaspoon grated orange zest (optional)
1/2 teaspoon poppy seeds

In a small saucepan stir together the juice and the cornstarch until the cornstarch dissolves.  Bring to a boil over medium-high heat.  Boil for 1 minute.  Pour into a bowl and refrigerate until completely cooled (about 10 minutes).  Stir in the remaining dressing ingredients.  Serve over assorted fruit.

I really liked the tart taste of this over my fruit.  It recommends putting it over strawberries, watermelon, green grapes, and blueberries all mixed together.  I used green grapes, strawberries, and raspberries because I’m cool like that.

Calories are going to depend on what ingredients you use and how much dressing you put on the fruit, but it’s minimal.  Mine was under 100 calories for that bowl (and I’d eaten some of the fruit already before I took the picture… it’s called patience and I couldn’t find mine).  Basically, I just stored the dressing in a container and spooned it over the individual servings of fruit so that the fruit didn’t go all swamp like.  Only problem now is how the helium balloons will I ever pass my drug urine test with poppy seeds in the system… THE NERVE!  Guess I’m going to have to Google a donor.  😛

The next recipe I tried was a Strawberry Breakfast Mousse Cream… except instead of breakfast, I made it into a topping to put over strawberries and angel food cups.  You best believe it, Charlie!!

Strawberry Breakfast Mousse Cream
Serves 4; 1/2 cup per serving

1 cup quartered strawberries
1/2 cup low-fat ricotta cheese
1/2 cup fat-free vanilla yogurt
2 Tablespoons All Fruit Strawberry Spread
3/4 cup lite frozen whipped topping (thawed)

In a blender process the strawberries, ricotta, yogurt, and strawberry spread for 20 to 30 seconds or until smooth, stirring halfway through.  Pour into a medium bowl.  Gently fold in the whipped topping.

What I did, because it’s springy strawberry shortcake season, was buy those individual angel food cake dessert cups (60 calories per cup), put that into the bottom of a bowl, cut up 1/2 cup of strawberries on top of that, put a serving of the mousse on top of that, and then topped it with 2 tablespoons of lite whipped topping.  Tastee… and with protein.  I think next time I make it I’ll go for the strawberry yogurt instead of the vanilla.  The ricotta made it have a grittier texture, but I actually didn’t mind it and I’m totally the texture queen!

Dear Heavenly Fruitness… I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so fruit-tasticly delectable.  Also, I’m going to need you to wash and cut yourself in the future… be a pal and bail a thief out of prison!

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite fruity treat?



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13 responses to “Heavenly Fruitness…

  1. Avster

    Peach pie. Yum!

    We have a cranberry dressing at work and it is one of the most ordered salad dressings. I’ve never tried it though, so I can’t tell whether or not it’s good. :b If people ask me to recommend a salad dressing I recommend either the cranberry dressing or the homemade creamy cucumber dressing. (The cucumber dressing is icky. :b It has green peppers and raw cucumbers. Ew!)

    • Ooo… now you gave me the idea of trying this “dressing” on my salad! I just thought it was for fruit use only! You should try the dang cranberry dressing, Avster!! It is glorious! The creamy cucumber sounds good too!

  2. Natalie

    I never dress up my fruit and vegetables. Maybe thats why no one eats them?

  3. dessawade

    That sounds pretty good Whitney. If I hadn’t eaten all of my calories yestserday I would have tried some. I love all kinds of fruit. I enjoy the white cake layered with cream cheese and strawberries. Yum!

  4. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Looks yummy-terrific!

    Usually if I have strawberries, I like to have some whipped topping to dip them in. Yum!
    I will have to make the sauce – my family would probably really like it that way too.

    Question of the Day: What’s your favorite fruity treat?
    I love fruit. Love it plain mostly.
    I do love my apple slices dunked in natural peanut butter. That is my go-to snack.

    The only fruit I can’t have are the passion fruits ( mango, papaya, etc ).

  5. jen

    I want to try both of those. I won’t tell the hospital waiting room where the missing recipes went 😉

  6. Okay I have two ways to make your fruit Heavenly 🙂
    #1: Mix together a small tub of cool whip, a 6 oz. container of yogurt (raspberry is my favorite) and a generous spoonful or two of sour cream. Then mix it with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and red grapes (or blueberries) if you prefer. MMmmmmm!
    #2 (a lot simpler) Slice a banana. Spray a dollop of spray whip cream on it and sprinkle with cinnamon. Yummy

    • Oh my deliciousness!!!! I’m already on that first recipe! And the 2nd one sounds divine as well. I should have known cooker extraordinaire, Alena would bring out the good stuff!

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