Tripping Down Memory Lane…

While I was in the birthplace of Rexburg, ID last weekend, I was feeling nostalgic.   I had an overwhelming urge to visit all of my old haunts and terrorize the new residents of said haunts.  Everything was so much smaller than I remembered it.  Is it possible that places and houses shrink as they age?  People do… why not houses?  I think it has something to do with the Jersey Shore epidemic… our brains are shrinking, so the things around us shrink as well.  Or… maybe it just had something to do with the fact that the memories I had of these places were when I was 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-feet something… and now I’m towering near 5’9″.  Actually… and this made me the happiest of happies!  When I was at the doctor in January for my quarter yearly visit, the nurse kept looking me up and down whilst looking at the chart (the creepiest of creepies)… and she’s like… there’s no way you’re 5’3″… and I’m like, on my knees I’m close… and she’s like… that’s the height they have in your chart.  So, she measured me again (in shoes) and I came in at 5’8″!!!  All these years I thought I was 5’9″ (or 5’3″ according to my chart).  Y’all… I’m practically a short person now… or maybe I did shrink in height during weight loss.


Back to the haunts.  The first drive by was my grandparents house.  I have fond memories of that house.  My grandpa was quite the gardener.  He loved his pansies and had a beautiful flower garden in the backyard.  My grandpa passed when I was 7 or 8 years old, but I still remember tending to his flower garden with him when I was a little girl… watering the flowers… and I will always attribute my love for pansies to my grandpa.

There are trees missing from the front yard… and I’m sure the backyard isn’t kept nearly as nicely as it was in the olden days.  In the basement of this house, my grandma had an apartment that she rented out to married college kids.  My sister and I were forever trying to sneak into that apartment.  We got in a couple of times… snoopy snoopersons.  It’s a wonder that I was never hog tied and thrown out the window.  I also remember having wars in the backyard with the neighbor kids through the fence where we’d throw apples at each other and call each other names… it was glorious.  A feeling of happiness still washes over me when I see this little house.

The next stop was to Porter Park… just a couple of blocks from gram’s house.  We used to walk there in the summers… and then beg to ride the carousel.  Rexburgians… is the carousel still open in the summer?  It looked a little sad in March… all shut up.

I had to take a picture of the inside through the glass… which turned out really great as you can guess already!

Then we were off to the house I lived in as a child.  I have a lot of rebble rousing memories about this house… peeing on the neighbor’s sidewalks, wreaking havoc like havoc hadn’t ever been wreaked!

I also remember rolling down that hill, and hoping we didn’t get concussions when we landed in the street and bonked our heads on the pavement… and/or get run over by a car.

If you go to Rexburg and you don’t go to Porter’s… there’s something wrong with your brain space.  Porter’s is pretty much the only store you need to go to.  Porter’s pretty much has everything craft you can think of… everything.  If you want to make something out of dental floss, I’m sure they’d have the supplies.  I somehow missed a picture of the outside, but on the inside I did take pictures of everything owl… and Madre even made her way out the door with this little diddy…

It’s a bobble head owl.  He jiggles if you set him on a table and tap him.  Our final stop down memory lane was to the best chocolate place in the history of the United States.  I’ve eaten my fair share of chocolate… I’m like a chocolate taste tester who pays to taste test.  Where do I get the job the other way around?  Everyone else needs to quit trying… Florence’s Chocolates are HANDS DOWN the best chocolates in the United States of America, Canada, Uruguay, Lichtenburg, Antarctica, and that country I can’t remember the name of.  HANDS DOWN!

Florence, the owner, actually sang at my parent’s wedding back in 1682.  Yes, that wasn’t a typo… it was that long ago!  Florence knows how to make a PMSing chic smile.  I’ll tell you what!  A moment on the lips… a lifetime on the hips.. and DAGNABBED worth every bite of it!

Question of the Day:  Where’s your hometown?  Do you ever go back and walk down memory lane?

Oh look… Baby Cruz is saying bye bye and happy weekend, friends!!  Thanks for sticking with us and have a splendid weekend!



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15 responses to “Tripping Down Memory Lane…


    My Dad organized the construction of that brick building that protect the carousel from the Rexburg winters. It was an amazing project as a different brick laying business for each section came together one Saturday and they all worked together to make that building. The people in this little town are great. I also remember hanging at your Grandma’s house and also your home. I also remember how sad I was when your family decided to move. Thanks for letting me brag a bit about my Dad and my hometown!!

  2. Avster

    While I still live in the same home, I do take trips down memory lane. I have friends who have moved away and driving by their old homes always jogs the ol’ memory.

    By the way, I saw someone a few days ago who in appearance reminded me a lot of you… except she was probably more than a foot shorter!

  3. Lindsay

    My friend Rachel gave me that exact same owl for my birthday but in a different color how coincidental!

    I have very many memories as well! You forgot about the railroad tracks and how we would go stick pennies on the track and stand right next to the tracks as the trains would go by and smash our pennies! Or the raft Jen and I built to float away to Australia via channels in Rexburg! How genius and inventive we were!

  4. cl2

    It is rather interesting that I recognize the places you talked about since my “ex” is from Rexburg and when the twins were young, we would go there to his sister’s to get a break (and usually went up to Island Park or Yellowstone several times a year). I have a lot of happy memories of Rexburg–a simpler time in my life.

    I’m from Brigham City–so I go there often. My brother lives in my parents’ home so I actually get to go home. They moved there when I was 3 and I’ll be 55 this year. Sometimes going to Brigham can be more of a spook alley–wondering who I’ll run into when I walk down the aisles at stores.

    And I beg to differ–have you ever had Idle Isle nut balls? Nothing compares! But I haven’t had Florence’s chocolates. Maybe I’ll venture up there this summer with the “ex” or have his sister bring some to Logan with her next time she comes down.

    I enjoyed your trip down memory lane–it did bring back happy memories (which for a while there weren’t so happy!).

    • It’s a very small world. I think my mom was good friends in high school with one of your “exes” sisters… I will have to ask her for the name so I can ask you if she was his sister!

      You can also order Florence’s online and she will ship it. I have to do that every so often. Don’t tell anyone! And I’m for sure going to try the Idle Isle ones. I’ve eaten there once, but never did the chocolates!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: Where’s your hometown? Do you ever go back and walk down memory lane?

    Born and raised in Missouri. Western rural part of St. Louis – all the way west.
    The home place is still there. My parents lived in it up until my Dad’s passing this past September. My Mom moved off the farm in November. They moved in there the same year I was born, so that is 42 yrs that they lived there happily.
    The place is for sale now.
    I find it is hard to go back now.
    Since Dad’s passing, it just seems so ….vacant.
    He filled the farm with his love, dreams, and plans.
    It was always so full of life while he was alive.
    We will be there Easter weekend to pick up another load of stuff to bring back with us.
    I saw a picture of some of my Mom’s flowers in bloom there on the farm just yesterday that my sister took.
    It just seems so really odd that the grass is greening and the flowers are up and doing so well with out anyone there. I guess I thought it would look dead still like the last time I was there ( over winter when everything is dormant ).

    • Awww… that’s hard to have to let go of a place that’s been a part of you for so long. You’ll always have those happy memories to cherish. Write them down and make a scrapbook of pictures of the place. You can always go back and visit in your mind’s eye!

  6. Dessawade

    You didn’t give credit where credit was due Whitney. I am the one who introduced you to Florence’s chocolates so you cam thank (or blame) me for that. We had good times in rexburg even though it is a windy little city

    • I didn’t even mention the wind once! I have grown as a human being. And I think I’ll choose to “blame” you for the introduction to Florence and her chocolatiering!

  7. Jen

    What a fun memory of Grandpa and his pansies. I don’t know much about him. Yes the carousel is open in the summer. Jessica used to work at it. They now have a splash park open too which keeps the park busy. Loved that picture of Cruz too.

    • That’s right… I remember Jessica working there. That’s awesome that it’s still open. I will have to come up in the summer one time just to visit it… maybe you should start Cruz on that thing at a young age… like tomorrow!

  8. How fun! How come I didn’t know about Florence’s when I lived in Rexburg?! On second thought, it is probably better that I didn’t 🙂

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